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Natasha looked after my son from the age of 1 until he was nearly 3. By the very fact that within days of being with her my son did not want to come home when we came to pick him up just spoke volumes about the care he was getting from her. Natasha provides a fun caring environment and reports fully on everything my son did during his day. My son was a fussy eater but Natasha’s homemade food went down a treat even to the point that he asks for it at home! We highly recommend her services and feel that our son could not have been taken care in a more professional and loving environment.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about LITTLE KINDER NURSER on 09/08/2013

My daughter has been with Natasha for 4 days a week since May 2011 when she was 13 months old (she is now nearly 3 and a half). My son has also just started with Natasha, aged 13 months. We are completely happy with the care that Natasha provides for our two children. Natasha has an assistant so is able to have up to 6 children in her care which creates a wonderful "mini-nursery" environment in her home where the children thrive on having others to play with.

Natasha is intelligent and sensitive - she has an intuitive understanding of each child and very quickly knows how to make them feel at home. Natasha is very loving and gives all the children lots of cuddles. She has a gentle but firm approach which helps to ensure the children grow up polite and well behaved. Natasha has a good size garden for the children to play in with lots of toys, and they also go to local parks. Natasha cooks healthy meals for the children.

Natasha provides fantastic care for the children, but also looks after the parents too - she provides a list of all her holidays (5 weeks a year) a year ahead and has even been able to arrange cover for some of her recent holidays by her assistants. And Natasha has arranged family picnics and Christmas parties to help the parents of all of her little ones get to know each other. Couldn't ask for a better childminder! :-)

  • 5 stars Overall

by about LITTLE KINDER NURSER on 19/07/2013

We have had our baby boy with Natasha since he was 7 months old (now 16months) and he is very happy with her. She's a really caring loving person (as are her assistants) and we are so pleased we found her! She does a lot of fun things with them, cooks great food and our baby really loves her.

  • 5 stars Overall

by about LITTLE KINDER NURSER on 14/01/2013

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