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Here are some of the latest reviews that we have received from parents who have used childcare providers listed on our website.

Michelle has been looking after my daughter full time since she was 8 months old. She is our daughters extended family and refers to Michelle as Mim Mim. Bethany adores Michelle's younger daughter who has become a surrogate sister. Michelle always puts the safety & interest of the children first. They learn through play and have lots of fun on outings to farms, splash parks etc
Michelle is very professional in her approach and will give cuddles and discipline when needed. I have confidence and trust that Bethany is in very good hands while I am working. I couldn't ask for a better person other than a relative to look after my precious little girl

RWools16. from St Neots on Michelle., 24 Jul 2014

Very professional
Willing to go over and beyond to meet parent's requirements
A wonderful family
My son loved his time spent there
I definitely recommend Suneetha! Don't just take my word for it, speak with her for yourself and I'm sure you will experience the same kindness and courtesy

new mom . from London Borough Of Newham on Suneetha., 24 Jul 2014

Louise has looked after my 3 boys, aged 10, 9 and 6. She has been warm, kind and caring and has taken the time to get to know what they like to do. With this knowledge, she has made sure that they do activities together that are fun and of interest to the boys. They look forward to seeing her and enjoy their time together.

As a parent, I feel that Louise is reliable and trustworthy and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

LornaSha. from Lanark on Gray18, 24 Jul 2014

We met Enrica - would have employed her had we been able to (the reason we didn't was nothing to do with her at all)...

She presents very well, is extremely well travelled, is lovely, warm and friendly and obviously kind and caring.

She was very open and honest with us and talked freely about her past studies and nanny experience.

Had the circumstances been different we would definitely employed Enrica as nanny for our family, as I have no doubt she would do a wonderful job.

EDfamily from London Borough of Southwark on Enrica F., 24 Jul 2014

Marcia looked after my son, Ethyn (2). Ethyn was always excited to go to Marcia's house! I was always impressed with the activities she did with him - drawing, stickers, water play, baking...just to name a few! Marcia would update me on a daily basis with regards to how my son had been during the day, what he ate, how he slept and interacted with others. I was impressed with her professionalism and how accomodating she was. Her house felt like a home and Ethyn would get lots of affection from her. I would most definately recommend Marcia!

mommycar. from Romford on Elm Park., 24 Jul 2014

My 3 & a half yo daughter Erin has been going to Yvonne for 2 weeks now & she's very happy going there, she likes playing with Yvonne's boys. Lovely lady & as long as Erin is happy, we are too. Highly recommend her. X

Yvonnec1. from Huntingdonshire on Yvonne17., 24 Jul 2014

I known Lalita for the last four months. She takes care of my daughter who is nearly two years old. We got on very well after our first meeting. She was recommended by another parent.
Lalita cares for my daughter and I am very pleased with the service she offers. She is very flexible regarding her services and also very good with my daughter. My daughter has settled very well in her new environment. Lalita also does very well to interact often with me regarding the progress and daily up keep of my daughter. I receive photos of activities that my daughter takes part in; this gesture by Lalita is very impressive as it gives me an idea of what my daughter is doing and how she is doing.
Lalita's environment is very child friendly and she has educational toys that the children play with. She is also fully registered with the various childcare bodies and is well trained. I am very satisfied with the quality of care provided by Lalita.

Sam Ahad. from London Borough of Sutton on lalita l., 24 Jul 2014

Emily took care of our daughter for a year while she was very little (from 6 months) and we couldn't recommend her any higher. Evie loved being dropped off every day and was made to feel part of the family. My husband and I were reassured, knowing that Emily was providing a safe, loving environment for our daughter, in which her development came on leaps and bound on a daily basis.

sarahdav. from Durrington Worthing on Worthing., 24 Jul 2014

I have 3 Boys that Caroline and her team have looked after since the youngest was 3months old. He is now 2yrs and 7 months old and the other two are 4yrs (middle) and 9yrs (eldest) and all still with Caroline (Now Handprints). They provide me with what every parent needs, for me this is a safe environment that caters for the individual needs of my 3 boys, with great role models looking after them and giving them suitable activities for their individual interests. The staff are always friendly and welcoming and the boys love them to bits. I would highly recommend Handprints if your looking for someone who provides a caring and safe environment.

Tinamasa. from Blaby on Handprin., 24 Jul 2014

Karen started minding our daughter from when she was only 2 and a half months old. She was brilliant with her and has built a loving relationship with her and us. She is reliable and trustworthy, and has been great for our daughters development. We have always felt at ease while leaving our daughter with Karen and we certainly do miss having her around. We would highly recommend Karen, as our daughter stayed very happy in her company!

JArshad from Hyde on Kaybu, 24 Jul 2014