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Every month we add new downloadable activity booklets and resources for both childcare providers and parents.

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Activity Booklets

2017 Calendar [PDF]

Australia Day (26th January) (22 pages) [PDF]

National Umbrella Day (10th February) (22 pages) [PDF]

Chinese New Year (9th February) (25 pages) [PDF]

Pancake Day (9th February) (21 pages) [PDF]

Valentine's Day (14th February) (22 pages) [PDF]

St Davids Day (1st March) (22 pages) [PDF]

Mothers Day (6th March) (19 pages) [PDF]

St Patricks Day (17th March) (25 pages) [PDF]

Easter (27th March) (22 pages) [PDF]

Circus Day (16th April) (20 pages) [PDF]

Earth Day (22nd April) (21 pages) [PDF]

St. Georges Day (23rd April) (23 pages) [PDF]

Arbor Day (29th April) (27 pages) [PDF]

Save the Frog Day (30th April) (26 pages) [PDF]

No Sock Day (8th May) (20 pages) [PDF]

National Vegetarian Week (w/c 16th May) (20 pages) [PDF]

Ramadan (Starts 7th June) (19 pages) [PDF]

Fathers Day (19th June) (21 pages) [PDF]

Autumn (22 pages) [PDF]

Birds (30 pages) [PDF]

Bringing the Outside In (19 pages) [PDF]

Frozen (21 pages) [PDF]

Going to School - Transition (26 pages) [PDF]

The Gruffalo (41 pages) [PDF]

On the Farm (30 pages) [PDF]

Paddington Bear (20 pages) [PDF]

Penguins (22 pages) [PDF]

Road Safety (21 pages) [PDF]

Royal Baby (17 pages) [PDF]

Scarecrow Day (20 pages) [PDF]

Spring (25 pages) [PDF]

Summer (22 pages) [PDF]

The Tiger Who Came to Tea (33 pages) [PDF]

Trooping the Colour (22 pages) [PDF]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (45 pages) [PDF]

Winter (22 pages) [PDF]

Winter Activity Book (18 pages) [PDF]



Aeroplane Alphabet [PDF]

Aeroplane Alphabet (black & white) [PDF]

Aeroplane Writing Sheets [PDF]

Aeroplane Writing Sheets (black & white) [PDF]

Aeroplanes in Letters [PDF]

Aeroplanes in Letters (black & White [PDF]

Aeroplane Numbers [PDF]

Aeroplane Numbers (black & white) [PDF]

Aeroplanes in Numbers 0-10 [PDF]

Aeroplanes in Numbers 0-10 (black & white) [PDF]

Aeroplane Counting Game with Letter A (black & white) [PDF]

Aeroplane Counting Game with Letter A [PDF]


Ducks [PDF]


Birthday Flowers (colour) [PDF]

Birthday Flowers (black & white) [PDF]

Birthday Cupcakes (colour) [PDF]

Birthday Cupcakes (black & white [PDF]

Birthday Stars [PDF]

Birthday Trains [PDF]

Happy Birthday Balloons [PDF]

Happy Birthday Bunting [PDF]


Colours [PDF]

Colours Pencils Flash Cards [PDF]

Colours Pencils Flash Cards (black & white) [PDF]

Pencils Colour Post [PDF]

Days of the Week

Days of the Week Pencils [PDF]

Earth Day

Earth Day Writing Worksheet [PDF]

Earth Day Writing Sheets [PDF]

Holidays & Festivals

New Year Bunting (9 pages including planning notes) [PDF]


French Colours [PDF]

Colour Pencils in French [PDF]

Colour Pencils in French (black & white) [PDF]


Colour Pencils in German [PDF]

Colour Pencils in German (black & white) [PDF]

Letters and Writing

The Letter 'A' [PDF]

The Letter 'B' [PDF]

The Letter 'C' [PDF]

The Letter 'D' [PDF]

The Letter 'E' [PDF]

Snowman Alphabet [PDF]

Snowman Alphabet Writing [PDF]

Alphabet Pencils Lowercase [PDF]

Alphabet Pencils Lowercase (black & white) [PDF]

Alphabet Pencils Uppercase [PDF]

Alphabet Pencils Uppercase (black & white) [PDF]

Pencil Writing Sheets [PDF]

Pencil Writing Sheets (black & white) [PDF]


Number Sequencing 1 [PDF]

Number Sequencing 2 [PDF]

Number Sequencing 3 [PDF]

Number Sequencing 4 [PDF]

Number Sequencing 5 [PDF]

Number Sequencing 6 [PDF]

Positions 1 [PDF]

Shapes 1 [PDF]


Minibeasts - Ants [PDF]

Minibeasts - Bees [PDF]

Minibeasts - Ladybirds [PDF]

Minibeasts - Slugs [PDF]

Minibeasts - Snails [PDF]

Minibeasts - Spiders [PDF]

Minibeasts - Worms [PDF]

Months of the Year

Months of the Year Pencils [PDF]

Months of the Year Pencils (black & white) [PDF]

January [PDF]

February [PDF]

March [PDF]

October [PDF]

November [PDF]

December [PDF]

Numbers and Counting

Numbers [PDF]

Number Lines [PDF]

Number Cards [PDF]

Number Writing Cards [PDF]

Number Squares [PDF]

Penguin Number Cards (colour) [PDF]

Penguin Number Cards (black & white) [PDF]

Snowman Numbers (colour) [PDF]

Snowman Numbers (black & white) [PDF]

Snowman Counting Game [PDF];

Number Pencils 0-20 [PDF]

Number Pencils 0-20 (black & white) [PDF]


Colour Pencils Polish [PDF]

Colour Pencils Polish (black & white) [PDF]


Reading Stories & Poems 1 [PDF]


Spring Bunting [PDF]

Spring Writing Sheets [PDF]

Spring Writing Sheets (black & white) [PDF]

St. Davids Day

St. Davids Day Counting 0-5 [PDF]

St. Davids Day Bunting [PDF]

St. Davids Day Number Cards [PDF]

St. Georges Day

St. Georges Day Numbers 0-20 [PDF]

St. Georges Day Numbers 0-20 (black & white) [PDF]

St. Georges Day Alphabet Lowercase [PDF]

St. Georges Day Alphabet Lowercase (black & white) [PDF]

St. Georges Day Alphabet Uppercase [PDF]

St. Georges Day Alphabet Uppercase (black & white) [PDF]

St. Georges Day Writing Sheets [PDF]

St. Georges Day Writing Sheets (black & white) [PDF]

St. Patricks Day

St. Patricks Day Alphabet [PDF]

St. Patricks Day Writing [PDF]

St. Patricks Day Numbers [PDF]

St. Patricks Day Counting 1-5 [PDF]

St. Patricks Day Counting 6-10 [PDF]

St. Patricks Day Flash Cards (black and white) [PDF]

St. Patricks Day Flash Cards (colour) [PDF]

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Activites [PDF]

Valentine's Alphabet Writing [PDF]

Valentine's Matching [PDF]

Valentine's Day Banner [PDF]

Valentine's Day Alphabet [PDF]

Valentine's Writing Hearts [PDF]

Valentine's Counting 1 to 5 [PDF]

Valentine's Counting 6 to 10 [PDF]

Valentine's Flash Cards (black & white) [PDF]

Valentine's Flash Cards (colour) [PDF]

Valentine's Day Numbers [PDF]


Weather [PDF]


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