"Our son enjoys everyday at Linda's minding."

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Our son enjoys everyday at Linda's minding.

Our 2.5 year old is with Linda since he was 12 months old and he loves it every single day!

When we started with Linda, my son settled in immediately, and remains to be happy to be dropped off at Linda’s ever since. When we pick him up, he is always greeting us with a big smile and shout of joy.

In general our boy is fine with new faces or new places, which I believe it is due to he is well taken care of and receives plenty of assurance from Linda.

I also notice my son has picked up very good manners though Linda’s minding, he knows how to wash his hands by himself before eating, uses fork and spoon very well while eating, he can take his shoes off and jacket off after he gets home or cover his mouth while caughing, etc. All these small things I can tell Linda is not just taking care of my son but also teach him how to do things by himself, encourage him to learn new things and do it on his own.

Linda writes a daily diary recording what my little boy has done during the day, where they went, what he ate, how long the nap was and whether he pooed and also his learning progress, things he has achieved. To me, it is always the best moment of the day reading it and talking to my son what he has been doing at Linda's.

In the morning, Linda usually play with my son at her home with the toys she provides, which she changes on a regular basis to create new experiences. Linda combines playing with teaching, such as shapes, colours, alphabets and numbers. Sometimes she goes to the supermarket with him (by foot or car) and twice a week to playgroups and my son loves all these outdoor activities with Linda.

What I really like is through the diary and daily chats with her, we know our little one’s daily activities and developments. We also get a learning journey which shows all the development milestones and the feedback of where needs improvement.

I can’t thank Linda more for taking so well care of my son!

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