Success Stories really does work!

We've worked really hard to make successful in bringing parents and childcare providers together. Here are a few of the latest comments we have received from our users.


Thank you for your amazing website!! I have found the perfect match after extensive searching. It is by far the most user friendly with the best interface around.

Zebbie, Parent, London


Excellent website obviously trusted by a lot of parents I gained three part time childcare jobs through your website- thank you!

Emma, Babysitter, Glasgow


I found your site extremely useful and would recommend it to others. It put me in touch with lots of really helpful people, so thank you :)

Kirsty, Parent, Lanarkshire


The website has been very useful and I have found a private tutor using it.

Srinvasa, Parent, Surrey


I found the perfect night nanny for my needs.

Stella, Parent, Staffordshire


A very useful site. Found a nanny with ease.

Amy, Parent, London


I found the nanny job I was looking for! Thank you.

Natasha, Nanny, Cambridgeshire


Fantastic concept - really great idea and found success with our first nanny through this site.

Claire, Parent, Berkshire


A fantastic website which i would recommend to anyone!

Angela, Parent, Essex


I have been successful in finding a childminder and babysitter through your website. Thank you!

Amanda, Parent, Kent


I found a good local babysitter with the invaluable assistance of your website - thank you!

Fiona, Parent, West Sussex


I have found a wonderful nanny through you and am very pleased. This is the second time I have found a successful match thanks to your website.

Charlotte, Parent, Kent


I was looking for childcare support for my daughter-in-law and have managed to make contact with relevant helpers with your help. The website has been very helpful and I will use it again should the need arise.

Jenny, Parent, Lancashire


I am moving the country however I must say that this website is brilliant! I had the opportunity to babysit for a french family and got so many offers from other families. Thanks.

Julia, Babysitter, London


After much searching elsewhere and trying to find the right type of childcare, I have now taken on a wonderful nanny from your site.

Elizabeth, Parent, Wiltshire


Very easy to use website that helped me find the perfect childcare for my daughter. Many thanks.

Hayley, Parent, Durham


This website was fantastic in providing me with an incredible nanny who has fitted our needs. Thank you so much.

Mark, Parent, Cardiff


I found a nanny through your site. Thank you for your help - it's an excellent site and I would recommend it.

Oonagh, Parent, Cambridgeshire


Thank you I have found a fantastic nanny through It was worth the wait and am very happy with the portal you offer to allow people to arrange reliable childcare.

Jo, Parent, Nottinghamshire


I have found a nanny job and also a maths tutor for my grandchildren from the website.

Kathleen, Nanny, Nottinghamshire


This site was really helpful and I would definitely recommend it to others searching for childcare. Thank you so much.

Sophie, Parent, Essex


I found a childminder with your help and I am really happy with her. Thank you.

Isabelle, Parent, Suffolk


I found a great childminder. Thank you very much for your service. I recommend your website 100%.

Maria, Parent, Manchester


This is a great site! We have found a lovely nanny and I can now look forward to beginning my new job! Thanks

Rebecca, Parent, Kent


I have found a nanny with the help of and things are working out well - thanks very much for your help!

Anna, Parent, Merseyside


I found the site useful and after contacting a handful of families seeking childcare I succesfully found someone to enter a nanny share arrangement with us. Thanks.

Nicole, Parent, Surrey


I have found a lovely childminder through your service after spending weeks having no luck elsewhere. It has been a good investment.

Lindi, Parent, Merseyside


This service has been invaluable in helping find the right nanny. Thank you.

Joanna, Parent, Surrey


I found a nanny job within 3 months working for a lovely family and I would highly recommend your website.

Bridie, Nanny, Norfolk


I am very happy to say that I have successfully found not only a part-time nanny job, but also a full time nanny job to commence at a later date. Many many thanks to for displaying my advert.

Cynthia, Nanny, London


Really impressive website. I found a variety of candidates who are interested in my job. I was prepared to pay a nanny agency but they couldn't find a suitable nanny. Thanks for getting me a quality nanny and saving me the expensive agency fees.

Nada, Parent, Herefordshire


I was contacted by a family, who saw my profile on this site, and have accepted a live out nanny job with them. This is my third nanny Position through, so I can definitely recommend it.

Shirley, Nanny, Middlesex


Great service with lots of interest and we have someone great to look after our little ones thank you.

Sarah, Parent, Cheshire


I've found a lovely nanny who the children enjoy - thank you!

Rachel, Parent, Glamorgan


Fantastic resource for busy parents looking for childcare.

Amy, Parent, Essex


I have found a childminder for my daughter who meets all my needs. Thanks you very much for making this whole process as easy and safe as possible.

Helen, Parent, Surrey


Was a great resource and will use again in the future. Helped me to find a fantastic nanny as well as a back-up babysitter. Very satisfied.

Ross, Parent, West Midlands


Brilliant help. Will use again in future.

Michaela, Parent, Middlesex


We found someone really good on your site. Thank you very much.

Robin, Parent, Cheshire


Great website - found a fabulous childminder. Thank you.

Jo, Parent, Essex


Great website - easy to use and lots of babysitters available in my area. Have found three different girls, all really nice, who have done some work for us. Will continue to recommend you to friends.

Sarah, Parent, Cambridgeshire


My setting is now full and I have a waiting list also so no longer need to advertise for more children. Thanks for your help as I have got 90% of my business through

Jodie, Registered Childminder, Nottinghamshire


I am a childminder and have now filled all of my vacancies. Thank you for such a great site!

Caroline, Registered Childminder, West Sussex


Thank you, I have found a nanny who is lovely and caring.

Anna, Parent, Hampshire


A childminder on saw my profile and got in contact with me. She has now been caring for my daughter for 7 months and I am more than happy with her. Thank you for a great service!

Lorraine, Parent, Hampshire


I have found THE best family, thank you.

Victoria, Nanny, Buckinghamshire


Very helpful site which I will use again in the future. A great find!

Adelle, Parent, Essex


Brilliant website! I have found a fab job. x

Emma, Nanny, Hampshire


I found your site easy to use and we have now secured a great childminder for our children thanks to I would not hestiate to recommend you to any other parents looking for childcare support.

Debbie, Parent, Kent


An excellent site wich has provided me with all the information I needed to find a child minder for my daughter. I would definately recommend this site to others, many thanks!

Martina, Parent, Nottinghamshire


Site was great. We found a really good childminder. I'm closing my account for now but will re-open should our circumstances change. Thank you.

Emma, Parent, Buckinghamshire


Your site is great! Thanks to you I have a wonderful nanny job. If I need your services again I will activate my account again. Thanks for your help.

Elena, Nanny, London


We found our new nanny in just over a week - including interviews. The nanny agency are still looking! A fantastic service. Thank you.

Laura, Parent, Gloucestershire


Thank you! I found someone brilliant to look after my son in the morning.

Madeleine, Parent, London


Thank you for helping me find a nanny. Your website was excellent. Much better than nanny agencies!

Miranda, Parent, Warwickshire


I found a childminder from using this site, so thank you! The service has been easy to use and successful very quickly.

Angela, Parent, Cheshire


I found a brilliant nanny in my first week with Really pleased with the website - efficient and easy to use.

I've previously used agencies and this was my first time on I have already recommended it to friends and will be returning if I need a nanny again in future.

Thank you very much. The best £19.99 I've spent!

Shaheed, Parent, London


I found a wonderful childminder in the first few weeks of using your site. Thank you so much for making it so easy.

Emma, Parent, Essex


Your service was very useful in locating local childminder for me where previously I had struggled. I now recommend other parents seeking childcare to utilise your web site.

Lydia, Parent, Somerset


I found someone on the website and had a great experience and more importantly my children were very happy with who we got.

