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5 stars Reviewed

Home from home!

My son has been with Meriem since he was 11 months old (he is now 4) and I cannot recommend her enough. She is loving, kind and patient and her house has become a second home for him. Meriem has always been so flexible around my working arrangements such as if the trains have been cancelled and I’ve been late back from work and she never complains about it. She is very nurturing and that is exactly what my son needed and he has benefitted so much by being with her. She also does lots of fun activities with the children and has a great selection of toys and games for them to play with and a lovely outside space. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

by Avatar for KBennett KBennett


1 stars Reviewed

Very dissapointing

what a disspointing experience, had great expectations with her, but she never showed up and never gave any explanation. So disappointing...............

by Avatar for Luna dre Luna dre


5 stars Reviewed

Simply exceptional!

I had met several nannies and childminders over the years, but none was like Antoinette. I met her online during the lockdown. She had daily virtual sessions over Skype with my daughter (4 years old) throughout the lockdown. She has been very persistent and patient with her especially given that my daughter was not used to teaching online and she had never met Antoin in person. She managed to engage her with a range of interesting, fun and educational learning activities. We would really love to have her again :) highly reccommended!

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5 stars Reviewed

fantastic child minder

i can highly recommend sarah she is fantastic value for money, the premises are incredibly clean and welcoming.
my daughter had issues with strangers but she settled in very quickly and is very happy to see sarah every day. Sarah has a very lovely personality and is very loving and bubbly and i felt at ease within 5 minutes of meeting her.
if you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, dedicated childminder sarah goes above and beyond to make life easier she has amazing flexibility.

by Avatar for Caroline Caroline


5 stars Reviewed

Wonderfully caring & safe setting

My children have now been in Dawns care for nearly three years and we’re set to stay!
Having two children who couldn’t be more different - one prefers outdoors adventure and the other quieter play - they both instantly settled at Dawns and we have never looked back. Dawn provides a nurturing, caring home that is always full of fun and laughter.
Sorry to mimic other reviews but it really is home from home and I imagine in my children’s eyes probably the better home!

by Avatar for JoSteve JoSteve

London Borough of Havering

5 stars Reviewed

Dawn has been a Godsend to our family !!

Having been a childminder myself for over 14 years I was looking for the perfect match for my children when I returned to a job where I would need before and after school help and also the odd days in the holidays !
Well Dawn has done all this and more, she has cared for my boys like I would and given them such a great experience with learning,
From Pick up and drop off of my youngest to helping the transition of one of my elder ones with secondary who has Autism.
I have used Dawn for over 4 years now and sometimes even when I least expect it she still surprises my boys with fun days out and she’s always equipped for any eventuality.
I seriously don’t think I could do the job I do if I didn’t have her in our life’s
100% recommend Dawn as you get that real professional relationship alongside your children getting the caring and nurturing side Of a home from home environment.

by Avatar for Frichmo Frichmo


5 stars Reviewed

Gentle, loving and patient childminder

Theresa cared for our youngest for three years, and I mean just that. Her kindness, patience and all round understanding of child development knows no bounds and our son thrived under her care. The space that she has for children is so thought out, providing children with age appropriate, stimulating yet fun activities. She taught my son so many key skills which have given him such a good grounding for starting school. We are so grateful that Theresa was a part of my son's life (and ours) for those three years and we miss her dearly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Thank you so, so much Theresa for everything you have done for our family xxx

by Avatar for Nina Nina


5 stars Reviewed

Excellent Nanny

Madelyn worked with us as nanny for 4 years. She always demonstrated amazing capabilities as a guardian to our Child. She is very responsible and performs her tasks really well. Madelyn is very reliable and effectively managed appointments as well as extra-curricular activities for our child in Junior school. One of her qualities that I admired is her ability to effectively juggle multiple tasks at once. She is reliable , punctual and it is so assuring to have a nanny such as Madelyn. I am confident that choosing Madelyn for your childcare needs will provide you the much needed assurance . The demands may be different in your household, but I assure you that Madelyn is more than ready for any challenge and just has a way with children that works. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like me to elaborate on anything I've written for her or if you have any specific questions about Madelyn, I would be happy to discuss Madelyn's excellent work at length.

by Avatar for KIRUBA KIRUBA

5 stars Reviewed

Amazing night nanny

Leah was with our family for 6 months and she was brilliant. We first hired her as a night nanny and then subsequently as a day nanny for our second child. She helped establish a routine very quickly and he was sleeping through the night by 5 months. She also helped us wean him which was of great help and our son loves food! Leah is professional, caring and brings a wealth of knowledge! Thank you Leah!

by Avatar for pvg86 pvg86

London Borough of Havering

5 stars Reviewed

Excellent service

Dawn is very reliable and accommodating. Having my son mostly dropping him and collecting from nursery nothing is too much trouble and the children were always busy as he always came home with a piece of craft work he had done that day full of exciting stories, Dawn has even helped out on occasion on inset days having my daughter too. Always there in an emergency and it’s only that we have moved out of the area that unfortunately we are unable to continue this great service she provides. Thanks for everything, she won’t let you down! Xx

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1 stars Reviewed

Unreliable person

She never showed up, she contacted me and apologised for twice of the times she didn't come, but as for 3rd time, she never bothered showing up again, she didn't bother to inform me for not showing up. She keeps lying, please don't trust her, she doesn't want a job, she will waste your time.

