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London Borough of Ealing

5 stars Reviewed

Professional and nice.

She provides top notch services and my kids loves her. She is professional and nice.

by Avatar for mabel22 mabel22


3 stars Reviewed

Engaged well with our older daughter

Djamila is a pleasant person to have a conversation with. She speaks a lot of languages and has a lot to teach.

I explained a couple of times during our calls/texts the teaching approach that worked well with our children, for example tutor to share content on their screen, show some videos in foreign language, play a quick game or use props to engage children.

She didn't do that even though I reminded her and we ended up stopping the lessons sooner that we wanted as the kids lost interest.

I understand it is difficult with little ones, but paying for private lessons means the teaching style and cirriculum is adjusted/tailored to the student. That wasn't the case for us in regards to the teaching approach.

I think there were some limitations with her home setup as the video feed seemed to be from a mobile phone which she used to point to a laptop to show numbers/letters.

by Avatar for ggirtsou ggirtsou


1 stars Reviewed

Never showed up

Arranged with Radhika to visit us to meet the children and do a first lesson. She agreed to take the suggested safety measures.

We were expecting her but she never showed up. We waited, I texted her and got no response for a few hours.

After few hours she replied suggesting an alternative time. I don't mind that she couldn't make it, but we need to know in advance for any change of plans. It was a job interview and people need to take it seriously as we trust our kids education to them.

by Avatar for ggirtsou ggirtsou

Stratton St Margaret

5 stars Reviewed

A 2nd family

Catherine was recommended to me by a friend, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have found her. She looked after my daughter from 16 months old. I hadn't ever left my daughter with anyone other than family before. However I felt completely at ease from the moment I stepped into Catherine's home. My daughter never wanted to leave. Catherine went above and beyond with my daughter, I loved reading her daily diary telling me what activities they had done that day. I also recieved photos while she was in Catherine's care and got lots of pictures and homemade crafts. They did so many different activities lots of learning through play, baking, messy play, nature fun, trips out and so much more. My daughter had a special bond with not only Catherine but her family too, she loved spending time with them all. I felt so sad when my daughter started school and stopped going to Catherine's. I would 100% recommend Catherine, we really do feel so lucky to have found her.

by Avatar for Kate M Kate M


5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic teacher - she raises the bar!

Our experience with Louisa has been great!

Louisa has been very kind and patient with our little ones and managed to teach our reception age child to write letters and numbers over Zoom! How amazing is that?

Louisa has been excellent, she is a proper teacher and your kids would be lucky to have such a great teacher!

Cannot recommend her enough!

by Avatar for ggirtsou ggirtsou


5 stars Reviewed

Highly recommended - makes learning easy and fun!

I was a bit skeptical in how soon my kids would be able to say basic words in Mandarin.

Cissy made it super fun for them with her teaching method and props and kept them engaged. Few days later I heard my daughter singing a song in Mandarin!

I just couldn't believe doing lessons remotely could be so much fun for the little ones.

She consistently makes extra effort to provide a great learning experience for the kids.

The learn, they do revision, they play quick games - it just works!

Amazing job Cissy, thank you!

by Avatar for ggirtsou ggirtsou


1 stars Reviewed

Bad experience - avoid

Unfortunately my experience with Mr Nick wasn't pleasant.

At first we had a call to discuss his teaching approach and many times he deviated from the main subject and went on for a long time talking about early computer history, space and experiences that were not relevant.

I never got to do lesson with him because he didn't send any video link and then asked me to pay. I was also asked to pay in advance otherwise there would be no lesson.

I forgot about this lesson and now I'm being asked to pay because I didn't cancel it 24hrs in advance. How could I join if I was not given a video link?

Got an email in the afternoon saying I missed the morning lesson.
- No text reminder
- No calendar invite
- No zoom/google hangouts link provided.
- He warned me I'll have to seek legal representation if I don't pay the £30.

by Avatar for ggirtsou ggirtsou


5 stars Reviewed

Frankly Incredible Childcare

My daughter went to Yeeha from just under 2 years old to 4 and had simply the best time. The care and attention to the children is absolute. Every member of staff is totally part of the team and they stay. Consistency is so important and that’s what the children get. Consistent great care. She loved every day and has made friends for life, we were supported as parents and we all throughly loved the experience couldn’t recommend more.
P.s.a year later we still discuss how good the “bake” is the food was always a hit so if you have a fussy eater would throughly recommend.

by Avatar for Sarah W Sarah W


5 stars Reviewed

Highly recommend!

My little boy went to Karen for 3 years. He absolutely loved every minute of his time with Karen and regularly asks to go back. His imagination, speech, eating, manners are brilliant for a 3 year old and Karen has contributed to that massively. Karen is so much more than a childminder. She treats the kids as her own, and they are so well looked after. I can’t recommend her enough!

by Avatar for Catriona Catriona

Kelly Woods

5 stars Reviewed

So pleased that we are going back again!

Kelly took on my little girl when she was 14 months old and kept her until she was 3 and ready for nursery. When we met Kelly we instantly felt she was right for us, as she has such a warm and reassuring persona. Every day my daughter would look forward to going to Kelly’s and she made lots of friends there. Kelly done varied activities with the kids, and I always felt that my little one was happy and cared for. I have now had my second child and am getting ready to go back to work soon, so it was a no brainer that we would also be taking him there. Kelly has a lovely home and family, and I would happily recommend her to anyone!

by Avatar for Sia Sia


5 stars Reviewed

Brilliant and Friendly Childminder.