Rebecca, Parent, North Yorkshire


I have found a temp nanny job which was just what I was looking for!

Sarah, Nanny, Hertfordshire


I had been registered with 2 nanny agencies looking for an after school nanny but with no success. Then a friend suggested I try your website and within 10 days I had interviewed 2 suitable candidates and have just employed one of them who has lots of experience, fantastic references and is able to fit in with our very specific childcare needs (after school term time and full time in school holidays). I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Dr. Pippa, Parent, London


Thank you. I have found a wonderful babysitter for my disabled daughter. I am very happy and am pleased to write a recommendation for your service.

Jane, Parent, Berkshire


Thank you for your help. I have found a fantastic childminder through your site.

Kerry, Parent, Northumberland


This website has been invaluable to me! Thank you.

Amanda, Nanny, North Yorkshire


We found the site to be incredibly helpful and have found a wonderful childminder through it. I would definitely recommend the site and use it again.

Kristian, Parent, Surrey


I found a wonderful job with your help in less than one month. I`m very happy for this. Thanks a lot!

Tuduran, Au Pair, Bristol


Found a lovely childminder. Will use you again very pleased. Thank you!

Deborah, Parent, Buckinghamshire


I found a nanny within the first week of joining. I have recommended you to everyone I know!

Catherine, Parent, Buckinghamshire


I am retiring! Since 2010 I am pleased to have found 2 after school nanny positions with lovely families and a few families who needed an occasional babysitter. Very pleased with the way your website works and I recommend to others.

Jane, Nanny, Surrey


I had been looking all around the web for a full time nanny job for about a year until a friend of a friend give me the name of this website.

I’ve been a gold member here for less than 2 months and I've found a job! It looks like my dream family with lovely children and great conditions of work hours, payment and holidays. It’s really more than I was hoping for. I’m so happy! Many thanks to the site!

Elena, Nanny, London


I have found a fabulous private tutor through you and am pleased with the service.

Tracey, Parent, Kent


Thank you your website has been an excellent way for me to find top quality childcare.

Sarah, Parent, Hertfordshire


I have found an au pair through your childcare website. Very helpful and thank you very much.

Ali, Parent, London


I have found your website very useful and have found two babysitting jobs through it. I babysit for two children 10 & 14 and for another lady with a 5 year old boy. Thanks so much!

Lauren, Babysitter, Lancashire


Found my perfect nanny job within a month of been on here, thank you so much!

Amy, Nanny, North Yorkshire


Fabulous, I got very good candidates in no time. Will strongly recommend to friends.

Christel, Parent, East Riding of Yorkshire


I found a great babysitter who I am very happy with so do not need this site any more.

Sophie, Parent, Berkshire


Thank you so much to I managed to get work after two months of advertising. Great, Fab, Brill!

Elizabeth, Registered Childminder, Lanarkshire


A superb service and I've found a really great nanny so thank you!

Claire, Parent, Surrey


Thank you for a great website that helped me found my new employer. I would recommend this website to other families and carers in the future.

Netnapha, Nanny, London


Thank you I found childcare with your website. Will recommend the site to others seeking child care.

Teresa, Parent, Berkshire


I now have a new nanny job thanks to I found it to be a really good website!

Selina, Nanny, Cheshire


Thank you for all your help. I have found a few families in my local area who I now regularly babysit for.

Charlotte, Babysitter, Devon


We found a nanny with your service. It's a good site and well laid out and clearly used by a good selection of nursery staff and nannies.

John, Parent, Staffordshire


I found childcare with your brilliant website thank you! Will use again when needed.

Tom, Parent, London


I have been on your site for just over 2 months and would like to say thank you so much for all your help. I have been with my present employers for 10 years and am now due to start with a new family in February. I would recommend your site to all my friends and am a very satisfied customer.

Margaret, Nanny, West Lothian


I found a lovely lady to help with my childcare from Thank you.

Claire, Parent, Lancashire


Very good and easy to use website. Would definitely recommend you. Have found a lovely family to work for through you.

Soraya, Nanny, Surrey


I've found this your site very easy to use and extremely helpful. I seem to have found a lovely childminder who I'm sure my son will be very happy with. I will not hesitate to use your site again when looking childcare. Thank you!

Claire, Parent, London


I found a wonderful nanny in just a few days - it was so easy!

Esther, Parent, Buckinghamshire


Thank you, I found a nanny job with the help of Your website is brilliant!

Katie, Nanny, Hampshire


With the help of your website I have successfully found a new childminder. I found the website very useful and would use this again and recommend to friends and family.

Helen, Parent, Oxfordshire


I used your with the idea of finding a nanny after my school's breakfast club closed down at very short notice. In the event, I received a message from a registered childminder registered on your site and in fact she has turned out to be a better option. Even though she lives very close to me I would not otherwise have come across her, so thank you for providing this service which gave me peace of mind over the Christmas period.

Amanda, Parent, West Sussex


My previous childminder took a career change so I needed to find a new childminder for my little boy when I return to work from maternity leave. This site has enabled me to find the perfect childminder and I feel so relieved to know my son will be so well cared for. Thank you.

Jo, Parent, Surrey


I was successful with finding a suitable childminder in my local area within a week. Thank you for your help with this matter.

Chantelle, Parent, Hampshire


Great website. It was really easy to use. Found a lovely family to work for using your services so thanks.

Kathryn, Nanny, Oxfordshire


Your website has helped me find both childminders I have needed and I would use again.

Emma, Parent, Buckinghamshire


I found a lovely childminder and only needed her for a short time as my circumstances have changed. I would recommend this site and would definately use it again if I needed to.

Elaine, Parent, Essex


We found our nanny through The web site was very helpful for finding candidates.

Catherine, Parent, Bedfordshire


I found a childminder within just a few days of becoming a member of your site. Very happy with the service will be telling all my friends about it.

Katie, Parent, London


I have found a childminder through your website that I'm very happy with.

Keri-Adele, Nanny, Renfrew


I found a nanny job through this website and found it very helpful.

Chelsey, Nanny, Kent


I found childcare with Good website. Very pleased with it. Would definitely recommend.

Nathan, Parent, Vale of Glamorgan


I have found 2 lovely nannies with the help of The website is easy to use and has been helpful once again!!

Kerry, Parent, Middlesex


Your website was great. I have found help. If I ever need childcare again I will come to

Nicole, Parent, London


I found a lovely nanny thank you!

Roseanne, Parent, London


It has been wonderful using your services and I'm very happy that I found a childminder through this website.

Denise, Parent, London


I thought this was a brilliant service! Fantastic childminder found!

Rebecca, Parent, Nottinghamshire


Many Thanks I have found childcare and was inundated with childcare providers contacting me. HUGE thanks!

Sophie, Parent, Berkshire


I found an excellent childcare provider through your website.

Natalie, Parent, Fife


I found a lovely childminder who lives around the corner from me through your website. I found it a great way to contact, screen and assess condidates. My son loves his childminder and your site has provided me with much needed peace of mind on my return to work. I would not hesitate to recommend or use your site again.

Kellie, Parent, Warwickshire


A family contacted me through wanting a nanny and I am now starting my new nanny job in two weeks! Thank you.

Claire, Nanny, Tyne and Wear


I upgraded to gold membership as I urgently needed to find a local childminder and I found one within one day on I'm more than happy with the website and I have found a lovely childminder for my children. Thank you!

Mary, Parent, Middlesex


I found a fantastic childminder so thank you very much!

Sarah, Parent, Staffordshire


I have found, visited and started my children with a new childminder in the space of ten days thanks to

Sarah, Parent, Buckinghamshire


Thank you. I found a childminder with the help of your website - much appreciated.

Siobhonn, Parent, Ayrshire


I was very lucky to have found a wonderful nanny through you. Thank you for a great service!