by Avatar for Ibtisam Ibtisam


5 stars Reviewed

Caring and loving childminder

Faicka has looked after my daughter (now 5 yrs old) since she was 1 yrs old. From day one my daughter has been happy with her and they get on very well. Faicka is very flexible which is very handy for working parents. She is very attentive to the childrens emotional well being and her home environment is very welcoming and offers a good safe environment for young children to play and learn. I would highly recommend Faicka to anyone looking for a caring and attentive childminder.

by Avatar for Julie Julie


5 stars Reviewed

Wonderful nanny

We loved Lucia and we had her look after our premature baby from when he was 7 months until lockdown in March this year. She was a gem and we couldn’t do without her. She took over in the mornings when I was sleep deprived from overnight feeds. Our baby liked her from the first meeting. Despite her vast experience, she would never tell you that she knows better, Lucia respects how you want to bring up your child and would follow any instructions you left without fail. Our baby had special needs at the time as he needed oxygen support, and Lucia had excellent hygiene standards and washed and sanitised her hands frequently, to ensure that he was of no risk to any infection. She was thoughtful and caring and even made me breakfast some mornings! If it wasn’t for the pandemic, we would not have let her go!

by Avatar for skunky skunky

London Borough of Camden

5 stars Reviewed

Amazing childminder.

Ana cared for my daughter from the age of 9 months until she was three years old and we moved away from the area. I can honestly say that I was distraught at leaving such an amazing childminder who felt like part of our family. Ana is the most trustworthy, loving and caring person and my daughter absolutely flourished under her care, both socially and academically. Her setting is a home away from home and always spotless. My daughter was always happy to go to Ana's and still talks about her now (she is almost 6!). She learned so much from her setting and the nurture provided by Ana. She gave my daughter the love and care, within the boundaries of a childcare setting, that enabled her to grow, learn and develop her independence as well as enabled me to work without feeling any guilt as I knew she was in great hands. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

by Avatar for SP23 SP23

London Borough of Sutton

5 stars Reviewed

Brilliant childminder

Symone is a fantastic childminder I was especially fortunate to have her look after my boys at short notice.

She was accommodating and planned an excellent range of activities from a nature walk to baking flapjacks which engaged both my boys. They came home happy eager to tell me about the activities completed and how they spent their day.
They loved talking about her two children. I really appreciated the updates she sent about my boys at lunchtime.

I would throughly recommend Symone and would not hesitate to use her again.

by Avatar for asifa5 asifa5

Lynn Crean

5 stars Reviewed

Highly Recommended *****

Our eldest child attended Lynn’s setting for 2 years, only leaving to move on to pre-school. When our daughter arrived there was only one place I wanted her to go when I had to go back to work. Our daughter has thrived with Lynn. She has opportunities to explore and develop with the activities Lynn plans. Lynn is such a caring, compassionate and understanding lady and embraces her minded children into her family.

by Avatar for Kate Kate


5 stars Reviewed

Excelent Childminder

While I lived in Cambridge, back in 2013, I got to know Jaciara and she looked after my oldest daughter, who at that time was 2 years old during a whole full year until I got my second daughter and went back to stay at home. Jaciara is a warm hearted person with a natural and kind approach towards children, my daughter felt immediately secure and was always happy there. She was always very attentive and stimulated her motor and intellectual development with a diverse of activities (parks, play groups, arts, music and so on). She cooked healthy and was flexible to adapt her routine with the needs of my daughter (for example, regarding midday nap). The interaction as a parent with Jaciara was always very friendly, respectful and helpful. I not only highly recommend her as a childminder for any parent, she also turn to be a very dear friend afterwards.

by Avatar for Lara Lara

5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic childminder - A home from home

Layla and her team have been absolutely brilliant from day one. I was a bit unsure about using a childminder as had always favoured nursery with my other son but thanks to the set up of Layla and her team I feel the children still get the social element of nursery but with complete flexibility and more attention.

It feels so homely and my boys are both extremely happy to go there and I always feel confident that they'll be well looked after.

I find Layla so easy to deal with, she's been very accomodating with me having to switch things around with changes to my working pattern lately, and she's just a lovely person!

I've told lots of friends about what a good setup it is and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who asked.

by Avatar for Lucy W Lucy W


5 stars Reviewed

Great Childminder

I am very happy with the help I received from Yulia. She is trustworthy, reliable, always polite and something I particularly value, she always replies to your messages without letting you wonder if everything is alright or not.
Her setup is amazing and my DD didn't want to leave to go home with me, she made me promise I will take her to Yulia again.
As a single mother with no family in England I feel relief knowing I can count on someone like Yulia to help me with my daughter.

by Avatar for Micaela Micaela

5 stars Reviewed

Love Leah, best maternity nurse I could ask for

I had my first bubba in 2017 and then my second in 2019. I used Leah for both for around 4-5 months each and she was invaluable. She would come every evening to me and she was my rock. She gave me confidence and guided me the whole way with no judgement or constant advice, just suggestions and ideas and was completely supportive of I chose my own way. She was punctual, reliable and we are still in touch to this day! In fact, it was her family that christened both my children. I adore Leah and her entire family, anyone is lucky to experience working with Leah.

by Avatar for MilesEm MilesEm

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