Writing your profile

Tips for Childcare Providers

You want your Childcare.co.uk profile to:

• Reflect you and the ways you work

• Sing your praises

• Keep you safe

• Promote yourself to parents who are looking for a childcare provider.

So how do you make sure that you present yourself in the best possible light? You should spend some time thinking carefully about what to write in your profile. You need to give details about yourself while also keeping yourself safe - remember that you do not know who is reading your profile. You will find tips for staying safe online in our Safety Centre.

Your screen name

Think carefully about your Childcare.co.uk screen name. Many childcare providers use an alias to help protect their anonymity online. However, if the alias links to another website or forum where you are talking in bad terms about a previous family for whom you have worked or if it is an inappropriate name then parents are unlikely to contact you.


You must include a photo on your profile.  Make sure it shows you positively. Brush your hair and wear smart clothes - the Halloween party you went to last night might have been wonderful, but a photo of you dressed as a vampire on your Childcare.co.uk profile might worry some parents.

It is important that your photo is of yourself only and does not contain other people or children. 

Qualifications and experience

Include details about your previous childcare related experience and qualifications. Your profile is your boasting book and most parents want to know that their future childcare provider is dedicated to their personal and professional development. Be careful to include details about your past childcare related employment without breaking confidentiality. If you have a DBS (formerly CRB) check, First Aid certificate, specialist training etc include details about these in your profile. You can now upload your documents and can choose to invite selected parents to view them.


Ask your current parents and childcare colleagues for a list of your strengths as a provider and use them as a starting point for your advert eg ‘I am honest, reliable and have good time keeping and organisational skills’. Current and past parents might be happy to provide you with a reference which you can add to your profile. Then go on to include the things you enjoy doing with the children and the types of activities you plan for them - ‘I love cooking... taking children on varied outings... helping with homework as I am a part-time tutor... I speak 3 languages...’ etc.

Wants and needs

What do you want and need from your future job? Some childminders, for example, might only have vacancies for a before and after school child; a nanny looking for a new family might need a live-in position. It is important that you are clear about your wants and needs as this will save time during the interview process. You might mention:

• Your flexibility and availability - schools from which you collect etc;

• What sort of work you are looking for... part time, full time, nanny share etc;

• A brief note about why you are looking for a new childcare position - without breaking confidentiality;

• Commitment to following a particular ethos such as Montessori;

• Preferred ages of children;

• When you are available to start working with a new family.

Proof read

Ask a friend to proof read your profile before it goes live on the Childcare.co.uk website. If you are not sure about spelling or punctuation, use a spell checker and read your profile out loud to yourself - does it sound right? Does it flow well?

Making your profile stand out

Spend time tinkering with your profile - there are thousands of people advertising for work and you want families to spot you for the right reasons. Spread your profile out, using bullet points, paragraphs etc and keep sentences relatively short.

Be honest

The truth will out in the end, so make sure your profile reflects you and the ways you work. By all means look at other profiles for inspiration when writing your own, but do not plagiarise someone else’s profile or tell lies about your qualifications and experience.

Updating your profile

Remember to log in to your Childcare.co.uk account regularly and update your information to make sure it reflects your current availability. Parents are unlikely to contact you if your status says ‘no vacancies’ or 'not currently available' because you have forgotten to update your listing!

The search results on the Childcare.co.uk website default to the order of last login so it is really important to login regularly to ensure that you stay towards the top of your local search results.

If you are about to go on holiday, remember to login to the Childcare.co.uk website and put a note on your profile saying when you are due to return. This will save parents contacting you while you are away and thinking that you are unreliable. Don’t forget to remove the message from your profile when you come back home and are ready to start advertising again!


Asking for a review from families that you have previously worked for is a great way of making your profile stand out from your competitors. Parents are more likely to trust a childcare provider who has one or more positive reviews.

Tips for Parents

Add Your Requirements

In order to help ensure you only receive enquiries from suitable childcare providers, please ensure your complete your profile to include details of your specific requirements.

You can select tags to show the type of childcare providers you are interested in such as a childminder, nanny, babysitter or nursery.

Stay Safe

Be careful about the information you choose to mention in your profile. It's not a good idea to detail your child's name or school. Don't provide any information that could personally identify you, your children or where you live.

You can read more about safety in our Safety Centre

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