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Carol has been working with our son for almost a year and we have absolutely no regrets or any thoughts of leaving her anytime soon. She has a very professional, honest and caring approach to childcare and is very thorough in all that she does.
He has settled so well with Carol and he loves going to her house, he runs to the door and often asks about her on his days off!
Communication between us is excellent. We receive daily written information on activities, learning experiences, diet and sleep etc...Carol also completes regular eyfs updates of progress in each developmental area.
Carol's passion for the work she does is clear through the way in which she interacts with the children and the range of learning opportunities she provides. We often find that if we have had any recent trips or new toys etc...Carol will create bespoke activities linked to this.
Carol gives us advice on areas regarding development e.g. numeracy as well as behaviour, sleep and our expectations of our son which is particularly useful being first time parents.
Carol offers a varied diet and supports individual choices or needs such as baby led weaning. Her house and equipment are spotless and she has so many resources our son is always doing new things.
We cannot speak highly enough of Carol and are very glad we found her!

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by about Carol Me on 28/06/2017

We are very sad to be leaving Carol, but due to work commitments it is unavoidable. From day one Carol has supported our daughter fantastically, she has provided the best care we could have asked for. Our daughter has developed well within Carols care, she has supported her needs and worked on areas of focus. My daughter loves her time at Carols. Healthy and varied food is supplied everyday, my daughter has tried many new foods. Communication is faultless, carol is available at any time needed. She always relays the day to you and shares positive experiences.
Carol made my transition back to work, much easier, knowing that my daughter was happy, safe and stimulated well.
The daily activities are planned well, always different and often capture the interests of my daughter.
Carol has provided the best start for my daughter and we cannot thank her enough!

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by about Carol Me on 28/06/2017

Carol provides the very best care for my Son, in a home-from-home environment. He is greeted cheerily every morning, and I leave him fully confident he will be cared for, and all his needs will be seen to. Her home is colourful, safe, and provides all the learning tools/toys/books needed.
Carol is dedicated to the children she minds, and communicates daily regarding their achievements, activities they have been doing, and development within the EYFS framework. She informs me regularly regarding my Son's intrigue with early Mathematics, and how she encourages his to explore this further. Her enthusiasm for helping the children develop is clear, and is complimented by the care she provides. She highlights their accomplishments against the EYFS stage tracker and explains in detail how each stage is demonstrated.
My Son is offered a varied and nutritious diet, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables daily, as well as fish, chicken and good hearty meals which I would provide him with at home.
Carol genuinely cares about the children she minds, and invests in their early development. We receive a monthly email detailing what the children have been investigating over the past month, what topics they will be exploring over the next month, and any seasonal activities she is planning for the future, ie. Visits, trips etc. I also receive daily feedback. Carol is very knowledgeable regarding her profession, and understands the needs of the Parent to be informed of their child’s behaviour, accomplishments and emotional developments. She cares for each child to ensure they are content and having fun! On days when he is upset or teething, she offers him the comfort and contact he needs when his parents aren’t there. She encourages the children to read, sing and dance – learning through having fun is key, and exactly how I want my Son to learn.

I wouldn’t send my Son to anyone else - thanks Carol

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by about Carol Me on 21/07/2016

My partner & I moved to Kidderminster in 2012 with our then 11 month old daughter. We didn't know anyone in the area and were really concerned about what childcare we were going to use.
We hadn't considered a childminder but when we arranged to see Carol, we went with an open mind, I am glad we did!
Straight away we felt more than comfortable around Carol & her home. Our daughter took to her straight away, we didn't even see any other childminders.
Carol offers a very comfortable home from home environment, with home cooked healthy meals.
What I loved the most was that Carol is very passionate about her work and the Early Years Foundation. We didn't just want someone who was going to 'babysit', we wanted our daughter to develop.
When our daughter was 2, I had a little boy. I had a really hard time being Mum to 2 young ones & often turned up at Carol's in tears. I kept doubting myself as a mum but she was always there with a shoulder to cry on & to offer me advice, reassuring me that I could do it. I really appreciated that Carol was a friend, not just someone who looked after our children.
When I was returning to work after having my son, we had no doubt that he would go to Carol's too.
My two have been challenging for us and for Carol, but she remained consistent with her support and we always worked together to get over the challenges.
I wouldn't think twice about recommending Carol to look after young ones, she is fantastic.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Carol Me on 11/02/2016

Carol has cared for both of my children for 3 years each prior to them making the natural progression to pre-school. After my eldest child had such a wonderful experience with Carol there was never any question about my second child enjoying the same experience, I was very lucky and grateful that Carol had space to accommodate me.

Carol truly has been amazing for me and my family, not only has she provided quality care for the children she has also been an amazing support for me as a new mum. She has always been more than happy to talk through milestones with me and offer support and guidance for the many different challenges and behaviour changes that we face as parents.