Ana, Parent, London


Thank you. A person who lives in my street contacted me to help with her children soon after I registered with you. Wonderful service and I'll come back again if I need to.

Ruth, Nanny, Middlesex


We have found a local mother's helper and are very pleased. I feel I can really relax on the nights I work as I have someone taking care of my kids at home the way I would. My helper is very enthusiastic and works hard. I feel very fortunate to have found her. Thank you!

Janette, Parent, Midlothian


Great website - keep it up! Thank you for helping me find childcare in my local area.

Emma, Parent, Kent


I have found a lovely childminder through I think this is an excellent site! Well done and keep up the good work!

Morgan, Parent, Essex


I am very pleased that I have found a childminder with the help of

Clare, Parent, Hampshire


Thank you and we have had a very good experience of your website.

Jason, Parent, Hertfordshire


Thanks for this website. It was very helpful and now I'm working with a lovely family thanks to

Sian, Nanny, Bedfordshire


I have found a live in nanny as per my requiremnents thanks to

Jerry, Parent, Swansea


I found the perfect job by using this website. I'm very glad I signed up and paid as it was worth the money.

Carla, Nanny, Middlesex


I found an excellent babysitter through your website. She is fantastic with my son, hard working and reliable. I would definitely recommend this site to friends.

Alice, Parent, London


I have found a great childminder just down the road from where I live. Thanks for your help.

Joanne, Parent, Oxfordshire


We found a lovely babysitter via this site but my son will be 13 soon and no longer wants a babysitter as he'd rather stay over at a friend's house - his age & definitely no reflection on the babysitter!

Thank you for a great service though, it was a life-saver in our time of need!

Maria, Parent, Nottinghamshire


Thank you for your help in finding me the best childminder.

Jane, Parent, North Yorkshire


We found a great tutor. Fab service! Many thanks.

Kay, Parent, Middlesex


I found childcare within days of joining this site. Thank you very much. Being new in the area, a student and with no help for my son, I'd reached the end of the tether when I came across your website. I will recommend this site to my friends. Thanks.

Serah, Parent, Lancashire


Your website was very informative and allowed me to research all the childminders I was intested in and then visit several to choose the most appropriate - thank you.

Louise, Parent, Somerset


I found a registered childminder within a month of joining The childminder viewed my profile and then contacted me.

Lisa, Parent, Norfolk


Thanks to being able to advertise my childcare requirements I have found a fantastic childminder who is looking after my lovely daughter. Thank you for your assistance.

Catherine, Parent, Hampshire


We found a registered childminder for our daughter easily with the aid of your easy to navigate site.

Kate, Parent, Wiltshire


We found a babysitter and are delighted with her!

Nicole, Parent, Middlesex


Your website is excellent and has helped me find an excellent childminder. Many thanks!

Jenny, Parent, Surrey


I found the site really useful, easy to navigate and we met lots of great childcare providers through it. Thank you!

Samantha, Parent, London


Just wanted to say a big thank you. I started up my childminding business around 18 months ago and in that time you have provided the platform for me to market and source new business. The website is so user friendly. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Karrie, Registered Childminder, Essex


Thanks very much- I found a great childminder through your site. My needs are now fulfilled, but I will definitely use the site again in the future if my situation changes.

Jessica, Parent, London


I have found 2 excellent babysitters. Thank you.

Sonja, Parent, London


I had a very pleasant experience using your site to find two childcare jobs which I absolutely love! Thank you very much.

Meghan, Nanny, Glamorgan


I have found a local childminder in 3 days of using your website. Thank you.

Sinead, Parent, Hertfordshire


I have filled all my childcare spaces for my childminding service thanks to At present I no longer need to advertise. Thank you for your help.

Linsay, Registered Childminder, Lanarkshire


We have successfully employed an au pair. Your website was brilliant thank you.

Ian, Parent, London


I found the service extremely effective and easy to use. I wouldn't hesitate to use or recommend you to friends.

Dianne, Parent, Wiltshire


Brilliant source of childcarers, quick responses and good information - thanks.

Lianne, Parent, Buckinghamshire


Thank you so much I have sucessfully found a nanny job with a lovely family.

Amy, Nanny, London


Thanks. really helped me to find the best possible childcare for my children. Great website.

Michaela, Parent, Cambridgeshire


Thanks so much with the help of your site I now have fantastic childcare for my two children. Highly recommend. Infact I have already recommended you to some work colleagues.

Claire, Parent, North Yorkshire


I found my 2nd nanny via your website, the first being back in 2008 and have recommended it to both friends and nannies. It's great to see how you have developed and would like to congratulate you on provding a service which without, I would not have been able to continue to work knowing that my children are being cared for. I will continue to reoommend you but hopefully my needs for a nanny/childminder are now solved!

Vanessa, Parent, London


We have found a wonderful young lady to help us and she has fitted into our family beautifully. Thank you for your website it is easy to use and helps you to ask the right questions. I would recommend it it any parent.

Ryan, Parent, Berkshire


You have a wonderful service and if I find myself needing work in the future I will be sure to subscribe again.

Sara, Registered Childminder, Wiltshire


Brilliant! I found two very lovely, kind and responsible babysitters for my 7 year old son who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I have recommended your website to lots of other friends.

Rachel, Parent, Devon


A very valuable website for parents looking for childcare. Made life so much easier, thank you.

Alex, Parent, Somerset


Excellent service provided by Will recommend the site to everyone who is looking for this kind of service.

Alexander, Parent, West Yorkshire


I found both of my sons childminders through and have been really pleased with the service provided.

Nikki, Parent, Staffordshire


I thought that was brilliant! I managed to find the perfect nanny job and am currently working with a really nice family! I will without doubt use if needed in the future.

Dannielle, Nanny, Buckinghamshire


I found this service very helpful and found an ideal childminder who can provide the care I need for my children. When I need to find childcare in the future I will definately use this service again. Thank you.

Karen, Parent, Wiltshire


It's a fantastic site and I couldn't have found childcare without it. Thank you.

Helen, Parent, Dorest


I found a babysitter when away working and have now found an excellent Nanny through your service. Many thanks.

Sian, Parent, Surrey


I have found a local childminder through the site. This is such a great site as the nanny I had starting let me down at the very lsat minute and I needed to sort care quickly. Thank you!

Rosalyn, Parent, Surrey


I have found a wonderful childminder. My daughter enjoys her time there and she is great.

Lynsey, Parent, South Yorkshire


Thank you very much for your service. I have now successfully found a family to nanny for in a very quick amount of time! I would recommend your website to anyone looking to nanny in the future.

Helen, Nanny, Hertfordshire


I have been contacted by several families during the short period I have become a gold member.I originally joined a few years ago and find this website the best there is. I have during this time found work with several families and after having a few months off on maternity leavr decided to join up again and have been sucessful once more. Many thanks

Dawn, Registered Childminder, Tyne and Wear


Your website was very helpful thank you. I found the childcare I was after very quickly.

Nikki, Parent, Hertfordshire


Great website. I found a local nanny within days - thank you!

Nicole, Parent, Hertfordshire


I found great. I found my nanny job on here and am very happy thanks!

Isabel, Nanny, Suffolk


I have found a childminder and babysitter so thanks for all your help!

Wendy, Parent, Essex


Thanks for a fantastic website. It really helped make my childcare search a lot easier. I will certainly use you in the future if I need you!

Lynne, Parent, Essex


Your website is fantastic. Great value for money, and I have taken on many children from this site!

Tracie, Registered Childminder, West Midlands


I have found using - Thanks for an easy to use website! from Amy (aka 'one very happy mummy!

Amy, Parent, Norfolk


Thank you so much for your helpful website. I have found an amazing registered childminder to look after my kids so I can now return to college and relax.

