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Information guides and resources for registered childminders

Childminder gold members get access to over 250 really useful information documents that have been written exclusively for by an Ofsted Outstanding Rated Registered Childminder.  The documents marked *FREE* are also available to free members.

We add new information guides and resources regularly so please check back here regularly for the latest additions.

Paperwork and Admin

Setting up a Childminding Business  *FREE*

Paperwork for Childminders

Policies and Procedures for Childminders

Writing a Business Plan

Business Sustainability

Attendance Registers

Time Management and Organisation

Toy and Equipment Cleaning Rota

Babysitting Checklist


Marketing and Communication

Advertising your Childminding Business

Notice Boards


Writing a Portfolio/Evidence File

Evidence File 1

Evidence File 2

Evidence File 3


Childminding Assistants

Assistants - Introduction

Assistants - Checklist

Assistants - Documentation

Assistants - Risk Assessment

Assistant Contract [PDF] *FREE*

Assistant Contract [Microsoft Word]

Childminding Record Forms

Childminding Record Forms *FREE*


Contracts, Terms & Conditions, Policy & Procedures and Permissions

This section gives you all the paperwork you need to write your own contracts, terms and conditions, fees policy and permissions documents. Free members get access to PDF versions of the files and Gold members get access to the Word versions of the files so you can edit them yourself.

Contracts [PDF] *FREE*

Terms & Conditions [PDF] *FREE*

Fees Policy [PDF] *FREE*

Policies, Procedures & Permissions [PDF] *FREE*


Contracts [Microsoft Word]

Terms & Conditions [Microsoft Word]

Fees Policy [Microsoft Word]

Policies, Procedures & Permissions [Microsoft Word]


Pre-Registration Advice and Support

Pre-Registration Advice for Childminders *UPDATED* *FREE*


Getting Ready for your Ofsted Inspection


Evidence of Compliance with the EYFS

Writing your Self Evaluation Form

Moving House and Ofsted

Recording CPD - part 1

Recording CPD - part 2

Recording CPD - part 3

Essential Ofsted Paperwork Checklist *FREE*

Ofsted Evaluation Schedule



CPD Reviews of Procedures

Safeguarding - part 1

Safeguarding - part 2

Safeguarding - part 3


Parental Responsibility

Emergency Planning


Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

Advice for Childminders

CPD Training (includes certificate)

Document Retention


Learning and Development

Transitions - Settling in Process


Development Matters and Early Years Outcomes - assessment of learning

Characteristics of Learning

Next Steps Planning


Summary Assessments

Learning Journeys

Educational Programmes

Tracking a Child's Progress

Working with other Settings


Preparing Children for School - Intro *FREE*

Preparing Children for School - Chapter 1

Preparing Children for School - Chapter 2


Child Development - part 1

Child Development - part 2

Child Development - part 3

Child Development - part 4 - 2 Year Progress Check



Types of Planning for the EYFS

Annual Planning for Childminders

Individual Planning for Childminders

Medium Term Planning

Planning for different types of Play

Planning Webs

Day by Day Planning

Weekly Planning

Quick Focus Activities *NEW*


Outside Play

Outside Play (Planning)

Garden Learning Zones

Gardening - Spring & Summer


Continuous Provision Planning

The 7 areas of learning - for Childminders

Provision Planning Guides

Over 50 continuous provision and activity guides, closely linked to the 7 areas of learning of the EYFS are now available.