Carol is a very caring, kind, thoughtful and professional childminder, I have always felt at ease and very comfortable and confident that my girls are being well cared for. Carol is also great at teaching the children in many areas; early numbers, alphabet, shapes and colours and she teaches the children about the world around them, this is delivered through lots of play, talk and interaction, Carol's resources are extensive.

Carol provides a fun and safe environment for the children and encourages them to be independent, play nicely with their friends and to start to think about their own thoughts and feelings. Carols 'outstanding' ratings from OFSTED are more than deserved.

Carol provides food for the children if required and the range of food offered has always been wonderful. Carol keeps a food diary so that she can share with you what your child has been offered and what they have eaten. This aspect of care was very valuable and I felt confidence that my children were provided with a healthy diet.

Both of my daughters have always looked forward to 'Carol' days and have both missed her very much. My youngest child left carols care to begin pre-school at Easter and every week she asks me if we can visit carol.

I would be more than happy to recommend Carol as a truly outstanding childminder. I remember feeling anxious and unsure about whether I should be returning to work after having my children but Carol's excellent care of my children made me feel at ease.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Carol Me on 04/06/2013

My 2 1/2 year-old son has been with Carol since he was 10 months old and absolutely loves going there. Carol is so kind and caring and creates a real home-from-home in her house.

When we first went to meet Carol in her home we were impressed with her 'Outstanding' Ofsted rating, her excellent and thorough record keeping and her obvious dedication to what she does, but her excellence goes beyond this. Carol observes what every child enjoys to do and finds interesting and tailors her activities to encourage and extend this. She turns her whole living area into the most wonderful children's play and learning area. She has the most amazing range of toys, games, puzzles, books and other resources, which she rotates and brings out as appropriate, to suit the age and stage of development of the children in her care at the time. She also collaborates with other local childminders, sharing resources to further increase the range of stimuli on offer.

Carol frequently takes the children out and about, to parks, arboretums, play centres, music groups and more. She is constantly looking for new ways to engage the children and have fun with them, while helping them to learn about the world around them.

Carol is excellent at encouraging the children to interact well with each other, to share and be fair (which we all know small children don't always like to do!!!). She has superb, calm, assertive behaviour management which is applied consistently and fairly and I always have the utmost confidence that my son is being taught excellent behaviour and manners when he is with Carol.

The other point of note is Carol's food. Unlike some childminders, Carol provides food for all the children, whichever meals we need. Her food is fabulous - so varied and always healthy (and she has won an award for this). She keeps a diary of everything he eats, and whenever he sleeps, so I know he is always rested and is maintaining a healthy lifestyle when there.

Carol is very good at her own professional development. She regularly attends meetings, conferences and trade shows with other childminders in an effort to maintain and improve her knowledge of best practice.

Carol's communication with parents is superb. She always wants to know what developments there are at home so that she can work on them at her's, and she always lets you know what happens in the day. She is very easy to talk to and will give advice and opinions if you ask for them.

Considering how hard it is to leave your children in childcare, it is wonderful to know that they are thoroughly enjoying themselves and are being looked after to the highest standards, which I always know with Carol. She is very sensitive to all the children, to their individual needs, and to their characters, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Were I ever to move, I might just have to take her with me!!!

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Carol Me on 25/01/2013

Carol has looked after my daughter (now 18 months old) for the last 12 months, initially 2 days a week and now 4 days. Carol combines a professional and organised approach with flexibility, fun and kindness. I have never once had any worries leaving my daughter in her care, even when she was just a baby - as soon as she could walk my daughter would run to Carol's front door and once inside would join in all the activities with her playmates with great enthusiasm! As well as indoor play with cooking, water play, reading etc the children also benefit from outside activities such as woodland walks and visits to soft play centres, music groups etc. With a small number of children in her care Carol can meet the needs of all the children as individuals but also offers the chance for children to become social in slightly larger groups by regularly joining up with another local childminder to do certain activities.

As a parent returning to work it can be a difficult time and there really is nothing better than to know your child is in a safe and happy environment. Carol offers the peace of mind of being registered for overnight care, and although we never used this option I wouldn't hesitate to leave my daughter overnight if needed. She also does all the food for the children which is great for busy mums (and dads!) and was quite happy to use our reusable nappies while providing normal nappies if required. Carol is every easy to talk to, always willing to give advice but never judgemental despite her obvious knowledge in the subject of childcare. She is always willing to listen and to respond to individual child/parent needs. Parents are kept updated with lovely newsletters and a board with the week's activities on it, as well of course by just chatting on drop-off and collection.

While having been inspected and gained 'Outstanding' with Ofsted (they definitely got that right!) she has a commonsense and caring approach which clearly derives from her years of experience and genuine love of children, rather than a 'box ticking' mentality.

I would highly recommend Carol if you are looking for childcare in the kidderminster area (or even beyond, we don't live very close and I work in Stourbridge but her house is easy to access from main routes and she is worth the extra drive!) whether for 'tinies' like mine or for older children who she also cares for brilliantly from what I have seen.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about Carol Me on 19/01/2012

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