Summer Students: A fifth of UK parents continue home-schooling over the holidays

5th August 2020

The summer holidays are here and after a few stressful months for everyone a break is just what we need… or is it? … read more

Study finds a third of UK childcare providers could close within a year, amongst rising costs, reduced capacity & poor Government support

28th July 2020

Since the emergence of the coronavirus in January and February, it’s been a difficult time for businesses and individuals across the UK - regardless of what sector they’re involved in. However, one thing many officials, like the Labour party, have highlighted, is how the early years sector has been neglected by the Government throughout the pandemic. They have mentioned nurseries in briefings and guidelines, but anyone who works within our industry will know that nurseries only make up a fraction of the childcare businesses and practices in the UK, and thousands of providers have been left feeling forgotten and helpless. … read more

Findings of CMA investigation into the Early Years sector published

28th July 2020

During lockdown, we reported that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) were investigating reports of businesses failing to respect cancellation rights and this included early years providers and nurseries … read more

An update from Ofsted for our members

21st July 2020

As the UK's largest childcare platform with over 2 million members, we are pleased to be able to share this exclusive update from Ofsted about registration and inspection visits … read more

Childcare Providers and Coronavirus FAQ

19th July 2020

At we are doing everything we can to help and support childcare providers during the Coronavirus pandemic. … read more

Parents, Childcare & Coronavirus FAQ

19th July 2020

At we are doing everything we can to help and support parents during the Coronavirus pandemic. … read more

The most educational kids programmes revealed

9th July 2020

TV can be our best friend, it can help keep kids occupied, calm them down, entertain them and it can educate them. However, in today’s world with more ways of watching screens than ever before, it is understandable that some parents may be concerned that their children are consuming too much television. … read more

Updated DfE Coronavirus Guidance

2nd July 2020

The DfE have updated their early years guidance. … read more

More than half of parents have seen their children’s behaviour deteriorate during lockdown

1st July 2020

With schools not opening fully until September at the earliest and the majority of pupils already having spent more than three months at home, we decided to survey members of our Facebook page to find out if their child(ren)’s behaviour had changed during lockdown. … read more

The Revised EYFS 2020

1st July 2020

The DfE have responded to their consultation on the changes to the EYFS educational programmes and early learning goals (ELGs) and have issued a new early adopter version of the EYFS. … read more

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