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Movement Matters poster

Movement Matters

FREE - Only 1000 places
Literacy - Steps to Reading poster

Literacy - Steps to Reading

FREE - Only 1000 places
Mathematics - Numerical Patterns poster

Mathematics - Numerical Patterns

FREE - Only 1000 places
The Natural World poster

The Natural World

FREE - Only 1000 places
Loose Parts Play poster

Loose Parts Play

FREE - Only 1000 places
School readiness 2024-5 poster

School readiness 2024-5

FREE - Only 1000 places
Teaching groups of children poster

Teaching groups of children

FREE - Only 1000 places
Curriculum and parents  poster

Curriculum and parents

FREE - Only 1000 places

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Watch previously broadcast webinars on our Webinar Player service.

Find out more about Webinars

A webinar is an online, interactive training event broadcast live over the internet.

Read our Webinar FAQ for more details on what a webinar is and how to register free!

Who are the free webinars designed for?

Our free webinars will initially be aimed at Registered Childminders but may also be useful to nannies, nursery workers and other early years professionals.

Why are you offering free webinars?

There's no catch! Childcare.co.uk believe that free help and support should be available to all registered childminders and other early years professionals and we are committed to helping as many people as possible benefit from expert training and support.

How many people can attend a webinar?

Access to our webinars is strictly limited to just 1000 participants per event, so register early to avoid disappointment.

Can I watch the webinars again after they have been broadcast?

Yes, gold members can now use our Webinar Player service to view webinars again at anytime.

Do I receive a free personalised certificate?

Yes, upon successful completion of the webinar, you can go to the My Certificates page to download your free certificate.

How can I reflect and record what I have learned from a webinar?

You may like to use our free Reflection on Learning document to record what you have learned from a webinar and any changes or improvements you are planning to make as a result of it. This is useful as evidence of your CPD and can be retained alongside your webinar participation certificate.

Professional Development Log

It is a good idea to keep a record of the continuing professional development (CPD) you do. You can use our free Professional Development Log to keep a record of all the training you undertake.