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I normally dont leave a review but this incident really disappointed me. Rebecca agreed to work for our family three days a week. At first she seemed very interested in the job and willing to compromise on the working days. i really appreciated that. However, on the first day of work she used flat tire as a reason to cancel on me, which soon sounded like an excuse. I called her several times to ask if this is a cancellation or if she is just going to be late since she left it very vague. She didn't call back and went MIA. She left me stranded with no help and I had an appointment at the hospital for my routine check up as I am currently pregnant. I understand some people on this site aren't professional nannies and just want the job as a part-time gig for extra pocket money. However, this type of behavior is extremely unprofessional and make other real nannies that take the job seriously look bad. There should be a system on this site where if they don't show up for work last minute , they are given a penalty that leads to banning of using the app.

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by Avatar for Danbee Danbee about Avatar for Rebecca Rebecca on 20/09/2021