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Asking Christy to be our nanny over 2 years ago was one of the best decisions we ever made. She has now become part of the family! I wanted a nanny who I could trust to nuture and guide our 1 year old daughter. Christy exceeded our expectations. She listened carefully to what was important to us as a family and has always put that first. Luckily we were on the same page about most things but she was always careful to listen to us and our daughter and we have had a very honest and comfortable relationship where we could discuss things as they came up.

She has always provided our daughter with stimulating, age-appropriate activities, been flexible and allowed us to share with other families creating a great social-circle for our wee one. She upholds healthy eating, good manners and clear boundaries, which she gently enforces. She has also successfully navigated us through multiple early hurdles including potty training!

She has always been incrediably reliable and has allowed us flexibility and patience with the challenge of coordinating 2 NHS doctors rotas. With maternity leave coming up and our professional arrangement changing, I am sure and hope we will continue to see Christy as we just really enjoy having her around!

  • 5 stars Overall

by about ChristyM on 09/09/2015

I can't recommend Indi enough as a nanny. We have all absolutely loved having her in our home. She is kind and thoughtful, as well as very professional and diligent in her work ethic. She brings a calm confidence to childcare. I have been really impressed with how in tune she is with our children, communicating with them very clearly but gently. She has taken time to understand them and get to know them, and has a very thought through approach to their growth and development. When she is in the house there is laughter between her and the children, yummy smelling food on the hob, a fresh cup of tea for me on my return from work. She leaves us all better than she finds us! I am hugely sad that we have to end our employment, as I know other families have been.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by about Roundhay on 16/06/2020

Response by Roundhay on 16/06/2020:

Iv loved working with this amazing, thoughtful and kind family. The whole family unit worked smoothly and i really felt part of the family. Im so sad to go but know i will still be in touch with the beautiful kids and parents. Thank you so much!.