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My son has been attending Yumbo for almost 2 years and I will stay until he goes to school. The care he receives is excellent and he's always telling me about his adventures when they go out and all the things he's learnt whilst there. I'd highly recommend Yumbo to anyone looking for reliable safe childcare.

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by about Yumbo on 30/07/2015

My daughter started attending Yumbo Childcare in 2011. She was 2 and a half years old when she started and is still in the care of Corrine and her team four years later.
The staff at Yumbo were fantastic at settling my daughter into the setting. Within 2 weeks of starting, she was a completely different child. She became much more independent: learning how to put her own shoes and coat on, she was potty trained within a few weeks of starting and she was generally a much happier, more settled child.
Many of my friends commented on her change in character and this is something that I fully attribute to Corrine and her team.

Corrine is a wonderful lady with many years of experience and this shows through in the quality of care that she provides the children in her setting. They are always outside, whenever possible and my daughter has enjoyed many wonderful trips, including the seaside, Colchester Zoo, Tiptree Jam Factory and Papermill Lock, leaving me feeling rather jealous that I have to be stuck indoors at work!!

Corrine has been fully supportive of both my daughter and our family as a whole. She helped me to set up reward charts and positive parenting schemes to help my daughter grow into the wonderful child that she is today.

I was very excited when I heard the news that Corrine and her team are expanding into Braintree. I think Braintree parents will be very lucky to be able to have the option to send their children to Yumbo Daycare.
I can whole heartedly recommend the setting to any parent looking for quality childcare for their child. Choosing somewhere for your child to attend, whether it be to return to work or to simply to make use of your government funding can be a long and daunting task: I know all too well from personal experience.

I can honestly say however, that this setting will provide the best possible environment to allow your child to develop into a confident, happy, well-balanced young person.
It provides a secure, warm, happy and friendly environment to encourage your child to build upon their personalities, explore their surroundings safely and develop their knowledge and skills allowing them to be fully ready for school once the time arrives.

If you are looking for childcare for your child, I suggest that your search has come to an end here!
Book your place now to avoid disappointment: you will not regret it!!

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Yumbo on 07/07/2015

I started looking for a childcare in November 2012 as I was going to come back to work in February 2013. Corrine was recommended to me by a friend. Our first meeting was a beginning of an amazing adventure for our son.
When we decided that we want Corrine and her assistants to look after Wiesiek, she helped us to set a daily routine to help him settle in more easily (meals and nap time).
When have I realised that I made the right decision? First week back to work and absolutely no worries about my son as I knew he is in the best hands.
Corrine and her assistants are very friendly and professional. They have helped us during early stages and always shared their knowledge and experience. We got all the support in tough times like "terrible two's" and potty training.
Wiesiek is now 3 years and 3 months old and loves going to Corrine's place. The children frequently visit various playgroups, farms, zoos, parks, museums etc. They have lots of parties throughout the year (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Chineese New Year) and participate in local events, e.g. Tour de France 2014, Royal Family visiting Chelmsford etc.
We would highly recommend Corrine and her wonderful team to anyone as she was recommended to us 2,5 year ago.

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by about Yumbo on 30/06/2015

I have 2 children Liam and Ella who, from 3 months old until they started school were cared for by Yumbo Childcare whilst I went to back to work.
Leaving your child for the first time is extremely daunting but Corrine understands this and supports both you and your child settle into a new routine. Before you know it your child is like part of the family!
My children were very happy to be left in the setting and this made a huge difference to me being able to go to work without worrying about them.
Corrine accommodated their routines and we worked together on any issues in relation to their development.
My children learned about different cultures and celebrations which they wouldn't have experienced at home. The preparation for school from both an educational and social perspective is invaluable!
I am so grateful to this website that allowed me to find Yumbo Childcare - my children have some wonderful memories and friendships thanks to them!
Karen Cansell
Great Leighs, Chelmsford

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Yumbo on 28/06/2015

My son has been going to yumbo since February (he turned 3 in May), I was so nervous at first but he settled in perfect and he absoloutley loves it there! They go out every day and parents are given a diary and kept up to date of what their child/ren have been up to which is really nice to read. The staff are brilliant and have helped my son come a long way in the space of 4 months, he now uses the toilet , his bottle is in the bin (had major issues for a long time getting rid of it!) His speech is coming along really well too. I'm so happy I chose yumbo for his childcare and he will continue going there until school. I also have another child on the way who will no doubt go to yumbo in the future too. Thanks Corrine and all staff for all you do xxxx

