Latest Reviews

Here are some of the latest reviews that we have received from parents who have used childcare providers listed on our website.

My daughter has been with Amanda over a year. We could not have found a more welcoming and loving setting. Our daughter has grown in confidence and developed so many new skills with Amanda. She provides healthy and nutritious food which our daughter loves. Amanda is always happy to discuss anything anytime we've needed to offer reassurances or advice to us. We feel like family. Can not think of anywhere else I would feel so comfortable leaving our daughter. There is always a fun day planned and regular updates on Thier fun adventures.

Dugs from Fylde on amanda a,

A home from home!
Our 2.5 year old has been going to Lydia's for 10months and absolutely loves it. He's made lots of friends, and is always happy and excited to go! Would highly recommend Lydia.

Heatherp from Amber Valley on lydiawhi,

As a mom it's always difficult to leave your child with a stranger you know nothing about. My husband and I visited Preet with our toddler, and immediately she went to Preet. We could see from first reaction that She was a very caring fun loving person and that her area was a very clean and child friendly environment. We haven't regretted putting our daughter in her more than capable hands. Our daughter just loves staying with her and we know that she is being well looked after. I would recommend Preet to all who is looking for their child to feel at home away from home.

toya12 from Colnbrook on LittleSimba2014,

Thought I would leave a review for Carole who looked after my 1 year old daughter full time. Carole provides a safe, loving and stimulating environment, my baby girl is very very happy and never has any separation anxiety. She is excellent at planning activities for the children, with daily activities. Carole bonded extremely well with my daughter, she was always happy to be dropped off in the morning and her setting provides a home from home feel that will make any child comfortable and at ease and if a cuddle is needed, its there. I can't thank Carole and her family enough for the time, effort, patience and devotion she has shown me and my little girl throughout her time with her. I would highly recommend Carole to any prospective family!

Erika from Beckenham on carolesc,

Becky has been looking after my two daughters for 6 years. From day one Becky welcomed them into her home and has always treated them as part of her family. I looked at working school hours once and said to my children it would mean I could pick them up from school, my older daughter said "no offence Mum but we like it at Beckys".

I really wanted a Home from Home environment for my children when I am at work and they definitely get that. Becky structures the school holidays and includes all the children in decisions from the weekly menu to activities. I have no doubt that Becky genuinely loves what she does, I think she is amazing and so do my children. Anyone who has her as a child minder is very lucky to have her.

raineym from Sandhurst on Becky,

Amber has always been flexible and our son clearly enjoys being with her. He has been able to experience things and flourish socially. He eats well (despite his multiple food allergies which Amber is amazing about) and has a good variety of activities. It's also lovely seeing him with Amber's boys, it's really helped him develop into a chatty little man.

Rbcrook from Sutton on Amber,

My daughter has been going to Nat and Darren for 9 months now, since she was 12 months old. I liked them immediately when I visited, and she settled in straight away. It was such a relief to go back to work after mat leave feeling reassured that my daughter would not only be well-cared for in a practical sense, but also be shown lots of love and laughter! Sometimes that can be lacking in a childcare setting, but certainly not in Nat and Darren's case. Lily loves it there and is always happy to see her 'Nat Nat and Daggen'. They are also very accommodating and pleasant to deal with, and always remember to send everything home with her (impressive in a busy setting!). Can't recommend them highly enough.

Jo1010 from Stevenage on Nats Nippers,

Our children (8&10) took to Helen straight away, she has a natural connection with young children and is happy to take on board instructions of any kind. A good soul and a hard worker!

Near Stroud from Stroud on Helen N,

Elliott now 3 has been staying at Kelly's for 3 months and has been loving it. He adores Kelly's children and feels close to them. I can feel when I drop him off in the mornings that he is safe and happy!
Kelly has taken Elliott to group activities, to the Zoo and Wildplace on many occasion. Elliott is more independent and mature since he has been going there!
She is a lovely childminder and an hard working mother who I will always refer to if I need any help with childcare.
I am available if some parents would like more information

Lucy P from Brentry on kelly,

Joanne has been our child minder since 2013 and I couldn't be happier.
Joanne treats my 2 boys like her own and because of the beautiful bond Joanne has with my boys, Joanne is now God Mother to my youngest.
When my eldest, now nearly 5, started pre school, after his initial 2 weeks I was taken to one side and asked whether I had paid for private tuition my son....................... Nope I have Joanne :-) He knew how to spell and write his name, knew 2D and 3D shapes, all colours and shapes and was able to see and understand a word.
Joanne has high standards in many things, cleanliness, manners being taught and used, communication, food etc.

I truly can not recommend Joanne highly enough and would say this, you'll never regret choosing Joanne as your child minder.

Archiemu from Manchester on joe 74,