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Liz - Bournemouth

My little girl started with Liz shortly after she had turned one and still goes to her over 2 years later, along with my youngest son who is 18months old and my 5 year old during the holidays.
All three of my children adore going to hers, in fact my little girl would probably rather spend a day with Liz than at home!
They settled in so quickly and easily when they started due to the relaxed, homely, warm environment they were welcomed into, along with the understanding Liz has of each of their different personalities and traits.
She’s offered up support and advice through tricky phases, been flexible and supportive through family and work changes, and above all shows so much love for every child she looks after, my children literally run through her front door, I’m so pleased we found her!

by Avatar for EMW EMW
MuckyTot - Orpington

I first met Phoebe while working in a nursery setting together in 2015 since then I have witnessed Phoebe working with children of all ages to the highest quality. She treats children as if they were her own with love, care and attention all while still teaching them right from wrong and teaching them how to get messy and have a great time! Since working together in 2015 I have gone on to have 2 of my own children who are now 4 and 1 and they absolutely adore Phoebe so much! They run into her arms as soon as they see her and spend the whole day just wanting to be near her. All children in Phoebe's care love and respect her and they also learn so much. If I ever have a mothering query Phoebe with her expert knowledge is the first person I go to! I'm gutted Phoebe and I do not live close enough for her to be my children's main childcare carer when I return to work in September!

Cuddly Care - London Borough Of Bexley

My childcare situation bit unique, I only needed a couple hours of care each week after my daughter’s school club ended, most childminders wouldn't take such a short booking, but Nabila was more than happy to do so!
As a single mother with limited friends/family around, Nabila was truly a lifesaver! Her understanding of my situation also meant she was more than happy to offer any AdHoc care.
I recently wanted a night out with friends so my daughter stayed in her care overnight, I was updated throughout, which really put my mind at ease! Considering it was the FIRST time my daughter had ever stayed overnight away from me or my parents, my little girl loved her night in Nabila’s care and has been asking to go back for another sleepover ever since!

I would 1000% recommend Cuddly Care services for your child, it is reliable, affordable, my daughter always felt at ease and comfortable which meant, I was also comfortable! 5* service!

Cute1s _ Naghma - Hounslow

When my younger daughter was only two years old, she learnt how to color in a coloring book because her hand-eye coordination developed very well. Now, she has started to write, and her intellectual development has improved significantly. She enjoys writing and reading books because she was used to reading storey-books at Naghma's place. Every day, my younger daughter brings her reading book to me and asks me to read it to her. I was really impressed that at the age of two, she had a fondness for reading books. She can’t read yet, but she pretends to by turning the pages and whispering little words as if she is a professional reader ,I just love her acting ❤️and thanks to Naghma Aunty, she has developed a lifelong skill to my daughter.Naghma is more than just a child minder to me.

She celebrates every cultural festival, like Diwali, Christmas, Eid, and Halloween. Every child receives a gift according to the cultural festival, and they engage in creative activities related to each celebration.

Adele - Leeds

Feedback for Adele
Arnold is my son 9 years old severely autistic
He’s got good days and bad days
Since day 1 Adele made him feel secure her kindness and love for children broke the ice between them
The beginning wasn’t easy and simple but Adele took understanding care and professionalism so by now after few weeks Arnold and Adele got a special bond
Her house is absolutely beautiful spotless highly organised which shows how much she cares for surroundings
She is a wonderful person and helps me out in great deal and I can only say she is more than recommended to anyone in any kind of special needs for children
Dina Kiraly

by Avatar for Dina Dina
Shellita - Nottingham

Hello Shellit,
Thank you for your unwavering care and love towards my son, you make him feel safe and happy. Knowing that my child is in a safe and secure environment allows me to focus on other aspects of my life. And also for accepting him on a short notice, we really appreciate your dedication. I can tell my son was well cared for. Thanks once again for being excellent at the care you deliver. Loads of love.

by Avatar for Gbemi Gbemi
Danielle - High Wycombe

My son loves to go for nursery, he would like to go in weekend too, I’m so happy because I know that my son loves this place, he is 3 years old . I definitely recommend.

