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1 stars Reviewed

let down at the last minute

I booked this child minder with one week to go for a funeral. when the time came we arrived at the time and day of the funeral. when we got there nobody answer the door and had to phone a few times and got though to explain we are here and she was out and said come back later I said yes but didn't go back in the end as I couldn't trust her plus it was a very emotional day which I just did not need would not recommend.

by Avatar for sarah sarah


5 stars Reviewed

Ro was perfect for our 9month old boy

For the time we used Ro we were really happy with the standard of care our boy was always happy to be left with her and he made friends at Ro’s house and the groups he went to with her.
Unfortunately due to Covid 19 lockdown our little fella wasn’t able to continue.
We hope when things become clear with our work he will be able to go back to having fun at Ro’s.
Highly recommend 👍

by Avatar for Nicola Nicola

Anita Bo

5 stars Reviewed


Anita is a life saver she help me out when I was let down by another child minder at the last minute. Anita is very passionate about child care and the happiness of your little boy had a excellent time with Anita. would highly recommended.

by Avatar for sarah sarah

Haley Mc

5 stars Reviewed

Excellent childminder!!

Haley has been nothing but fantastic with both my children. My son didn’t want to go to school and would of stayed with her forever if her could. My daughter feels right at home in her company and has come on leaps and bounds since being with Haley. Such a friendly, yet professional childminding service. She always goes out of her way for anyone. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

by Avatar for Ab1w5n Ab1w5n

London Borough of Bexley

5 stars Reviewed

Amazing and caring nanny, would recommend!

Emily is great! The kids absolutely love her and we have total trust in her ability to look after them. She is really engaging, and can keep them occupied for hours! Although we don’t need a nanny full time, Emily has helped us out a number of times during the day and evening.
We couldn’t recommend her more!

by Avatar for Jackie Jackie

5 stars Reviewed


Excellent and hard working staff who are always incouraging the children to work hard and try there best. Excellent service when dropping of and picking up . I’m so happy my child has made good relationships with staff and children.

by Avatar for MarinaE MarinaE

New Milton

5 stars Reviewed

Outstanding childminder

Gina and her family are highly recommeded. The love and dedication they gave to my daughter was outstanding. Gina is highly organised and always puts the children first. She will try and help you whenever needed. I have always been concerned leaving my children with anyone but I totally trust my children with her.

by Avatar for Vicky Vicky


5 stars Reviewed

Anita is AMAZING!!

Anita is everything she mentions in her profile - loving, nurturing and very very good with children.

I have two boys (Ages 4 & 2) who require high levels of attention. Anita was able to instantly bond with them, while keeping them engaged to the point that they do not want to go to Summer Camps / School as they want to spend more time with Anita.

Anita is very proactive and finds new ways to keep the children entertained while helping them learn at the same time.

Anita has been a great part of the family and I thank her for all the support she has provided us in the past and going forward.

Thanks again Anita for everything you have been doing.

Much appreciated.

by Avatar for Nik Nik


5 stars Reviewed

Amazing experience with Karen

My daughter has be with Karen since she was about 10 months old and has loved it since the beginning. She runs in to Karen's every day excited to see her and her friends. Karen provides and excellent setting for the children, warm and homely where they can learn and play and excel. Communicating with Karen is nice and easy and she goes out of her way to help in any way she can with anything you need help with. I have loved sending my daughter to Karen and even though I am moving further away from Karen I will still be using her for childcare as my overall experience with her has been excellent.

by Avatar for Morgan94 Morgan94


5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic childminder

Lucy is great! She gave my son really fantastic care in a loving family environment. He is happy with her and really enjoys going. Lucy is friendly, professional and approachable and I would definitely recommend her to anyone. And most of all my son loves her food .

by Avatar for Grace Grace


5 stars Reviewed

Great care from very young to school age!

