Introduction to Equality & Diversity

Course Description

For most of us, treating people equally and appreciating people's differences is the basis of being a good citizen. This programme is an introduction to equality and diversity, what they mean and how they affect you. It looks at some of the barriers that can prevent equality from being realised, such as prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, victimisation and harassment. There is a brief explanation of the Equality Act 2010 and the ‘protected characteristics’ that form the basis of the law. It also explores what employers must do to comply with legislation and guidance, as well as the obligations that employees are under.

Key Information

There is one learning module accompanied by one questionnaire and full instructions for participation.

A personalised certificate on successful completion provides evidence of learning.

What equality and diversity are and why they matter.

Barriers to equality.

The main types of discrimination.

Responsibilities of the employer and employee.

How to apply

This course normally costs £10 but is available free to gold members. For more details see our online training page.

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