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Mahvish has looked after my daughter for over one year now and I want to express my gratitude for her professionalism and the wonderful care she has given to my daughter.

When we first started looking for childcare we were quiet nervous about leaving our daughter with someone who is not part of our family. We had a list of things that we wanted in a childminder: caring personality, reliable, reasonable fees and a clean setting. We visited several childminders and nurseries and did not care for the atmosphere and my daughter didn't like it either. When we visited Mahvish's setting we were pleasantly surprised. She is a very caring person with a smiling face and warm nature. After a few minutes, my daughter became relaxed to the setting and started playing and chatting to Mahvish, which impressed me, as she was not this relaxed with the other childminders we had visited before.

Mahvish's setting is like a nursery and very colourful and clean. It's just what a child loves. She has a huge range of toys and activities and a lovely garden for the kids to play in. On our first visit, my daughter went to the shelves and started picking toys almost straight away.My daughter has developed and learned so much and has a lot of fun. Mahvish encourages the children to learn, and to enjoy themselves while learning.

She is very flexible and tries to accommodate our changes as much as she can, and this has made it easier for my husband and I to deal with the demands of our jobs.

I am very grateful to Mahvish for all that she does and especially because she cares for my daughter's welfare just as much as I do. I have full confidence in her and know that while my husband and I are at work, our daughter is in good hands. This is such a relief and its the reason why I have recommended to Mahvish to several of my friends.

I would also like to add a comment on the "negative" review below mine . I know of this family and in my opinion no childminder would want to provide them with childminding. I and other parents who use Mahvish have all had excellent service. Furthermore, any parent who shows rudeness and has problems paying for childminding, can't complain when the childminder stops providing them with her service.

Thanks so much for everything Mahvish!

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Mahvish khan on 31/03/2014

I have not had a particularly good experience about Mahavish Childminding service. Mahavish herself is very professional and good at her work however please keep in mind the other aspect of it as well. If you plan to keep your child at her childminding service make sure that you thoroughly check for the copy of contract at the begining and ask for a copy for your reference as the rules keep changing every now and then without bringing it to the parents knowledge.

When we started there was complete flexibility on the hours, whether you want to add hours or reduce or cancel but the rules suddenly changed and we were not made aware of it. Also if it comes to the the point of terminantion of the service things will not be discussed but a notification will be sent to you so the decision will be made direct without your consent and you will not be given any time to make alternate arrangement as the service gets terminated as per the childminders wish maybe even with immidiate effect of the notification which i find extremely unprofessional and rude.

Cancellation of any hours booked prior will be let off only if the child is sick for any other reasons it is still charged so make sure this is discussed in the begining. Her profile states school pick up however that was the case when we started using the service but not anymore as recently that service was refused. In short please be clear and careful of the rules and regulations and get it discussed and in written right in the begining of the service otherwise you will face disappointment too and maybe you will end up in a soup.

  • 2 stars Overall

by about Mahvish khan on 27/02/2014

I am going to keep it short and simple. Mahvish is an excellent childminder. She is very flexible, inclusive and genuine childminder. My son settled down in no time. I will highly recommend to any parents who are looking for a peace of mind and excellent care in all sense.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Mahvish khan on 12/01/2014

My son started being cared for by mahvish six weeks ago when he was 10 months old,it was really tough for us to leave him with a childminder but thanks to mahvish he enjoys her company and is really happy at her setting.It feels great when you know your child is safe and having fun.She is flexible and would highly recommend her.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Mahvish khan on 06/01/2014

Mahvish is truly exceptional childminder. She is affectionate, kind, loving and understanding. My daughter settled in no time and really continues to enjoy the set-up. Mahvish is caring and does a lot of age appropriate activities for her continuous development.

I would definitely recommend Mahvish to any parent who is looking for flexibility with a homely feel and safe environment.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Mahvish khan on 20/12/2013

Mahavish cared for my kids on fulltime basis. She is flexible in terms of hours and fees, which is a great asset for me to go back to fulltime work. She carries out multiple development activities and tries to engage kids in number of other activities.

We always felt comfortable leaving our kids in her care. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family who are looking for flexibility with a very safe and homely atmosphere.


  • 5 stars Overall

by about Mahvish khan on 04/04/2013

Mahvish is one childminder who i would highly recommend. My daughter has got settled with her very soon unlike she had with anyone else. She is very much reliable and trustable with whom you can leave your child without any worries for the whole day.She keeps her busy and active throughout the day..She always has a smiling and welcoming face which children love.

She takes care of my daughter very well that she started missing Mahvish during her holidays as well. :)

I would vote for Mahvish if you are looking for a GOOD childminder.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Mahvish khan on 24/12/2012

First of all I would like to start with this to any concerned parent, childcare is the most important aspect of working families and with that need comes a lot of thoughts and finally a decision to make. The most important crucial aspect of any family is their kids and every working parent would like their kids to go in the ricght environment during childcare.

We had to make a decision to chose the childminder for our 3 years old dughter and after meeting Mahvish and looking at her set-up we thought that she will be the best option. And that decision has been the best possible choice we could have ever made.

She is brilliant with her work, my daughter had settled in no time and really enjoyed her set-up. She look after the children in a very caring way and do creative activities to nourish the good qualities appropriate for their age group. There are so many good things we can write about her but below is the summary in one sentence -

We would highly recommend her to any concerned parent.


  • 5 stars Overall

by about Mahvish khan on 29/10/2012

I have been keeping my son with child minders from past 2 years... but we have never seen a child minder who is highly professional in her services like Mahvish... my husband and myself are very pleased with her approach to childminding...

We are happy to leave our son with her.. with out any doubt... as she gives complete care and guidance for what a child needs... and very impressed with her routine for food and teaching the kids....

I would just say that she is the best and the charges are quite reasonable...
and she is very flexible and happy to suit our requirements... with always a pleasant smile and a very soft person i have ever come across...


  • 5 stars Overall

by about Mahvish khan on 23/10/2012

Highly recommended...

Mahvish is a wonderful childminder, very affectionate, loving,understanding and kind....

My son hardly took any time settling in her warm friendly home setting. He always had a great n enjoyable day with her with a very balanced routine.
She took care of all his needs with utmost care... I was always relaxed n assured having my child in her charge.....I'm extremely lucky to have found her at the last minute...

Would be more than happy to recommend Mahvish - she is a perfect childminder a parent would seek!!

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Mahvish khan on 22/09/2012

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