Wendy, Parent, Lanarkshire


Very good service and I have now found a great nanny thank you.

Katherine, Parent, London


I had a lot of great contact from childminders and met some wonderful people. I found the perfect one thank you!

Gillian, Parent, Lancashire


I found a nanny. Very flexible and really happy with them. Nice to be able to deal with the nanny direct without having to go through agencies who try and convince you of the horrors out there and the vast amount of paperwork you need to do. Just not true, not worth the fees. So this site was great.

Jane, Parent, Lancashire


We found a wonderful nanny for our daughter thank you.

Alexandra, Parent, Buckinghamshire


I had a great response from several nannies & childminders. I shortlisted 3 & now have a childminder. I'll be telling friends & colleagues about your site. Many thanks!

Lee, Parent, Renfrewshire


Great website, I found someone within two weeks but had a lot of people view my profile and exchange dialogue etc. Thank you!

Phoebe, Parent, Surrey


I found a full time nanny job through your website! Very pleased with the service from :)

Sara, Nanny, Glasgow


I have found a wonderful childminder through this website that I am very happy with.

Sharon, Parent, Highlands


I successfully found exactly what I was looking for thanks to your website. Thank you!

Aimee, Parent, Bedfordshire


I think you run a terrific service - secure, user friendly, good interface between seekers and providers. I'm delighted the the nanny I've found through you. Thank you - would highly recommend.

Jane, Parent, Dunbartonshire


I am very grateful to I received many messages and am now full. I actually was recommended to the website through parents of the children who were in my care. Thank you very much.

Jacqueline , Registered Childminder, London


We have a found a nanny through your website. She started last Monday and we are currently very happy with her services. Thank you for all your help.

Azadeh, Parent, Surrey


Thanks! I think your site is fabulous. In this instance, it's helped us to find someone who appears to be our ideal nanny, and without having to pay expensive agency fees.

Emily, Parent, Hertfordshire


I found a lovely family through your website, yet again!! I always come to your site when I am looking for a nanny job. Thanks for being so great!

Linda, Nanny, London


Very happy with the site, and pleased with the registered childminder we have found. Thank you.

Clare, Parent, London


With thanks to your website we have found the perfect person to look after our daughter. Many thanks

Helen, Parent, Lancashire


Once we paid for gold membership and were able to contact childminders, we were able to set up appointments with several childminders and in the end there were quite a few who we really liked.

Thanks to we have found a childminder for our daughter and we would recommend your website to other parents.

Hester, Parent, London


An excellent service, easy to use and helpful, thank you.

Emily, Parent, West Yorkshire


Thank you. I found a lovely childminder for my daughter.

Camilla, Parent, London


I found the first childminder I visited on here. I trawled through so many others found elsewhere, but still came back to the first. Great website :)

Lyn, Parent, Nottinghamshire


I have found a regular babysitter thank you!

Jo, Parent, Devon


I found the site excellent and interviewed some great people. I will definitely use the site again in the future.

Diana, Parent, London


This has been a brilliant site and I found our new nanny within 2 days. Easy to use and full of professional people. Many thanks and will recommended. 5 star *****.

Paul, Parent, Manchester


Good site. Easy to use and would recommend.

Scott, Parent, South Yorkshire


Your website has been awesome! I have found a nanny job now thank you.

Amy, Nanny, Kent


I found a nanny for the summer and a registered childminder for the Autumn. Thanks - great system.

Suzy, Parent, East Sussex


I have found the site very useful and was able to find a number of local registered childminders quickly. From this list I was able to visit several and have now found a suitable childminder I am happy with.

Tom, Parent, Hertfordshire


I found the website really helpful in narrowing down my choices to the local area and I was actually contacted by a micro nursery which I would never even have known about without your website.

Having my profile online as well as looking at the care providers enabled me to narrow down my selection easily and took the headache out of it. It's really useful to see the profiles as I could get a feel for the type of childminder.

Louise, Parent, East Sussex


I was contacted by a childminder within days of registering on the site, and happily she is a perfect match for us. Thanks for your help.

Jessica, Parent, Surrey


Your service is excellent. I'm always thankful to you all, who created this website.

Vaidehi, Parent, Tyne and Wear


A very easy site to use. Extremely helpful and has allowed me to find the right childcare for my needs with no problems at all. Thank you.

Gemma, Parent, Kent


Thank you for providing detailed profiles and the ability to message childcare providers. I have found great reliable childcare through your website.

Suzanne, Parent, Lanarkshire


Very useful service and I now have a great childminder to look after my girls. Thank you.

Julian, Parent, West Midlands


We found another family to nanny share with on this website. Thanks

Niamh, Parent, London


This web site is very good. I got a nanny job through you! Thank you.

Luana, Nanny, London


Wonderful service - well done - I have found childcare via your website and will def use you again!

Vicky, Parent, London


Thank you so much. I've found the perfect registered childminder who is brilliant with my little boy. I will highly recommend and will certainly use you again if my circumstances should change. Once again a big thank you.

Karon, Parent, Norwich


Thank you very much. I am so pleased I found my dream job thanks to you guys! I shall recommend to many and I'll be back on the website when i need a new job!

Amy, Au Pair, North Yorkshire


Thank you. I found a lovely registered childminder through this site. I will recommend this site to other parents, and will use again if I need to, in the future.

Lis, Parent, London


I have found a lovely nanny through your site - thanks

Alison, Parent, Hertfordshire


I would recommend to anyone looking for childcare or looking for a job. It does just what it says on the box. I found it extremely helpful, easy to use and, obviously, I found what I was looking for - thank you.

Christine, Parent, Essex


I found a registered childminder just around the corner to me who's son is in my daughter's class. Thank you

Stephanie, Parent, Essex


I have found a great nanny job with a great family. Thank you so much for your help!

Rachel, Nanny, London


Found an amazing nanny through the website - thank you!

Louise, Parent, West Sussex


It is about two years since I became a member of and I would like to thank for all the services you provide, as I find this website 'the best' childcare website in the UK.

Kamran, Nanny, Surrey


We've found a lovely local childminder with the help of this excellent website. Thank you!

Laura, Parent, Surrey


Great site that has helped a lot in my search for childcare with less stress and hassle than other methods.

Anne-Marie, Parent, Manchester


I have recently used to find a childminder for my daughter. I found it extremely helpful and it as been very successful. I will be using it again in the future if I ever need to and will be recommending you to friends.

Samantha, Parent, Hertfordshire


I would like to say many thanks for this great website. I have found a nanny job and I'm very happy with it.

Rose, Nanny, London


Excellent service and would recommend to anyone looking for childcare. Was in contact with a number of carers within days of registering and have now finalised agreement within two weeks.

Robin, Parent, Surrey


Many thanks for the contacts received. I have found your website very helpful and have received very genuine contacts. I have used a couple of the babysitters and again have been very impressed. I would have no hesitation to recommend to other parents.

Carole, Parent, Nottinghamshire


Very impressed with your website - within hours of placing our requirements for a nanny we had innumerable viewings which I was then able to sift through and contact - we found someone qualified, local, great references and who fitted our time slots perfectly. Thank you!

John, Parent, London


We have found a lovely nanny through This is a fabulous site and I am so grateful I found it!

Elizabeth, Parent, Surrey


I found the website very useful and have been able to find a registered childminder who can provide the flexibility I need. I've recommended the site to friends who are looking for childcare. Thanks.

Elspeth, Parent, West Midlands


I viewed a childminder's profile on your website and added her to my list of favorites. She got in touch and I arranged a visit. The rest is history as they say!

