Favourite Kids TV Shows

Most parents out there will know how difficult it can be to find a TV programme your children actually like, let alone finding one you can bare as well!

That’s why we surveyed our database of more than 1.2 million parents and discovered which TV shows they most like to watch with their children, and which ones they most disliked. SpongeBob SquarePants tops the list with 48% of respondents placing it as their favourite. Peppa Pig is the least favourite with 57% of respondents choosing her as their most disliked.

Here are the top 20 favourite TV shows:

1. SpongeBob SquarePants – 48%

2. Horrible Histories – 36%

3. Scooby Doo – 21%

4. Adventure Time – 20%

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 18%

6. Tom & Jerry - 17%

7. Bob the Builder – 15%

8. Fairly Odd Parents – 15%

9. Power Rangers – 13%

10. Arthur – 12%

11. Loony Tunes – 12%

12. Power Puff Girls – 11%

13. Phineas and Furb – 10%

14. Sesame Street – 10%

15. iCarly – 9%

16.Sofia the First – 8%

17. Thomas the Tank Engine – 6%

18. Star Wars: The Clone Wars – 5%

19. Curious George – 3%

20. Firemen Sam – 1%


We also asked parents which TV shows they disliked the most and the top ten shows chosen are:


1)Peppa Pig – 57%

2)Max and Ruby – 38%

3)Dora the Explorer – 32%

4)Barney and Friends – 30%

5)Yo Gabba Gabba – 27%

6)Caillou – 25%

7)Sam and Cat – 22%

8)Lazy Town – 18%

9)In the Night Garden – 14%

10)Wonder Pets – 11%

When asked why Peppa Pig was their least favourite children’s TV programme nearly half (46%) stated Peppa’s attitude and manner as the reason, whilst more than a quarter (28%) said the storylines were their least favourite part.

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of respondents said programmes were better when they were growing up, and nearly a fifth (18%) said they would still watch at least one children’s TV show if it was socially acceptable.

Richard Conway, CEO and founder of Childcare.co.uk said,

“The subject of which children’s programmes parents love and hate is something we’ve seen discussed a lot, so we thought we’d look into it properly. Some of the results are quite surprising, personally I quite like Dora!

“The survey stirred up quite a lot of nostalgia for us and the people who took part. As most parents will know finding a television programme that your children like can be hard enough, let alone trying to find one you don’t find too irritating!”

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