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Free Online Training Worth Over £1500 have teamed up with EduCare, a distance learning training provider with over 25 years experience in creating award winning training programmes to provide our gold members with free access to some of their online training courses worth over £1500.

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Study 45 courses in your own time

As a gold member you have free access to 45 training courses:

Child Protection Level 3 (Level 3) - 9 CPD hours

Child Protection Level 2 (Level 2) - 5 CPD hours

First Aid Essentials (Level 2) - 3 CPD hours

Concussion Awareness (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Food Hygiene & Safety (Level 2) - 5 CPD hours

The Prevent Duty (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

The Prevent Duty in an Early Years Environment (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Supporting Children with SEND in the Early Years (Level 2) - 2 CPD hours

Female Genital Mutilation Awareness (FGM) (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Equality & Diversity (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Personal Safety (Level 2) - 5 CPD hours

Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

A Practical Guide to the GDPR (Level 2) - 2 CPD hours

Preventing Bullying (Level 2) - 4 CPD hours

Child Neglect (Level 2) - 3 CPD hours

Online Safety for Kids (Level 2) - 2 CPD hours

An Introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Health & Safety (Level 2) - 7 CPD hours

Child Protection - Refresher (Level 2) - 3 CPD hours

Safeguarding Young People (Level 2) - 4 CPD hours

Mental Capacity (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Mental Wellbeing in Children & Young People (Level 2) - 4 CPD hours

The SEND Code of Practice (Level 2) - 4 CPD hours

ADHD Awareness (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Autism Awareness (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Dyslexia Awareness (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Effective First Aid Management in your Setting (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Safer Recruitment (Level 2) - 4 CPD hours

Successful Budgeting in the Early Years (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Characteristics of Effective Leaders (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Setting up your Childminding Service (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Equality and Inclusion in Early Years Settings (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Managing Your Ofsted Inspection (Level 2) - 3 CPD hours

Being a Key Person in an Early Years Setting (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Promoting Positive Behaviour (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Reflective Practice in the Early Years (Level 2) - 4 CPD hours

The Role of Trustees in Delivering the EYFS (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Children's Learning Through Play (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Understanding Children's Rights (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Supporting Early Language Development (Level 2) - 1 CPD hour

Sustained Shared Thinking (Level 2) - 2 CPD hours

Child Protection in Sport (Level 2) - 5 CPD hours

School Exclusions (Level 2) - 5 CPD hours

Fire Safety in Education (Level 2) - 4 CPD hours

Safeguarding Children in Health & Social Care (Level 2) - 5 CPD hours

These free CPD (Continuous Professional Development) opportunities allow you to enhance your knowledge and understanding at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Earn Certificates Upon Course Completion

All the courses will earn you a certificate on successful completion which you can print out and proudly display in your file or on your wall for parents and organisations such as Ofsted to see.

The online training is provided by EduCare and is provided on a complimentary basis to gold members. Only one person per gold account can usually access the training but childminders who employ an assistant can also get free access for up to 2 assistants. In the event of your gold membership expiring then access to the online training will be immediately removed and any data in relation to completed or part completed courses will be deleted. We reserve the right to withdraw access at any time without reason. Any support related questions regarding EduCare's online system must be directed to EduCare by email to

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