Rachel, Parent, Lancashire is an amazing website, and I will use it again in the future thank you :-)

Samantha, Parent, West Midlands


I first used to look through the list of childminders in my area. I then wrote my own profile and quickly received several messages from childminders, including from the one I was hoping for. We will be signing a contract soon.

My baby isn't born yet but thanks to childcare is one thing less to worry about. Thank you!

Celine, Parent, Devon


Aabsolutely fantastic website thank you! Throughout my career and personal life I will recommend, excellent service!

Suzanne, Parent, Nottinghamshire


I have successfully found 2 little boys to look after from Your website has been brilliant and very useful thank you.

Sandy, Registered Childminder, Kent


I found an amazing childcare provider with the help of - very useful!

Sarah, Parent, Bedfordshire


This website is fab! Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect nanny job with an adorable family! I have recommended to friends who have since placed a profile on the website.

Lucy, Nanny, Essex


We successfully found and employed a nanny with the help of, thanks!

Kathleen, Parent, North Yorkshire


Thank you for this service. I was contacted by a parent and have been offered a nanny job position. Very easy to use service.

Linda, Nanny, Hertfordshire


Glad I stumbled across your website. I have found a part time Nanny! - Thank you

Rosalyn, Parent, Surrey


This is a very useful website for all working mothers who need help with childcare.

I have found a lovely nanny for my children and I am so pleased with the ease and simplicity of the website.

I would recommend to every working mum who needs assistance with their children when they are away from home.

I wish the childcare team more success in future!

Benedine, Parent, Kent


I found a nanny through your site. We're all delighted thank you:)

Debbie, Parent, Nottinghamshire


Thank you for your help. I have found a very nice childminder from your site.

Joanne, Parent, Middlesex


I found a really great childminder with your help! Thank you

Tracy, Parent, Hampshire


I found this service very useful and is a wonderful website. I would recommend this website to any of my fellow parents. Well done!

Sarah, Parent, Surrey


I have found childcare with the help of your website. Very pleased with the site service you offer. Makes it a lot easier for us busy mums.

Paula, Parent, Wiltshire


I have found a lovely nanny, who is due to start work for us in June. Many thanks for your website - I would have been lost without it.

Kerry, Parent, Middlesex


I have found the childcare I need with the help of Your site is very easy to use! Thank you.

Jon, Parent, West Sussex


I managed to find a great family with a new born baby for me to look after. I have had a lot of success with the website and find it very easy to use. Thank you!

Kym, Nanny, Norfolk


Fantastic.. I have found a child to fill my space within 24 hours of becoming a member!

Sarah, Registered Childminder, Somerset


Really useful and a wonderful networking facility. I found childcare with the help of thank you.

Jessica, Parent, Berkshire


Through we have found a nanny who we think suits our family perfectly! She is yet to start, but we feel very positive. Thank you for your help. This website provides a great service.

Madeleine, Parent, Lancashire was so effective that I found a registered childminder in less than one week!

Kate, Parent, London


I found just what I was looking for, someone who has level 2 in BSL. Thank you.

Ria, Parent, Nottinghamshire


I found a great childminder on your site!

Susie, Parent, Devon


Found a great childminder with terrific references near my home. Thank you

Anna, Parent, Surrey


Thank you for this fantastic website. I found a nanny job and will use again when I need work.

Esther, Nanny, Worcestershire


Thank you so much for a wonderful service. We have just found an amazing nanny!

Jill, Parent, Surrey


I have arranged childcare via one of your childminders listed, and am very happy with them! Thanks very much - a very helpful website!

Angela, Parent, London


Very pleased with the service that this website provided. I have found a perfect childminder and my son is very happy! Thank you

Jennifer, Parent, Essex


Found a great nanny job with the help of this wonderful site!

Claire, Nanny, Norfolk


I have found a childminder. Thank you so very much for this service, it was fantastic and I would recommend this site to any parent looking for help!

Rowan, Parent, Suffolk


I have found childcare provider via just couple of houses away in my street! Many thanks.

Anu, Parent, Hampshire


I found a part time job very quickly working with a family of three children. I was also able to secure another part time job in childcare elsewhere. Thank you.

Marie, Nanny, Warwickshire


Thank you for providing us with our fantastic nanny. We were very sceptical of searching using the net rather than recommendations, but it worked fantastically well for us. Thanks again.

Maya, Parent, Dorset


Website really easy to use. Found a suitable nanny within 3 weeks of starting. Would definitely use again in future if required.

Heather, Parent, Bristol


I have obtained a permanent job. This website is excellent. Thank you.

Patsy, Nanny, West Midlands


I found the website fantastic. I had the opportunity to interview registered childminders and visit their environments based on the advice and guidance provided.

My childminder is fab ... she's one in a million!

Anil, Parent, Berkshire


Having details of nurseries and childminders at at click of a button made it easy to search quickly and efficiently in a short period resulting in a quick result of finding childcare - thanks for a great website!

Tina, Parent, Lancashire


I have been delighted with this website as it has allowed me to get in touch with a very good childminder who can take my child to and from school. Thank you.

Lorna, Parent, Suffolk


I found childcare using and would recommend to others looking for the same service.

Kelly, Parent, Glamorgan


Thank you for this website! Very user friendly, and a great way to find a job.

Helena, Nanny, Stirling


I have found very helpful indeed and I will recommend it to any parent looking for help/support with childcare. I managed to find a suitable childminder to meet my needs within a short space of time. Thank you to the people who created this great website.

Lethu, Parent, West Yorkshire


Thank you - I have found the perfect nanny for my little boy.

Laura, Parent, Nottinghamshire


I didn't have a clue how to arrange childcare for my baby boy for when I returned to work, but I found the site, managed to search for exactly what I needed, narrowed it down to 3 childminders, contacted them all to go visit them and, even though they were all great, I found the lady who was perfect for my son.

He's been with her for a little while now, part-time, and he loves it! She sends us photographs each week of what they've been up to, and to put our minds at ease because he's clearly enjoying himself.

Massive thanks to Without the site I wouldn't have found such a great childminder for my pride and joy! :)

Tina, Parent, Cheshire


I found a lovely nanny who my children love! Happy kids means happy Mum - thank you!

Joy, Parent, London


A super website for all your childcare needs. Thank you very much!

Amanda, Parent, Wrexham


Thank you for a great service. I found a nanny within a few days of registering.

Claire, Parent, Nottinghamshire


Excellent service! We found a great nanny!

Ali, Parent, Surrey


I have filled my childcare spaces thanks to and I will definately use your site again when I have vacancies - thank you.

Pamela, Registered Childminder, West Midlands


Thanks for all the great insights and information. What a wonderful website with fantastic members. Thanks a million. I have and will continue to recommend

Denise, Parent, London


I found this website very useful. Without and without the help from other childminders I would not have found someone suitable for our needs and our daughter. Thank you.

Kate, Parent, Derbyshire


Thank you for allowing me to use your website. I was on for a month when a parent wishing to find suitable childcare contacted me. After a successful meeting I started working with the family.

Carol, Nanny, Cornwall


I have received a great response to my profile and as a result have found 2 Childminders who would be perfect for us! Now the only problem I have is deciding which one to choose!

Tracey, Parent, West Sussex


We have found a very good childminder as a result of your website. She has been working for us for 9 months and is a great asset to our family. Thank you very much.

Katherine, Parent, Angus


I found a lovely family on The website is really good and I like it a lot. Thank you.

Bernadette, Au Pair, Surrey


Thank you for your great service. A lovely family contacted me from my profile and they offered me a position on the same day.

Roma, Nanny, London


The site was very useful and I have found the perfect childminder for my child. Thank you.

Gemma, Parent, Cheshire


Thank you for your first class assistance in helping us find a nanny.

Amanda, Parent, Lanarkshire


I have found a lovely childminder for my son. Thank you!