Pat Hyam - Ipswich

Pat took my daughter on when she was around 11 months old, it was abit of rushed job due to being let down previously by someone else. Gracie took to pat so quickly and settled in really well, shes now ready for school and its all thanks to Pat. During gracies time here pat has taught her the basics of being a kid, lots of mud and days out but she has also taught her the importance of patience and being nice to one another. I would recommend Pat to anyone, she has been a big part of helping my daughter become who she is. Thank you Pat

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Bianca - Wanstead

The best Childminder in the area! Honestly, so impressed with everything Bianca does, from the excellent communication updating me on how my daughter is doing, to the activities she does with the children! My daughter loves being with Bianca and I cannot thank her enough for all she does!

The resources give the environment a true home from home feel and are very interactive for all ages. Bianca really goes above and beyond regularly taking my daughter on trips around the local area including to the park & to the local nature reserve.

Thank you Bianca for helping my daughter grow and learn! Couldn’t recommend you more!

Katie - Northwood

Our son started going to Katie’s since he was 18th months old, he’s always enjoyed spending time outside in the garden, playing with different toys such as figurines and also Montessori blocks, shapes and other, going for walks and attending play group, he’d always go in with a smile and lots of enthusiasm. Katie always prepares various interesting activities and sensory boards and etc, our son had learnt all the baby songs! We are so grateful to Katie, she’s been always caring, supportive and attentive to him. Katie encourages good manners and polite behaviour, our son’s learnt to kindly share his favourite toys! There’s always been a great communication. Katie is the best childminder there is, we are very thankful!

by Avatar for Margo Margo
Mrs Shah - Plaistow

Mrs Shah is not less than a blessing for me. I am a first time Mom so I was a bit reluctant in choosing a childminder but after 1.5 year of experience with this lady i can say that I made best decision to choose her. My son loves her as he gets to do different play activities in her home. He had some problem of speech delay before. We recognised it and she guided me to work together to help him say clear sentences. Now my son speaks fluently. I have seen alot of improvement in my son's speech and general behaviour. I feel stress free when i drop my son to her home because i know and i have seen that she does her job very sincerely. She is a kind, loving, caring and generous lady. i am very happy to found her for my son.

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Kelly F - Billericay

Kelly did a wonderful job of looking after our son for an evening recently. My partner and I had not been out together properly for months and we were quite nervous to leave our son behind, but Kelly was excellent and put us both at ease. Our son settled with Kelly quickly and she got him down to bed with minimal fuss. We will definitely contact Kelly the next time we are planning a night out.

by Avatar for Karl Karl
Sam - Glasgow

I am absolutely delighted to write this review for Sam as she exceeds all expectations. From the moment we met, Sam was warm, welcoming, and incredibly professional. She creates a safe, nurturing environment filled with educational toys, resources, and creative activities that engaged my child and has helped his development. She has thoughtfully created a space where children can thrive. Sam has an exceptional ability to connect with children. My son absolutely adores her and looks forward to spending time with her. She is patient, kind, and has a wonderful sense of humour that puts children at ease. Her approach to childcare is very knowledgeable, experienced, structured and flexible, ensuring that every child’s individual needs are met, in a calm, positive, kind and encouraging manner. Communication with Sam has always been seamless and she gives me peace of mind knowing that my child is in good hands. She is also very accommodating with schedules and always goes the extra mile to help out when needed. She is dedicated to fostering a learning environment and helping kids with learning in a fun way.

Overall, Sam is an exceptional childminder who is passionate about what she does. Her dedication, warmth, and professionalism make her an invaluable part of our lives. I highly recommend Sam to any parent seeking a reliable, loving, and skilled caregiver for their child and I am grateful to have found her on this app.

