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Lucia - Leyton

Lucia is truly a wonderful nanny. She cares for our 5 and 7 year old with all her heart. She’s flexible, organised and helps with so many things for the children. She will notice when things are missing or needed- and anticipate our families needs. She is always on time and is very reliable and really a joy to have in our home.
We are both working parents and we couldn’t do what we do without her.
The kids (and we) love her to bits!

Daisy - Nuneaton And Bedworth

Daisy is amazing! The children absolutely love her, she makes us as parents feel so reassured meaning we can leave the children with Daisy and know she’s got everything sorted. Can’t recommend her enough!

Peace N - London

Peace looks after my 2 kids age 5 and 1, It was really hard going back to work, but kowing that my children are going to be in such a good hands with peace made going back to work much more easier. My kids love the environment. Thank you for looking after my Son and Daughter❤

by Avatar for Nenye Nenye
Daniela - Bristol

Dani’s been looking after our one year old year for several months now and it’s been so easy to have her around even with both of us working from home.

Dani takes him out to parks, library, playgroups and when the weather isn’t good - playing with pasta shapes, stacking cups, singing or making edible play dough at home etc.

Her experience with children comes though in the way she encourages Josh to learn and explore and we feel very fortunate to have her look after Josh.

We would have Dani for longer if we could and would highly recommend her to anyone.

marbleca - Lockhouse Close

We have known Brenda-Claire for 5 years. She helped look after 4 of our children, 2 whom are autistic. She is reliable, flexible, and practical. She has genuine warmth and commitment, combined with a friendly demeanor. She is very energetic and always finding things to do with the kids. We are relocating, so we'll miss her. She has become like family to us.

Tubas PlayHouse - Sutton

Over the seven years I've known her, she has shown exceptional passion, patience, and a genuine love for her job. Her ability to create enjoyable yet educational games reflects her commitment to the children's development. I highly appreciate the nurturing environment she has provided for my daughter, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a reliable and caring childcare provider.

by Avatar for Ozge Ozge
Peek A Boo - Glasgow

I have experience of nearly two years with Shehla for childminding and afterschool care. She provides good healthy environment for children of all age. Children always enjoy with her and well looked after. She understands needs and requirements. Children feel home with her.

Gemma Lloyd - Birchington

My daughter has been going to Gemma's for over a year. We had viewed a few childminders before finding Gemma and once I had met Gemma and her mum I knew my daughter wasn't going anywhere else. She is amazing with Hattie. Hattie absolutely adores Gemma and her family. Gemma really treats my daughter and son as one of her own. My son also attends the setting in half terms he absolutely loves his time there too, so much so when we do drop off he wants to stay with Gemma instead of going to school. You can really see Gemma loves her job as Hattie is thriving. Thank you Gemma xx

by Avatar for Emmi Emmi
Tia - Dartford

Tia has been nothing but kind, patient and helpful with my 1 year old son. He’s loved having her around, she takes the time to read to him, she is patient with his fussy eating and he even said his first word with her! I’d highly recommend her.

Dani - Cambridge

Dani took care of our little one at a time when we needed her most. She immediately stepped in to support us and she is the warmest, friendliest and sweetest person you could imagine! She provided us with daily updates and pictures of our little one having fun and connecting with the other childminding kids, which was lovely. In the evenings, when our Vlasis would be the only child left, she would caringly read him stories and give him 1-to-1 attention. Thank you so much,Dani!

Tracey T - Cambridge

Tracey has been taking care of our little boy, currently 14 months old, for almost 5 months now, right after our family moved to Cambridge from London. Tracey helped our little Vlasis integrate and settle in the best way possible. We've also been overjoyed to receive her daily updates, filled with fun activities for the kids' development.
We have been very pleased with the loving and caring environment she has created for Vlasis and the other little ones. We very much enjoy your daily updates and the pictures and videos . We are very happy with the activities Vlasis has been doing such as the playgroups, music groups, library visits and walks outside and with the fact that he has become a sociable little boy who loves being around other kids and playing with the other childminding kids. We are also happy that he is being food and sleep trained by you, as this is a big help for us. Tracey also remembered our little boy's birthday and got him a gift and on Halloween, she very kindly gifted a different costume to each of her childminding kids and painted their faces beautifully! Our little one turned out to be the most beautiful little Dracula/vampire and we will always remember that day fondly, thanks to Tracey!
We definitely recommend Tracey 😃

Jojo - Cambridge

Jo took care of our little one temporarily, for 10 days. We couldn't be happier and more grateful for her help during that time. Jo is a lovely person and childminder, helped our little 14-month boy integrate quickly in the new environment and feel welcome and happy. She provided us with regular feedbacks and updates, and arranged some lovely snow and Christmassy sensory activities, that our little one loved. She cooked delicious meals for our little one and made sure she gave him extras as well, as he has a big appetite! She definitely made us feel like our little one was with the best company and that this temporary change was as joyful as possible! Thank you, Jo!