Natalie, Parent, Norfolk


I received several nanny job offers from the childcare website and met some lovely people in the process. I'm very impressed with the site and wouldn't hesitate to recommend or use you again should the need for another job arise. Well done!

Sara, Nanny, Gloucestershire


Found this website very good. I signed up to 2 agencies to find a nanny job without success but managed to find a job on thank you.

Hayley, Nanny, London


Thank you! I have found a lovely childminder for my son via your website. Easy to use and very convenient.

Lise, Parent, Middlesex


This is an excellent website. I have used since the start of my nanny career and have just accepted two part time twins jobs to make a full week.

I'm well on my way to specialising in twins which I have past experience in also. I love the fact you have just brought out a new iPhone app.

This website has made my life so easy in picking up work. Thank you!

Heather, Nanny, Warwickshire


I found a wonderful childminder from using your website - thank you.

Blythe, Parent, London


Fantastic website! Made what seemed like an impossible task a little more bearable. Thank you.

Vicky, Parent, London


Very happy to find the perfect childcare through this site, thanks!

Clare, Parent, Hampshire


Great service. I found a fabulous babysitter on your site. It' been an excellent and helpful experience thank you!

Allyson, Parent, Durham


Once again I have found my third nanny through I have 3 girls all working on different days. Great website!

Caroline, Parent, Surrey


I have found the service you provide extremely helpful and was very pleased with the structure of the website.

Adele, Parent, London


I found your website extremely useful after months of getting no where with agencies. After creating a profile with I found a job within a week and only 10 minutes from home. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.

Natalie, Nanny, Shropshire


Thank you for helping me to find my new nanny job. This site has been very helpful and if i'm ever looking for work again I will be coming back!

Rachel, Nanny, Derbyshire


I was contacted by a family and after an interview I now have a nanny job. Thank you!

Danni, Nanny, Oxfordshire


We have employed a lovely young lady that we found on the website thank you.

Rachael, Parent, Devon


I was looking for a babysitter and now have found one I really like with the help of

Lisa, Parent, Northamptonshire


I found the website excellent and easy to use. I had people messaging me and viewing my profile. I was delighted to find a childminder that has worked out very well for me and my little one.

Helen, Parent, West Sussex


Brilliant website, lots of applicants for my vacancy. Very local and applicants of a very high standard. I got exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. Definately recommend to others!

Judi, Parent, Norfolk


We found our childminder within 4 days of joining and she has been with us for 6 months now and is about to take on more hours for us when I return to work in January - thank you.

Catherine, Parent, Somerset


I contacted a number of registered childminders, met with 3, shortlisted to 2 for my husband to visit before choosing my childminder with the help of

Shilpa, Parent, London


I found an excellent nanny through the website in 2 weeks. I am very pleased.

Sandra, Parent, London


I was contacted by an au pair on We met and we have employed her services. Thank you.

Nola, Parent, London


I have been very successful in finding a flexible childminder for my daughter. The site has been a great help to me!

Becky, Parent, Staffordshire


I found a fantastic nanny, Danielle, on - thank you

Kate, Parent, Surrey


The website was very helpful and now I am taking care of a beautiful baby girl and working for a lovely family! ;-) Thanks a lot.

Yanieska, Nanny, Surrey


I have now organised a place for my daughter with a registered childminder who contacted me after seeing my profile on I am very happy with this, thank you.

Caroline, Parent, Bristol has helped me find a wonderful registered childminder called Donna who is now looking after my son. He is really happy and enjoys the days he is with her and has settled in brilliantly. Thank you!

Zoe, Parent, Essex


I found to be incredibly useful. After joining and sending a few messages to various local parents I wondered if any would reply.

Within an hour I had heard back from a parent and found it easy to communicate quickly and effectively through the website.

The best thing about is that they send a you also email notifications about who has viewed you and when you receive a message.

It is safe and secure, informative, directs you to local job vacancies, allows you to to specify all your details requirements and upload a photo.

I was desperate for work and within a couple of weeks I managed to find work with 2 families and was able to cancel my membership and payment but keep my account active in case I needed it for the future.

I would recommend to all nannies, au pairs, babysitters and parents.

A very happy customer! Thank you!

Chloe, Nanny, London


The website was a wonderful resource for our family and helped us find someone we did not think existed.

The site was easy to use and had ample information to give us insight about prospective nannies.

It was very simple and straight forward to communicate with candidates and find out more about them prior to meeting them. Further it saved us time and money and has given us immense peace of mind. Many thanks for your fabulous website.

Heather, Parent, Surrey


Just wanted to say that a client of mine booked 2 child carers through your site for a wedding in Solihull yesterday.

I'm a professional Wedding entertainer and always stipulate that there are responsible adults present to help with toilet and feeding duties.

I was really impressed to hear about your service. Many thanks and congratulations on providing such a great website.

Matt, Wedding Entertainer, Solihull


I signed up to after friend at a baby group I attend told me that she had found her nanny through the website and was really happy with her.

Initially I was nervous about using the internet for something so important, but I had no luck with personal recommendations so I decided it couldn't hurt to contact a few of the nannies on the website and see what transpired.

I was lucky enough to meet our wonderful nanny Sarah within a few weeks and I just couldn't be happier. She is reliable, kind, enthusiastic and endlessly patient with my two 16 month old girls, who absolutely adore her. Thank you so much.

Georgina, Parent, Hertfordshire


I found your website really easy to use and a great help in finding suitable childcare. I have found a nanny, who perfectly meets my needs, and who I am confident will be a great asset to our family.

The creation of a profile, means that only people who can meet your needs reply, and it keeps down the amount of time it takes to find suitable childcare.

Would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family, and will use again if needed. Thank you.

Sarah, Parent, Edinburgh


I am a registered childminder and have found this site to be very useful. Within a week I have found work. Thank you!

Michelle, Registered Childminder, Essex


I now have a nanny who looks after my girls just the way I always wanted and this is all thanks to

Sherif, Parent, East Sussex


I am new to this site and was amazed by the ease of use to search for my specific requirements and to view the services on offer.

I searched and found a few suitable childminders that matched my requirements. To ensure prompt actions I registered as a gold member and got instant access to liaise directly with my favourite choices.

I have now had a first meeting which was successfull and will be having a second meeting to introduce my son and conclude arrangemnents.

I am extremely happy with my choice and am happy I chose to use


Evette, Parent, London


I found childcare in the Staines area with a wonderful childminder thank you.

Jennifer, Parent, Middlesex


Found a nanny on a short notice request. Found site to be effective. Thank you!

Marjorie, Parent, Norfolk


I have now found a lovely nanny through your website - thank you!

Sarah, Parent, East Sussex


It didn't take me too long to find a suitable lady for my childcare needs. Things are working out well between us and I am grateful I came across your website. Thank you!

Julie, Parent, Wiltshire


I interviewed 3 really strong candidates via and am employing one of the girls. Thanks!

Louise, Parent, London


Thank you for providing such an efficient service. I have already recommended your website to other childminders.

Marianne, Registered Childminder, Surrey


I found to be really helpful and found a registered childminder for my little girl. Ava gets on great with her childminder.

Alison, Parent, Cambridgeshire


It's a brilliant site. It got me in touch with registered childminders in the area actively seeking new clients. The site is very easy to navigate and I have recommended some colleagues at work use it to find a childminder.

I have gone with Becky's Tots and am very, very pleased with our choice of childminder! It's thanks to setting out all the right questions so it allowed myself and my partner to shortlist the right people very easily.

Debbie, Parent, Cheshire


In less than a week I have found two babysitters in my area. Thank you!

Alison, Parent, County Antrim


We just wanted to say thank you. We have found the perfect Nanny for our 3 children via the website.