Michelle is a brilliant childminder, she plans a wide range of fun and educational activities for the children. Our son enjoys his time there and always comes home with a beaming smile on his face and pictures/creations in hand.
Michelle is really approachable and relaxed person which makes our child feel at home whilst with her, and we know he is in good hands.

by Avatar for Sam Manf Sam Manf


5 stars Reviewed

Excellent care and loving environment

Our son, Harry, attended Yeeha! from
10 months, 4 days a week until he went to school. During his time at Yeeha! he was treated in a loving and caring environment that optimised his development in all respects – personal, physical and emotional.

Harry was very happy during his time at Yeeha! and loved by the staff that worked there – the high retention of staff and the pleasant surroundings of the premises would have contributed to this.

We would highly recommend Yeeha! to any other family considering childcare in the local area.

by Avatar for Louise Louise

Quality Childcare
Maida Hill

5 stars Reviewed

My sons great experience at Quality Childcare

My son was in the care of Severine and Valentine from the age of 6 months to 4 years old. I was very happy with the care they provided and most importantly very comfortable from early on. The setting is more like a mini Nursery than a childminder based on the resources and the activities provided, so I didn’t feel like my son missed out on not attending nursery. They are both lovely, open minded people who work with you to ensure your child’s needs are met. My son loved them and still always fondly of them both. Thank you Severine and Valentine!

by Avatar for Keisha G Keisha G


5 stars Reviewed

Home from home 10/10

Fan was wonderful from the moment we met her. Her place instantly felt like home from home. She said all the right things, such as positive parenting and home cooked food. Fans words are so true and it’s nice to find a childminder who has the children’s fullest attention. The variety of food she provides is astounding, making my son try new foods. Her attention to detail cannot be faulted, she cares for my son like her own; he goes one day a week, and I wish it was more. The space the kids have is superb, both indoor and out.
The daily photos of my son that I get are just the best, he holds the highest regards of Fan and always asks if it’s “Fan day” today.

I’d definitely recommend (as I have done) Fan to anyone and everyone. High recommend. Seriously cannot fault anything.

by Avatar for Sabbz Sabbz


5 stars Reviewed

We love Angela! 💜

My daughter has been going to Angela since before she was 1 and is now 4. Angela's house is her favourite. The one thing she has consistently asked during lockdown is "when can I go back to Angela's?" She is friendly, open and the kids love her so much. She is always taking them places including Pandemonium. She has a great garden that the kids can run about and play and tire themselves out. My daughter enjoys the lunches that are made for her. She bends over backwards to accommodate us and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I highly recommend Angela.

by Avatar for Amanda Amanda

Haley Mc

5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic childminder!!

Haley has taken amazing care of my daughter who will shortly be leaving haleys care for school in September.
This was my first experience with a child care provider and has been my only, my daughter has been cared for by haley since she was 10months old and I had to return to work,shes now almost 5.
Reliable,friendly,caring, nothing is ever too much trouble.
Amazing with my work schedule.
I feel so incredibly lucky to have found such a great person! My daughter loves haley and we are going to be so sad to be leaving.
Amazing experience.. X

by Avatar for Sarah Sarah


5 stars Reviewed

Absolutely Wonderful

Both my girls have been with Tabassam youngest one from 6 months. The level of care and attention and love has been outstanding. My girls both settled in very quickly and enjoyed going. Tabbassam creates a loving environment and pays attention to each and every child's needs as well as building a fantastic relationship with the parent. While I was at work I could be at ease knowing my girls were safe and happy with Tabbassam and that's what every parent wants when they leave their children in any childcare setting. The level of flexibility has been great and helpful as I worked shifts. After school Tabbassam would give them fresh delicious food as well as help them with their development and work. My girls felt as if it was their second home which was comforting for me. So proffesional, kind and an amazing childminder. I highly recommend. Wonderful.

by Avatar for Heena Heena


5 stars Reviewed

Excellent Childminder

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is looking for a childminder.

My daughter has been in her care now for nearly 2 years and I have never been so at ease. Karen is very honest and reliable. I am sent regular photos of Devynn which consists of days out at the park, water and sand play, painting, free play etc etc.

Karen has always provided my daughter with the same love and care that I would at home and always goes above and beyond to ensure she is happy and settled.

My daughter has a lovely group of friends who also attends alongside her and Karen provides them all with excellent routine and structure!!

Karen’s home is always kept to an excellent standard and a lovely garden with lots of age appropriate toys which are well organised.

Karen is a lovely, bubbly, honest and reliable childminder that I would highly recommend.

by Avatar for Khally Khally

Haley Mc

5 stars Reviewed

Best experience ever!

After dealing with numerous childcare providers with my first born I was very weary of who I chose to mind my second for me to go back to work & college, safe to say I couldn’t have chosen a better child minder, Haley was recommended by a friend and I’m so glad she was as my daughter absolutely idolises her. Haley is by far one of the most caring people I’ve met and more importantly I feel my daughter is completely safe and very happy when she’s with Haley which to me is what mattered most. Not only is Haley amazing with my daughter she has also gone the extra mile for me when needed and helped as best she can through any issues I may have had over time, I honestly couldn’t recommend this lovely lady enough :)

by Avatar for Hlb92 Hlb92


5 stars Reviewed

My son adores her

Katarina is the loveliest person I know and has so much patience with children and us parents. She always has a smile on her face and from the moment I met her I knew my son was in safe hands, she is incredibly caring. It is obvious she was born to look after children as they all love her and are so well behaved in her care. She takes them out to different parks/places inc deen city farm, introduces them to different cultures, she visits playgroups and also does a lot of arts/crafts/songs at home. She cooks all her food from scratch and I get a daily report of my son's activities, meals and naps. She has been flexible when I've need to change this at the last minute and is very competitively priced. You can't go wrong with her, she's like Mary Poppins.

by Avatar for Rebecca Rebecca

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