Claire B - Canterbury

Claire has been with our family for nearly two years, from when my daughter was four months old. She is a wonderful nanny, incredibly warm and compassionate, calm and caring. She has looked after our little girl so beautifully. She is always coming up with developmentally appropriate games and activities, takes our daughter to lots of playgroups and parks, and is full of useful, sensible advice and tips, not to mention patience, kindness and humour. She has been a vital part of our family and I will miss her so much when we relocate at the end of the year! I cannot recommend her more highly. A truly special, magical person.

Tubas PlayHouse - Sutton

I have worked with Tuba for nearly 7 years and I have one word for her : Dedicated! Always seen her work hard had genuinely care for each and every child around her. My 3 year old son has had many play dates at her place and absolutely loved it! Her teaching doesn’t stop at home!! Wish you started this earlier!

by Avatar for Afeen Afeen
Yamit - Herne Bay

Incredibly caring towards our children!

Our kids took an instant like to Yamit. With our baby always opening her arms for a hug when she sees Yamit :-)

Yamit is very professional and takes her job as a child minder incredibly seriously. She is aware of their developmental needs and keeps a keen eye on ensuring they are developing as they should. We like that she is always out with the kids, regardless of the weather and always has new ideas of fun activities to do together. We would definitely recommend Yamit as a child minder.

by Avatar for Rita Rita
Manjot - Birmingham

Wow!!! Jo is the best childcarer I have ever used. Iv used many but Jo makes the whole experience less worrying and the quality of Jo work is just exceptional 👌. Jo looks after my 10 month old daughter shorna, and she treats shorna as if she is her own, shorna loves Jo like a big auntie 😊 and it is just so mindful and stress free that I can go to work and not worry about my daughter getting the care she needs. And most importantly shes happy there. Being a single mom is hard but i can honestly say Jo made it a whole lot easy for me . Thank you, Jo, for your amazing work, and I highly recommend you.

by Avatar for Bel Bel
Blanka - London Borough of Newham

Blanka has been caring for our 6 month old for the past six weeks and has proven to be the most wonderful addition to our home and our family! She is gentle, positive, and warm to be around, which is really lovely as we are often working from home. She is extremely diligent, always punctual and reliable, and happily takes on extra hours and days when we give her enough notice. She picks up extra jobs around the house to help us out and goes the extra mile. She is so caring and kind to our little one, plays with him patiently all day, sticks to the schedule and communicates well, and clearly loves and cares for him. She's just begun weaning him and helping with preparing food etc. She is such a great partner to us as we manage a chaotic household and family around work, school and life, we are so so glad to have her, her next family is going to be lucky!!!

by Avatar for Kinds Kinds
Stacey - Gillingham

My daughter has been attending Stacey’s Littles Stars since she was 6 months old and she is now 4 and my now 2 year old has followed on the same. Both children run straight in without so much a a look back which must be a good sign.

They always have fun when there and we are constantly finding pictures and things they have made within the setting in their bags at the end of the day. Everyone who speaks to my 4 year old comments on how clear and concise her speech is and although I would love to take the credit I think it’s fair to say that Stacey and her team should take most of the credit.

They love the little trips out to the play group at the local church and Mercy enjoys the trips to the library when she’s able to go.

The App used by Stacey and her team keeps you up to date with their care throughout the day and they post photos and video of activities within the setting.

I’ve found Stacey to be incredibly flexible (as a shift worker my care requirement aren’t standard) and she has be able to accommodate us at short notice and in Emergency.

I would highly recommend Stacey and her team.

by Avatar for Zoe Zoe
Little Wise Humans - London Borough of Barnet

Gigi was our amazing nanny for seven wonderful years, and now she's taken that magic to her nursery, creating a space where learning is fun and encouraged. Gigi's personal touch and passion for each child shines through. We're so proud of her and grateful for the joy she brought to our family and now to the community through her fantastic nursery.

by Avatar for Jodie Jodie

Yvonne looked after my daughter from the age of 9 months until she joined the school nursery, and I genuinely can't recommend her enough! My daughter was so happy there, she would wander in without even a blink when I dropped her off in the mornings, because she was in a comforting and yet vibrant environment.

Yvonne is incredibly warm and caring, and she loves the children that she looks after. My daughter is now school age, but she still loves to see Yvonne and we've kept in touch. Yvonne still remembers my daughter's birthday and always gets her something for Christmas. We still use her for babysitting help.

I always felt that my daughter was in good hands. Yvonne is someone you can rely on to make common sense decisions when it comes to the child's welfare, such as first aid when needed. She also takes the children out to different places so that they're always kept active.

She is extremely well organised and always keeps up to date with relevant training and admin. When my daughter moved on, Yvonne put her heart and soul into pulling together photos and records of my daughter's development, which is a joy to read.

She really knows her stuff, too. If you have concerns about your child's behaviour, Yvonne is great at advising you what to do and putting you at ease. She also can handle any challenging behaviour!

Yvonne is a warm and caring childminder and we love her!

by Avatar for YBT YBT