My first and now second have been going to Jenny's from a year old, when I felt that nursery would be too overwhelming for them and a home environment would suit them best. Jenny has supported them at each stage and really took their routines and sensitivities into account. They have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, but also set the pace themselves. I have felt they flourished with mixed age groups both when younger and being encouraged by older pre-school children, and when older themselves and learning to help (or at least tolerate!) younger ones. Jenny has been very flexible with arrangements and I can see how not only my two, but other children too, thrive up to school age with her. Very happy!

by Avatar for Hannah C Hannah C

5 stars Reviewed

Mary Poppins - Practically Perfect in Every Way

My son has been with Liz for four happy years, since just after his first birthday and I can only say she is all I could ever wish for in a childminder. To return to work after maternity leave and hand over his care to someone was a nerve-wracking experience but Liz helped ease those nerves with regular updates and photos throughout the day to put my mind at rest.
Over the years, she has become part of the family, and my son is now part of hers. My son loves her and loves spending time with all his friends he has made while attending various groups with Liz
He loves everything about his days at Liz's, from outdoor adventures to arts and crafts and baking, that he never wants to leave at the end of the day.
I would highly recommend Liz as a childminder and have done many times to friends over the years.

by Avatar for VickyMcC VickyMcC

5 stars Reviewed

Professional and approachable

Well I had last minute need for my daughter and Tracey responded quickly despite being a bank holiday. I was so grateful. My daughter at first was nervous meeting Tracey for the 1st time but as the day went on keeping tabs I could hear her voice filled with joy playing in the background. Tracey kept me informed on how she was settling in. She provided meals for the day and willing to go the extra mile and asked for my daughter's favourite meal to ensure she eats something being she can be a fussy eater. My daughter enjoyed her day and the next day when I dropped her off she was happy to say bye bye at the door. The house is clean and well organised.

by Avatar for PaulineS PaulineS

Stoke on trent

5 stars Reviewed

Super helpful

Krisha was amazing when looking after my daughter, she was conscientious and fun, my daughter raved about her time being looked after by her. Krisha was super helpful and was able to help out at last minute notice after I was stuck in severe traffic. I would not hesitate to rate Krisha 10/10!!

by Avatar for Sabrina Sabrina

City of Westminster

5 stars Reviewed

Warm, stimulating, thoughtful childcare

Andrea has looked after our son since he was one and consistently provided outstanding support. She deeply understands the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and keeps up to date with thinking about how to progress children across all the dimensions of the framework. But more importantly, she offers a warm, safe, engaging, fun environment. Communication with us has been strong, using different secure platforms. As our son approaches going to nursery, I feel he is really well prepared and has had a lovely few years in her care.

by Avatar for Charlott Charlott


5 stars Reviewed

Excellent childcare provider

I have been using Playhub's services for about one year now from when they had a home setting to now that they have upgraded to a larger offering. They have been a major participant in helping me to get my son settled as he started in primary education. They made both myself and my son feel so welcomed and comfortable that I only needed to do a 30 minute familiarity period. Then he was off and the anxiety and worry about him being ok disappeared. The playhub employees are very professional and keep me well informed about my son's daily activities. They respect and mirror my expectations of behaviour for my child. I would strongly recommend their services to any parent who needs a reliable, flexible and safe environment for your kids.

by Avatar for Angelena Angelena


5 stars Reviewed

Well manner

Unfortunately, I could not get any place as she is fully booked. But she responded to my messages kindly, with patience. This is why I feel even more sorry as I could not get a place. I wish all the best for her.

by Avatar for Samar Samar


5 stars Reviewed

5☆ childminder and setting

Nicole is a fantastic practitioner and her lovely home is a perfect learning environment for all children. She is clearly very knowledgeable when it comes to child development and worked with me in developing my child's speech, number/colour recognition, physical development and social skills. Nicole and her family cared for my daughter as if she was part of their family, which to any mother leaving their first child is the ideal situation. The combination of love, creativity, discovery, positivity, knowledge and a safe, engaging learning environment makes Nicole's Chilminding Club second to none. Thank you for all you have done for my girl and us as a family.

by Avatar for Heather Heather


5 stars Reviewed

Highly recommend!!

Claire has looked after our 6 month baby a couple of times since we decided to move to the area. We felt at ease and our baby loves her. Claire has had him over night and all day which has been a blessing for us to have our time and to catch up on the much needed house work. When Claire doesn’t have our baby, she has done the ironing and washing in her home and delivered it back to us the next day. Claire also takes our dog out with her and is an incredible part of our family. I would thoroughly recommend Claire.

by Avatar for Meghan Meghan


5 stars Reviewed

Very helpful

Nice and friendly lady.. her childcare space was not available for me but she Still left me with choices of reaching out if I needed urgent help with childcare.Thanks

by Avatar for husnah husnah

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