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Peek A Boo

5 stars Reviewed

Very friendly and caring Childminder

Shehla is lovely and very welcoming. My baby got a full love and care from her. I had a peace of mind at work. I am grateful for all her effort towards taking good care of my kid and making sure she is happy plus comfortable at all times. She also does the pickup and drop. I would recommend to every parent who is looking for a child minder . 😍❤️❤️

by Avatar for Swetha Swetha


5 stars Reviewed

Caring and professional

Lee Ann has been amazing at catering to my childcare needs on such short notice. Her setting is beautifully done for the childrens educational and play needs. It is a lovely calm environment for children to play and develop. She has a very large garden with lots of fun outdoor activities. My children loved our visit and will be attending in the next coming weeks. Couldn’t be more happier with the service I would definitely recommend.

by Avatar for Kia Kia


5 stars Reviewed

3 years of greatness!

Debbie was recommended to me by a friend after her son went there and still did at times
for after school club.

Debbie looked after my son from around 7 months of age. He's now nearly 4. We only moved Ted due to us leaving the area and moving back to Leicestershire.
I cried for days on the build up to Teds last day.
Debbie is like family to us, treated Ted like family and also was a great friend / family figure with us as our family were so far away.

Ted loved going to her house, and cried when he left her house, rather than at drop off! Debbie is an all round amazing childminder and to the next child who will be attending, what a great start in life you're getting!
To the parents/ guardians who need Debbie, your child/children are in the best place you could wish for!


by Avatar for Louise Louise

5 stars Reviewed

Perfect childminder

We had a need for urgent childcare for a few weeks. Paula was amazing for the short 2 weeks my child attended her setting.
Due to the short notice from us, my child a short visit before starting with Paula for 9 days. From start to finish communication was brilliant, I would always hear from Paula at the end of the day with details of the day.
From drop off on the first day to our last day my child was settled straight away, this is credit to Paula and the calming, nurturing setting she provides.
Paula really cares for the children, it is apparent that she does everything to spark their interests because she enjoys watching the children learn and grow. She made the effort to provide my son with toys and activities centred around what he loves to do.
It was a real pleasure to have Paula care for my son, in a short period. We will really miss her but we're so grateful to have met her.

by Avatar for Aweld Aweld

Lynsey A

5 stars Reviewed

Most wonderful person and childminder!

Lynsey was looking after our son Gustav (2 years old at that time) twice a week for 5 and a half months. We feel really lucky and grateful that we found Lynsey to look after Gustav. She is a really wonderful person, genuine, trustworthy, honest, patient and very friendly. She was always very caring and loving towards our son. Gustav felt at home when he stayed with Lynsey and did build trust and special relationship with her and her lovely family. We were so delighted to experience that as Gustav had a difficulty to stay with anyone else apart from close family. It was amazing to see how Gustav’s social skills and confidence grew during his time with Lynsey.
Lynsey has her house fully set up for children with large playrooms, sleeping areas and nice outside space for outdoor activities including water play. Environment is always welcoming, clean and safe. She has lots of wide range toys for children to play with. Lynsey also engaged Gustav in various games and plays that are educational and heled him to develop his imagination, language and other skills aiding his developmental needs. Besides the activities at home, every week Lynsey also took Gustav and other children to walks, various play groups, cafes and play parks. She was also taking children to picture house, aquarium, and other interesting places. Lynsey is also very thoughtful, and she made festive days such as Halloween, birthdays, and Christmas very special for children, organising group celebrations with themed activities, costumes, food, plays and walks. Gustav always had a great fun and amazing playtime when he was staying with Lynsey. Even tough Gustav had his lunch with him, Lynsey always provided children with nice food and snacks.
Lynsey is very attentive to details and communicated with us to keep us updated about Gustav’s development. She always sent lovely photos and told us how his day has been. Lynsey also was very much involved in helping us with understanding Gustav’s needs and she always gave her professional advice on how to deal with some aspects of Gustav’s behaviour, development and his needs. She is also flexible and has accommodated us with childcare hours outside our arranged days and times.
Considering everything, we are truly happy with the loving care Gustav received from Lynsey and we are absolutely delighted to see the growth in his development in which Lynsey has been instrumental really. We would absolutely recommend her as a wonderful, caring, loving, and engaging childminder. We were and still are very sad that we needed to leave Brighton and thus lose our wonderful childminder!
Sintija and Martin

by Avatar for Amethyst Amethyst


5 stars Reviewed

Excellent provision

Hajra is a kind, considerate and organised childminder. I feel content and pleased knowing I'm leaving my daughter in a safe and nurturing environment where she is taken care of and is developing too. Hajra is flexible and well informed and has the skills and qualifications that support her role.