Dawn - Northfield

My little boy has been well looked after by Dawn and Kate for the past year. He has been going everyday and has loved going to play group and playing with the other children. I am only leaving them as we have moved out of area if i could pick them up and bring with me i would thank you again ladies for looking after my little boy xx

by Avatar for kelly kelly
Ladybird - Suton

My son has been with Jean and the team for more than 2 years, starting when he was only 2 years old. Everyone made him feel welcome, and help to settled well. Jean and team always keep children entertain with creative activities both inside and in the garden. I love the fact that they're always celebrating special days to rise awareness or teach children about different cultures / history.

Communication at Ladybird is always very clear. Jean and team always discuss the child behaviour and if needed always check with parents about the actions needed, so the child is supported in the same way as at home.
There is also daily report send every evening to highlight the food that child ate during the day, and gives opportunity to find out what was happening during the day.

Overall, I really recommend Ladybird services to everyone! Lovely ladies caring about children and making their days fun! My son is starting reception now, and we will be missing Jean and her team a lot!!

Belen - Sutton

We have been incredibly fortunate to have found Belen to look after our 4-year-old son for the past 6 months. From the very beginning, she has been nothing short of amazing.

One of the things that really stands out about her is her punctuality - she is always on time, if not early, which gives us great peace of mind knowing that our son is in good hands. She also communicates well with us, regularly updating us on how our son is doing throughout the day.

We have been pleasantly surprised by her proactive approach to keeping our son busy and entertained. She creates creative activities and projects for him to do, ensuring that he is constantly engaged and learning new things.

Our son has some sensory issues, and Belen has been very understanding and consistent in helping him with his daily exercises and taking him to his weekly occupational therapy sessions. She goes above and beyond to ensure he gets the support he needs.

Our son absolutely adores her, and we can see how much she genuinely cares for him. We feel so grateful to have her in our lives and would highly recommend her to any family looking for a caring, responsible, and proactive nanny. Thank you for all that you do!

Liz - Bournemouth

Liz has looked after both of our children for nearly 15 years, from when they were 5 months old to leaving Primary school. Liz has treated them like part of her family, with kindness, understanding and respect. She has helped us navigate all those tricky parts of parenting, giving advice and support but always being respectful of our wishes. Both children enjoyed going to her before and after school and loved having dinner with everyone around the table, it is one of their many favourite memories of being there. I cannot recommend Liz highly enough as our children have had stability and routine, enabling us to work as parents and never had to worry about their safety and happiness.

by Avatar for Sarah Sarah
Irina - London Borough of Camden

Highly recommend her! She was a tremendous help in the mornings, taking care of our baby lovingly and assisting with household tasks.

by Avatar for Fouad Fouad
Monika - Swindon

My son has been with Monika for 10 months in that time he has developed immensely , she has helped him grow and learn. He’s Nearly 3 and can say all his days of the week and put on his own shoes and I couldn’t be more proud. She is a great childminder and we will miss her.

Cute1s _ Naghma - Hounslow

My experience with this provider has been nothing but exceptional.

I started to send my daughter here from the age of 2 it being so close by that I thought why not save the travel. I can tell you I have not been disappointed once. My daughter was a fussy eater couldn’t talk very well because she was a Covid baby so she had delays in her development. I was at my wits end didn’t know what to do and then one day I spoke to Nani (Nagima) She told me not to worry and then I started to send my daughter there. I had three kids, all having to go to Nursery as I was working full-time.
I can tell you that this is the best and I wish I had sent my other two here.

During my journey at this nursery, my daughter now loves to try different foods whereas before she would be so fussy and wouldn’t eat very well. Her speech was very delayed and I was so worried that I took her to a therapist whom said it was normal, however, being a mother I was worried. Now I can not get her to stop talking they did a fantastic job.

The thing that I love about this setting, is you are mad to feel like family and it works so well. My daughter doesn’t want to go so we have to force as it’s normal for kids to play up. But when I go to collect her she doesn’t want to come home. She is so happy with what she has learned and I love the fact that they know the kids so well that they teach them the way needed.

I am really happy have no complaints at all. I am kept up to date with her progress if I have any concerns about her development they are heard and taken on board. I sometimes laugh as it feels like a childminders and therapy for the parents and we all leave happy.