Give birth 9 months after Valentine's Day and get a FREE full-time nanny! Read on to find out more ....

4th February 2020

As almost everyone knows, Valentine’s Day is a very romantic time, and for many couples it offers the perfect time to get between the sheets... and we all know where that can lead! So, we’ve launched a little initiative to help couples who give birth 9 months later.. … read more

Upcoming changes to Ofsted Online

18th January 2020

You may be familiar with Ofsted Online, the system used by professionals in early years and social care to register with Ofsted, pay fees and inform Ofsted about changes to registration. … read more

Limiting social media screentime tops the list of parenting trends for 2020

6th January 2020

Every year new parenting trends arise, as well as worries for the year ahead, and these will inevitably impact parenting techniques and behaviours. … read more

The rise of ‘hangover childcare’

26th December 2019

The need for childcare naturally increases during the party season, as parents take the opportunity to let their hair down. Many parents agree that childcare and a hangover are like chalk and cheese, so it’s understandable that we’re seeing a trend for parents to not only book a babysitter for the evening of their party, but also for the day after! … read more

Free Creative Steps Magazine Winter 2019 Edition

29th November 2019

New Winter edition out now! have negotiated a deal with the publishers of Creative Steps exclusively for our gold members. Creative Steps is a unique quarterly magazine providing everyone caring for young children up to age 11 with dozens of fun, creative activity ideas, all designed to encourage learning through creative play. … read more

Introducing Babysitter Jobs - a quicker, easier and free way to find a babysitter!

20th November 2019

At we've been helping families find childcare for over 10 years and over 2 million people have used our service. … read more

Three quarters of British parents admit to spying on their kids - Would you?

7th October 2019

As if it’s not stressful enough to be a parent, throwing things like social media and new technology into the mix can often make it feel like a minefield. But would you spy on your kids? … read more

KIDS RICH LIST 2019 - Highest Earning Child Influencers Revealed

23rd September 2019

We are excited to launch the first ever Kids Rich List, revealing the highest earning child influencers around the world! … read more

Iron Man tops list of ‘super nannies’ chosen by parents

16th September 2019 have revealed the top ten ‘super nannies’ (superhero childcarers) that parents would want to look after their children. … read more

Kids reveal what they think of today’s global issues

28th August 2019

With so much happening in today's world, from climate change to Brexit, there is no doubt that our children are affected by what they read or see on the news. … read more

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