Easy to use site and an excellent way to feel safe searching in the comfort of your own chair. Saved us lots of stress and worry.

Silca, Parent, Newcastle Upon Tyne


This is a very worthwhile website and I found a lovely childminder who my daughter is very happy with. She is now in Year 6 so will only need after school care for one more year.

Linda, Parent, Hertfordshire


I joined and found a very nice family who I am going to nanny for from next year. I am very excited. Thank you for your help.

Joanna, Nanny, Hertfordshire


Just wanted to let you know I have found a fab nanny using your service. I can't quite believe how quick and easy it was. It made a daunting thing simple and convenient and it only took a week from sign up to job offer. Amazing! Thank you so much!

Natalie, Parent, Somerset


With the help of I've found my best job! Many thanks.

Amika, Nanny, London


I would just like to say thank you so much for this website. I've been registered since October and have constantly been full. Just the other day I had two older children leave due to moving hause and a day after was contacted through All in all I have had over ten children, eight of which are still happily with me - thank you so much.

Kelly, Registered Childminder, Warwickshire


I am new mum approaching the end of my maternity leave. Anxious about wanting to find the right care for my son, I felt the best way to find what i was looking for was to 'advertise' with That way only those who could provide what I wanted would contact me.

My son has been going to a childminder for a few weeks now, so he is settled in prior to my return to work. I couldn't be happier with the provider he is with and was a great help in finding her!

Dani, Parent, East Riding of Yorkshire


I found some excellent childminders through and actually chose one to become my daughter's - excellent site.

Karen, Parent, Wiltshire


Your site worked really well and has helped me find a lovely family to work for! Thank you!

Freya, Nanny, Somerset


Found a terrific Nanny from the site. Thanks so much x

Teresay, Parent, Hertfordshire


Just to say that this site has been brilliant and I have found a great childminder to have my daughter while I'm at work - Thank you.

Nicole, Parent, Norfolk


I was contacted by two very lovely people whom I have decided to use. was very helpful. Thank you!

Faye, Parent, Kent


As a nanny there are not always families out there looking for a nanny through agencies as they are too expensive, so this site is brilliant, value for money and available 24/7. I have been lucky and found two lovely families that I am now working for and am very happy. I would recommend to any one, be them a family or a nanny. The customer service help is also second to none, faultless. Thank you.

Tracy, Nanny, Bedfordshire


I tried a variety of methods to find a good Nanny, I advertised in local shops, schools and papers and with various agencies. By far the best response was from the website. I now have a top class Nanny and will definitely recommend this service to my friends.

Avida, Parent, West Sussex


As a stay at home mum of 4 I was in need of some extra money. Within a few days of registering as a babysitter, I was contacted via your website and asked to look after 2 children.

I was nervous to look after someone elses children who I had never met but after looking at the parents profile it gave me a greater insight into the parent and children. I have since been requested for further babysitting. Many thanks.

Jemma, Babysitter, West Midlands


Thanks to I was able to easily find a registered childminder for my son for September. In fact I was able to choose from 2 which made a refreshing change.

The whole process was really straightforward and effortless to use. I have recommended the site to friends and would use it again should the situation arise.

Thanks for a great site.

Clare, Parent, Surrey


Your website,, worked really well. We have 2 babysitters now... :)

Jesse, Parent, Aberdeenshire


We found a nanny, even though we were originally looking for a childminder. She is absolutely lovely and MJ has bonded well with her. Thank you

Rosie, Parent, Buckinghamshire


I did find a childcare job with the help of your website. It was a lovely family and a lovely experience. I would recommend to anyone looking for a childcare job.

Sibley, Nanny, London


Just wanted to say a big thank you! I have got work coming out of my ears thanks in part to yourselves. Keep up the good work.

Claire, Registered Childminder, Leicestershire


I found a perfect nanny through your website. Thank you!

Tanya, Parent, Staffordshire


This site is fantastic! I have found the perfect job with an adorable family and all within a few weeks of registering. I can't wait to start my new job in July!

Mecia, Nanny, Surrey


Good free website and easy to use. Avoids paying a Nanny agency. Have found a nanny through your website and she has started work for me already.

Rachel, Parent, Hertfordshire


I have found really helpful in finding a job. Nannying jobs are hard to find in my area but I have had 3 different offers since in the last 9 months and have accepted the last one which I'm really pleased about, so thank you for your help :)

Sarah, Nanny, Devon


Many thanks for your service, as it did help me find a brilliant childminder.

Lisa, Parent, Hampshire


Thank you very much for helping me get in contact with my two new employers! Your website is very easy to use and most of all very effective!

Kya, Nanny, London


I would just like to say thank you for you service. I have found the perfect nannying role with a local family and can't wait to start in April.

Tammy, Nanny, Oxfordshire


Thank you for providing this great service for childcare job seekers. I have now found a perfect nanny job thanks to

Gem, Nanny, Northamptonshire


I signed up to after my (then) childminder told me that she was stopping and I had 4 weeks to find a new one. I didn't know where to start and I came across - I signed up and within 2 days had had several people look at my profile and 3 people had contacted me. To cut a short story even shorter my daughter and I met two of the three people and decided very quickly who we would be using for childcare.

I can honestly say that I have nothing but brilliant things to say about the service provide and on the very rare occasions I've had to contact their customer service team they have always been very helpful, friendly and efficient. I HIGHLY recommend and would have NO hesitation in using them again, if I needed to.

Sarah, Parent, Bristol


I got lots of contacts through your website and am happy to say that I found the right childcare provider for my son. I would certainly recommend your service to friends.

Janine, Parent, Hampshire


I have just used your website for the first time and have found a wonderful childminder for my daughter who is deaf. I have been searching for about one year for someone with just basic sign language skills. I would recommend your site to my friends with childcare issues.

Annette, Parent, West Yorkshire


Wonderful! After feeling rather petrified at the prospect of not finding a nanny to look after our children so I could take on a different contract, we came across the site and saw that our options had massively increased.

We found a wonderful nanny who is well-qualified, lives locally and who the children already adore. More importantly, we could search on the site for well-suited carers local to us and received an instant response after uploading our profile.

We found our nanny in less than a week after a dozen or so responses. After weeks of trying to use agencies at a potential cost of between £400-£1200 (Argh!) with only one response from someone totally unsuitable and 7 miles away we cannot express how grateful we are to and their easy-to-use site for less than the cost of a couple of hours babysitting. Thank you.

I'd recommend to anyone - whether searching for a nanny, childcare or a babysitter or if you're a nanny looking for a position - it is, without any doubt in my mind, the very best way to find the nanny you never felt you'd find.

Dr John Collins, Parent, London


Love your website! It was quick & easy to register & I got loads of responses to my profile. I've now found a childminder, but will definately recommend this website to my friends. Thank you.

Beth, Parent, Essex


I have found your website very useful. I had a childminder for my daughter for 5 and half years and they have now retired. Using I have found a new childminder. As a single mother who works full time, finding good child care is essential. Thank you.

Carmen, Parent, Hampshire


Your website is fantastic! With the economy being as it is I was very nervous of not getting my spaces filled but with the help of that was not a problem. Thank you for being here and for making it so easy to use.

Fiona, Registered Childminder, Lanarkshire


I came upon by chance and I thank my lucky stars I did. During the last five months I have had a total of 224 parents view my profile. From these over 40 parents either contacted me or vice versa.

This website has really helped me launch my childminding business into the fast lane! I now have four wonderful children. I have to thank for that - well with a little help from me!

Recently I thought about cancelling my membership as I received so many enquiries but I have decided not to. I shall just put a brief message saying "No vacancies at Present". You never know what life has in store and having my details on this site means I am always prepared and ready to get another kiddie to care for if I need to.