2015 Planning

2015 Planning Calendar [PDF] *FREE*

Winter Play Planner [PDF]

Spring Play Planner [PDF]


2014 Planning

2014 Planning Calendar [PDF]

January 2014 Planning

February 2014 Planning

March 2014 Planning

April 2014 Planning

May 2014 Planning

June 2014 Planning

July 2014 Planning

August 2014 Planning

September 2014 Planning

October 2014 Planning

November 2014 Planning

December 2014 Activities



Dealing with Inspection Outcomes

Unannounced Ofsted Inspections

Ofsted Inspection Expectations

Inspection Actions

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Ofsted Inspection


Evidencing Quality Teaching


Teaching and Planning for Children’s Learning – an overview

Teaching British Values

British Values - Quick Reference *NEW*

Teaching in the Prime Areas of Learning

Teaching the Specific Areas of Learning - Part 1

Teaching the Specific Areas of Learning - Part 2

Using Children’s Interests in Teaching

Teaching – Introducing New Learning

Teaching - an Introduction to Themed and Continuous Provision Planning

Teaching - Resources for Learning

Teaching - Literacy & Numeracy


Working with Parents

Childminder Interview Tips

Parents Interviews


Parent Pack - part 1

Parent Pack - part 2

Parent Pack - part 3

Parent Pack - part 4


Parent Partnerships

Building Relationships

More Ideas for Building Relationships

Parent/Childminder Consultations

Audit Communication

Sharing Activity Ideas

Sharing Planning

CPD Audit and Certificate


Sharing Learning with Parents

Chapter 1 - Observation, Assessment and Planning Information

Chapter 2 - Sharing Information about Outings


Communicating with parents

The 7 areas of learning – for Parents


Parents guide to the Childcare Register (A4 format) *FREE*

Parents guide to the Childcare Register (A5 format) *FREE*

Parents guide to the EYFS (A4 format) *FREE*

Parents guide to the EYFS (A5 format) *FREE*


Making Displays


Sharing Learning with Home - part 1

Sharing Learning with Home - part 2

Daily Diary [PDF] *FREE*

Daily Diary [Microsoft Word]

Ideas for Home Learning???


Meal times and Food

Food Provision

Meal time issues



Making a Resource List

Resources for Babies and Toddlers

Resources for Pre-School Children

After School Children

Resourcing Multiculturalism and Diversity


Managing Behaviour

Supporting Emotions

Help, I have a Screamer!

Supporting the Challenging Child


Risk Assessments

Children and Choking

Outings Risk Assessments

Guidance for Risk Assessments

Writing Risk Assessments - part 2

Writing Risk Assessments - part 3

Writing Risk Assessments - part 4

Writing Risk Assessments - part 5


SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

SEND - Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Writing a Care Plan

Managing Individual Needs

Listening to Children's Views

Inclusion and the EYFS

Inclusion Audit

SEND Audit


Reflecting on your provision


Behaviour Management


Parent Partnership Review

The Observation, Assessment & Planning Cycle

Healthy Living

The Environment

Community Involvement

Play and the EYFS

Accessibility Audit

Safeguarding/Child Protection Review

Menu Planning

Outside Play


Audits of the Learning & Development Requirements of the EYFS

Introduction to the Learning and Development Requirements

Audits Part 2

Audits Part 3

Audits Part 4

Audits Part 5

Audits Part 6

Audits Part 7

Audits Part 8

Audits Part 9

Changes to the EYFS

Safeguarding & Welfare Requirements

Learning & Development Requirements


Forms for Childminders

These are some very useful forms that you can print out and use for each child.

Accidents and Injuries to Children in your Care *FREE*

Attendance Record *FREE*

Concerns About a Child *FREE*

Complaints Record *FREE*

Compliments Record *FREE*

Emergency and Fire Record *FREE*

Emergency Contact Information *FREE*

Emergency Medication Administration *FREE*

Existing Injuries *FREE*

First Aid Administration *FREE*

Fridge Freezer Record *FREE*

Illness *FREE*

Incidents that happen while Children are in your Care *FREE*

Medication Administration *FREE*

Physical Intervention *FREE*

Staff medication *FREE*

Staff Accident and Injuries *FREE*

Visitor Record *FREE*


Child Record Form

Individual Assessment and Planning Form

Observations Form

Personal Diary

2 Year Progress Summary

What are the Characteristics of My Learning?


Accounting and tax

These guides have been written for by our accountancy partner

Preparing for your End of Year Accounts

Choosing the Right Accounting Software

How do you do a Tax Return?

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