by Avatar for Sidra Sidra


1 stars Reviewed

No Show

Very disappointed as no show for a babysitting job.

by Avatar for Cherie Cherie

Anne Biscoti

5 stars Reviewed


Sorry it's a bit of a late review but I haven't been on this site for ages. Anne looked after my daughter when she was junior school aged on Saturdays, for a few years I believe. She still remembers Anne fondly, and the other younger kids who she played with and had a nice time there, although she sometimes wasn't over the moon about having to be at a childminders on Saturdays when she wanted to be doing other things. It was also great for me, knowing she was in good safe hands on saturdays when most other childminders weren't working. Thanks a lot Anne :)

by Avatar for teen teen


5 stars Reviewed

An absolute superstar!

Libby has looked after my boys for more than 5 years regularly babysitting and also some overnight care. They absolutely adore her and are always excited for her to come. She is friendly, fun and very competent with all ages. I know I can always rely on her to arrive on time and care for my children like they are her own. She has gone above and beyond to be there for us for emergencies / short notice but also for our bookings is always punctual and keeps me updated. She began caring for our children when my now 5 year old was a new born. I was a bit nervous to leave him being only a few weeks old but she put me at ease immediately and I knew he was in good hands. My older children love the activities and games they play together and they are always busy. We have 5 children now aged 15, 13, 10, 5 and 3 and we all love her coming, she is more like part of the extended family. I would have no hesitation in recommending Libby to care for your children.

by Avatar for poppyhou poppyhou


5 stars Reviewed

Outstanding. Asia is now & always will be family

Asia has been with me since 2016 in fact just before I had my twins who have now settled into reception.

Asia has my twins once I returned to work after my maternity leave. I put her through her training and qualifications. I have to say as a solo parent I couldn’t have returned to work without her. Her compassion, kindness and ability to just adapt is beyond measure. She’s been there for vaccines, sickness, firsts, activities, weaning, sleep training, potty training and so much more. My children adore her as do I. There is nothing she won’t do for them or with them. They literally run to her beaming with joy and I know if I’m not home they couldn’t be safer nor happier.

Asia is a mum herself now and despite my two being in school, she is still with us part time and during the holidays. Flexible, nurturing and basically willing to muck in and become a part of your family I can recommend her enough. I’d be happy to talk with anyone if you would like to ask me anything. And if like me you get help with childcare she’s Ofsted registered.

I can also vouch for all of her qualifications and DBS update service subscription.

by Avatar for Tash Tash

Royal Borough of Greenwich

5 stars Reviewed

Reliable and friendly

Anna has looked after my 3 year old daughter during the weekends for a few months. She was very punctual and always found ways to engage my little one and have fun, so that we could leave for a few hours. My daughter really looked forward to go out with Anna to the farm and playground.

by Avatar for Ilaria Ilaria


5 stars Reviewed

We do recommend Amy!

Amy is an excellent childminder who is both friendly and professional. My daughter has been with Amy since she was 9 months old, now she is 14 and she loves being with Amy. I was really worried at first since my daughter hardly spent time with anybody other than myself and my partner and I was surprised how quickly she got used to Amy; it only took about two weeks, and now she often does not want to come home. Amy's approach toward children is really kind and respectful; she always encourages them to participate in a variety of activities, including painting, crafts, baking, etc., and I get beautiful pictures as well as my daughter's priceless artwork. They regularly go on walks, feed the ducks and birds, and enjoy the trees, flowers, etc. I'm happy with our choice, Amy keeps us updated on our daughter's mood and progress on a daily basis. I would highly recommend it.