Do not delay and join today. It's the best decision I made in 2009!

Melanie, Registered Childminder, Surrey


I am a registered child-minder and just wanted to say thanks to the web site which is so great and extremely helpful. I have been looking for the right customers for the past 4 months and registered with and am so happy to say that I filled three places within a month. Thank you so much again.

Purnima, Registered Childminder, Essex


I would just like to say that I think this website is great! I filled two places within one week of registering with and I would like to thank you very much!

Kelly, Registered Childminder, Warwickshire


I am writing to say thank you! I have found the perfect nanny postion, and it's all down to Thank you again you have really helped!!

Stacey, Nanny, West Sussex


We were looking for a childminder when we came across After placing our ad we were contacted by many childminders in a very short space of time. We found a very well qualified local childminder straight away and would highly recommend the site to anyone looking for childcare.

Nina, Parent, Nottinghamshire


Since registering on I have now found the perfect nannying job and I am really happy and have just recently started the job. Thanks once again for finding me my new job I am really grateful! :)

Laura, Nanny, West Yorkshire


I found your site brilliant and found a job through it, rather than the 10 agencies I was registered with!

Claire, Nanny, Surrey


I would just like to say how impressed I am with the site. It is very easy to use, unlike most of the other websites for Childminders.

Dianne, Registered Childminder, Surrey


Found this site useful for finding the most wonderful registered childminder possible for our child. :o)

Eldi, Parent, London


This is a great website. We found a wonderful childminder for our sons!

Stephen, Parent, London


I found your website very helpful. Our family have an excellent childminder now. Thanks so much for your help!

Steffi, Parent, Doncaster


I found your website very very impressive and intend to let others know how brilliant it is.

Bernadette, Nanny, Belfast


I was desperate to find a childminder during the summer holidays for my 2 children. I found one easily with My daughter is now back at school, but my son still goes to Maureen and is really happy there.

I'm really greatful that this website existed as I didn't know where to start looking. Thanks again for everything.

Alannah, Parent, East Sussex


Your website has really helped us find a wonderful childminder for our children to go. I just wanted to say thanks, is a great website.

Claire, Parent, West Midlands


I would just like to say a BIG thank you to your website :) I've found my perfect family to nanny and start in January. I will definitely recomemnd to my childcare friends.

Becky, Nanny, Staffordshire


I joined early this summer and received lots of enquiries within weeks. I was contacted by an agency via this site, which led to me being introduced to a lovely family and hired to start working term-times from November.

This is a great site and I recommend it highly to all my childcare working friends.

Tamsin, Nanny, Hertfordshire


I just want to say a big THANK YOU as I was looking for a childminder and within a day or two of posting a message I have found my perfect childminder.

Adelle, Parent, Northamptonshire


I found a nanny through and she is starting in January next year. I thought the website was very helpful and a good way to find local people without costing the earth. Many thanks.

Ros, Parent, Somerset


I am a newly registered Childminder and wanted to take the time to thank you for this wonderful website! I had no clue where to start filling my spaces and a friend recommended trying Within 2 weeks my spaces are full and I now have the most wonderful children to care for. I am over the moon!

Thank you and I will be recomending this site to anyone who will listen!

Sarah, Registered Childminder, Cambridgeshire


I found to be a fantastic way to find employment. Putting my profile together was really straight forward. As well as finding full time employment I have also found a baby sitting position too. I would highly recommend using this service!

Helen, Nanny, North Yorkshire


Thanks everyone that has responded on here - through this great website I have found myself a wonderful nanny! Keep going the rest of you - this is proof that does work.....

Kirsty, Parent, Peterborough


I just want to let you know what a lovely and easy to use site this is. I'm a Childminder and have just filled one of my spaces through - They're a lovely family and I'm looking forward to getting to know their son :) so thanks again.

Margaret, Registered Childminder, Hampshire


I have found the most fab nanny through your website. She has accepted my job offer, we have agreed terms of employment and everything is looking good for the future. Many thanks.

Claire, Parent, Surrey


I have found a wonderful au pair so please could you cancel my listing. Once again many thanks for your wonderful service.

Ivan, Parent, Northampton


Thank you for your help. Your site has been very helpful and I'll certainly recommend you to friends in the future.

Emma, Parent, Berkshire


I was looking for a nanny job and registered with three or four agencies. They hardly ever got in touch or returned my calls. When they did they passed on ridiculous jobs that were obviously not right for me. I came across and added a free profile. Within a week I found an amazing job with the best family ever!

Becky, Nanny, Yorkshire


I'd like to say a big thank you as I've found a wonderful family to work for so no longer need my profile to be live. I won't hesitate to recommend you - thanks again.

Gemma, Nanny, Surrey


I am just writing to say THANK YOU for helping me to find proper employment at last! Many thanks for making it so easy!

Sarah, Nanny, Aylesbury


Just to say thanks. I needed an Professional childminder for my little boy at the weekend - (on some saturdays) and found the website easy to use. I have found a suitable person through the site and this has enabled me to go to work feeling content that my little one will be well taken care of.

Katie, Parent, Cornwall


I found through a Google search. I instantly loved the website as it was user friendly, bright and informative. I had no trouble putting together a profile for parents to see, and soon enough was receiving messagers from parents enquiring about the care I could offer.

Thanks very much you really helped me out.

Lisa, Nanny, Durham


As a newly registered childminder, I didn't really know where to start to look to try and fill all my spaces.

I put some cards in the windows of local shops and asked around locally which eventually filled a couple of my vacancies but then I searched on Google to see if there were any websites that might be able to help me. That's when I found

I was really impressed with how easy it was to use. Within a couple of minutes I had created my profile and within 24 hours I had my first enquiry!

I signed up to gold membership and sent messages to all the parents in my area, which was really easy. Within a week I had filled two of my vacancies and just 3 weeks later I was completely full!

Recently, I've also added myself as a babysitter and have already done one job looking after 3 children at a wedding function. I can't recommend the site enough, it's just brilliant!

Melissa, Registered Childminder, Ipswich


Thank you for such a lovely service.

I found your service and registration really efficient and easy to use. Being very busy with my own company, I loved the pro-active message alert facility as it allowed me not to have to check for new messages unnecessarily.

Laura, Parent, Glasgow

I love this website and have signed up for a year's membership. It's clear bright and user friendly. I have already found one full time nanny job as result of signing up plus I have had several babysitting jobs too.

Sarah, Nanny, London


I am a working mother of 3 and after having my 3rd child in December 08, needed to find a Nanny who could care for my 2 school age children and 3 month old baby.

I spoke to friends who had similar situations to myself, some recommended agencies but the more experienced working mums suggested using websites first, as I would be more in control of the application process and wouldn't be exposed to hefty agency fees.

I came across via an internet search engine. I found it really user friendly and easy to search for Nannies by location. I quickly set up my own profile and posted it up on the site (being quite clear on the person I was looking for) and messaged 3 potential Nannies whose profile I liked.

One Nanny in particular stood out as she also had a photo which was great! I had replies back within 48 hours from all the applicants and via the email/message facility I was quickly able to find a potential match who suited my situation.

We then messaged each other and set up a time to have a telephone conversation, then following that a meeting on neutral territory. She provided me with copies of all her certificates and up to date CRB check. As both previous meetings were successful, I then invited the Nanny to our home to meet the children and baby.

It is now 3 months on and I have to say, its by far the best thing I have ever done. Our Nanny is fantastic and I just wish I had gone down this route as apposed to the private nursery with my other 2. I am back to work full time, the baby is growing fast and all the children have excellent care.

For those of you looking to return to work but not sure which way to turn for child care, you have nothing to lose by registering with it doesn't cost you a penny and could lead to all your childcare worries being solved!

Vanessa, Parent, Middlesex


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