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by about Yumbo on 25/06/2015

Corrine looked after my daughter after school when she started at the local primary school aged 4 until the age of 10. Corrine helped with my daughters speech and her confidence grew. She made lots of friends and loved the craft and baking activities Corrine did with the children. My daughter loved her time with Corrine who also had great assistants working along side her aswell. Corrine is a wonderful caring patient person who loves her job and understands the childrens needs. I am so happy I found her as I could go to work and know that my daughter was in safe hands. Thank you so very much.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Yumbo on 25/06/2015

I have been taking my daughter to Yumbo childcare for nearly 2 years now, and am quietly upset that she has to leave to start school in September!!
Corrine and all the staff have been so very helpful towards me, being a single parent.
My daughter has loved her time at Yumbo, and has made many friends, including those that she meets on their many trips out. They take the children to places that sometimes I've not even heard of, making me a tiny bit jealous that she has a better social life than me!!
I would highly recommend corrine and her team to anyone looking for childcare. X

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Yumbo on 24/06/2015

Corrine and the team have been looking after my little girl (now 20 months) since last September 2014 for two days a week. Willow really enjoys going to the setting and joining in with all the fun activities. I was initially really worried about returning to work and finding someone to look after Willow, but Corrine immediately put me at ease and made everything straight forward. We had a couple of meetings, a home visit and a visit to the setting before she started. Willow has a home diary which we both update, so I can see what she's been doing each day she goes.

The children do loads of different fun activities and go on visits to interesting places, like visits to a jam factory, tropical wings, the woods etc. We joke that Willow has a better social life than us!

Willow has made taken part in lots of craft activities and often comes home with something lovely to decorate the front of our fridge. She has made friends around her own age and generally has thrived in the setting which is wonderful to see. The children celebrate and learn about different events such as Chinese New Year, St Patricks Day and Halloween.

I am 100% confident that Willow is getting the best care around and have no hesitation in recommending Yumbo to anyone looking for quality child care.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Yumbo on 23/06/2015

Braintree is very lucky to have such an experienced and caring team of childcare providers arriving to offer outstanding childcare in the area from September 2015.

I began to search for childminders in Essex at the end of 2013 when my family and I were preparing to relocate to Essex from Leicestershire. I used this site to search for childminders near to the house that we were purchasing and Yumbo Childcare was on the list of nearby possibilities. My daughter was 18 months old and had been attending a childminding setting for six months in Leicestershire and I was keen for her to continue to attend this type of setting. I contacted Corrine and arranged to meet with her and took my daughter along with me for the visit. My daughter made herself at home during this short visit to Corrine's home and it was clear from just being in the setting that Corrine and her team offer a fantastic, well-planned variety of activities for the children in their care. We signed our daughter up without hesitation and she began attending the setting at the end of January 2014. She experienced so much since joining the setting as the team plan a variety of home-based activities alongside a multitude of trips to various educational venues in and around Essex - farms, zoos, museums, local play groups, local leisure centres, parks, woods, jam factory, strawberry picking and even waved her flag at the queen when she made a visit to Chelmsford! I can honestly say that my daughter has a better knowledge of what Essex has to offer than both me and my husband put together!

Corrine and her team keep a journal which records exactly what activities the group have been doing and this journal has lots of photos which show my daughter having a fantastic time and interacting well with her peers. Corrine is so well travelled and ensures that the different cultures of the children in her care are respected and that different religious festivals are covered as part of the planned activities that the group partake in. She has food tasting sessions to give the group new culinary experiences and works hard to broaden the childrens' knowledge about different parts of the world.

Even though this setting is new to Braintree (due to open in September 2015), I cannot recommend this team highly enough. I felt blessed that I'd used this site to look up local childminders and was fortunate enough to have found Yumbo Childcare which was just five minutes away from our new home.

An excellent team providing an outstanding service - my daughter will always remember her time at Yumbo Childcare. I wish Corrine and her team the best of luck in their new venture and move to Braintree - although they won't need luck as their experience and dedication to providing outstanding childcare will no doubt bring them every success.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Yumbo on 17/06/2015

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