by Avatar for Elena Elena


5 stars Reviewed


Our son has been attending the setting since January. He had previously struggled to settle at other childcare settings we had tried. As soon as we met Rowina we saw an instant connection and could tell our son felt comfortable with her.
Rowina and Susan really make our son feel welcome and are very attentive towards his needs. He struggles with transition but Rowina really works with him to ensure its as smooth as possible and he now goes in without any tears! We are kept informed and sent pictures which really helps put our minds at ease.
The setting itself is so lovely and calm, all the children always seem content in the care of both Rowina and Susan.
It’s such a relief to know our son is finally happy in the care of someone else, we are really glad we found Lulu’s Playhouse and would not hesitate to recommend to any parent looking for childcare!

by Avatar for SarahLou SarahLou


5 stars Reviewed

Great first experience!

We've been with Angeline for almost a month now and couldn't be happier. The Tiney agency has everything covered and setting it up is really easy, the app is also great for getting updates and sharing information.
The setting is really calm and inviting, we immediately liked it on our first visit. Plenty of things to do, play with, etc., as well as a separate sleeping area. It's also easy to access both on foot and by car.
I'm glad we picked Angeline, our boy really enjoys staying with her!

by Avatar for oanders oanders


5 stars Reviewed

Fun, creative and kind

Isabel has just joined us to help look after our boys a couple of days a week and has made an instant impression. Within 2 minutes of meeting our 1 and 3 year olds, she had them both giggling and rolling about on the floor. Isabel is fun, calm and has a great T Rex impression! Our 3 year old has been finding the transition of me going back to work a little tricky, but Isabel is winning him over with her care, kindness and fantastic arts and craft skills. I can't want to see their relationship develop further over the coming weeks and months. Thanks for all your help so far, Isabel.

by Avatar for Abigail Abigail


5 stars Reviewed

Amazing Childminder ⭐️

Dion is the kindest person I have ever met. She's been looking after my now 8yr old since she was 2. I'm so grateful to her, as she always goes above and beyond for the kids. She's calm and patient, and helped my daughter so much before she started school. Dion has been very flexible with me when needed, and was a God send during Covid. My daughter adores her, and is very comfortable at her house, just like a second home. Dion takes loads of photos everyday with the activities she does with the children, and it's amazing to see the timeline from when my daughter was so little to now. I trust her wholeheartedly, and I highly recommend her.

by Avatar for Ariel Ariel

Plaistow, London

5 stars Reviewed

Outstanding nursery & perfect for children

MamiSofi is a brilliant childminder . My son really likes her and has started to bond with her . She's very professional but is brilliant has such a kind heart i would recommend her to any parent due to my experience with her with my son.
She takes kids to libraries, parks and arranges different activities for kids everyday which is good for child development. She got good space in her house for children play. We absolutely love how happy our little one is here.

by Avatar for Mamta Mamta

Rayners Lane

5 stars Reviewed

Excellent work Charmaine

Charmaine has been an amazing tutor for our 4 year old son. Within a month we have seen great progress as he is now able to write his name, write number 1 to 5 and counting to 20 amoungst other things. Her sessions are never boring for him as they do a lot of activities and she is very engaging. I recommend her as a tutor and she creates a very good impression from the word go. My son wanted to leave with her on the first day lol.

by Avatar for Ryan Ryan

Kensington and Chesea

1 stars Reviewed

1st day trail

Got my 2.5 year old son almost hit by a car whilst crossing!! I have two boys and she was only paying attention to one. I have never had this of a terrible experience with anyone.
Gave me non substantial references from a year ago. Not a professional nanny. Perhaps suited for only babysitting.

by Avatar for Daniela Daniela

Riggles and Giggles
Amber Valley

5 stars Reviewed

Fabulous care

I was contacted by Dawn when I was looking for child care for my youngest 2 and I couldn't be happier with my choice.

She looks after my youngest two 2 nights a week collecting them from 2 different schools. They love there time there, with such a wide collection of excellent toys, healthy snacks and a lovely safe place to play. She's listens to the children and leans about them and what they are interested in and they really enjoy there time there.

She also has covered holiday cover for me when my MIL has been on holiday, collecting the children for a full week.

by Avatar for charlott charlott