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London Borough of Hounslow

4 stars Reviewed

After school nanny

Lizzy was only with us for a week as an after school nanny because circumstances changed, therefore I can only comment on the short period of time we got to know each other. However, she was kind and attentive to my two children (2 and 4) and willing to learn new recipes that I shared with her.

by Avatar for LeylaH LeylaH


5 stars Reviewed

Superb childcare 💪🏼

Jackie has been looking after our daughter for just over a year and we couldn't be happier. She regularly keeps us in the loop with photos and descriptions of what the kids get up to, making sure their time is balanced between indoor and outdoor. The communication about any problems or the need for more nappies is spot on and we chat like friends rather than a service user.

Our daughter loves Jackie like her own family and often asks about her on days off. She has learned so much during her time there and genuinely think our daughter's life has been richly enhanced.

by Avatar for Alex Alex

Sarah Jain Vialan

5 stars Reviewed


Sarah-Jain is fabulous! My daughter absolutely adores her. She was quite a quiet little girl who hated leaving my side. Within two days Sarah-Jain had her wrapped round her little finger.

My daughter has come on leaps and bounds with her shyness with all the encouragement she gets from SJ, she is so much more confident and is speaking more.

I only need to say who are we going to see today and she shouts SJ, she really has been a blessing for us. I can’t thank her enough for her sleep tips, my other children slept beautifully but my daughter has always struggled, we have just cracked her.

Amazing lady, amazing childminder, I drop my daughter off knowing she’s in the best hands.

by Avatar for htownson htownson


5 stars Reviewed

Amazing and reliable

Excellent childminder, couldn’t have asked for anyone better, coming up to my daughter being there for nearly a year, my daughter can’t wait to go and has so much fun 😁
The reassurance I get all day with messages, photos and videos, to let me know how well she is doing and the fun they are having!
Couldn’t recommend anyone better to have my daughter, and I’m sure when I’ve had my son, he will be going too. Xx

by Avatar for paige paige

5 stars Reviewed

Fabulous childminder

Leah is a great childminder, and has taken care of our daughter so well. She's really helpful, friendly and our daughter loves being there. They do lots of really nice things, like going to her allotment, going out into the countryside, and you get a lovely write-up each day about what they have done. I couldn't be happier with her as a childminder, and would highly recommend her.

by Avatar for LDR LDR

5 stars Reviewed


My daughter has been with Caroline and her boys since the beginning of the year and she absolutely loves being there and most days does not want to leave. Caroline’s is like a second home and second family for my daughter and the care she receives is outstanding. When we met Caroline with her husband and children we knew they were the right fit for us and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. I would highly recommend Caroline.

by Avatar for RoxanneJ RoxanneJ

London Borough of Barnet

5 stars Reviewed

Excellent and caring

I don't think would have enough words to recommend Lucie. She is looking for my son for over one year and it's been amazing. My son adores her and her boys and constantly talking about them. There are so lovely! And my boy doesn't wanna leave her space, it's that much he loves being with them. Lucie is kind, caring and thoughtful, very positive and full of energy and you can see from far that she loves looking for children. Always thinks and gets so many activities and surprises for children to make before special days/occasions. Lucie you are the best and I'm beyond grateful to have you looking after Alex.

by Avatar for Bilyana Bilyana


5 stars Reviewed

Lovely On site gym creche

Great little family run creche for whilst you train at the gym. Beautifully decorated and kitted out with friendly and playful staff.
Piece of mind whilst you exercise

by Avatar for PCLATH PCLATH

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

5 stars Reviewed

Caring and Responsive Nanny

I am a first time mum, and we employed Liyanna to look after our one year old daughter. We had never had a nanny, and also because of Covid I had not actually left my daughter with anyone except her father before I went back to work, so I was worried about how everything would go. However, Liyanna made everything so easy. She was very professional in fitting in with our routine, she was also so warm and caring from the beginning, and my daughter bonded with her immediately. My daughter is always excited to see her, which has been really reassuring for me. Liyanna is also great at sharing details of the day with us, so even though I am at work I still feel connected. She has also been proactive in finding groups and activities to do so that my daughter has a chance to interact with other children; not something which has been easy to do in lockdown. I really cannot recommend her enough, and think we were lucky to find her.

by Avatar for ticktock ticktock

London Borough of Lambeth

5 stars Reviewed

Brilliant nanny to our twins

We feel so lucky to have found Dati through this site several years ago! She was nanny to our twins between ages 2-4 an we couldn't have asked for better care, which was largely in our home but recently in hers (as we worked from home during the C-19 pandemic). They learned some Spanish from her, had a brilliant time with her son who is lovely, and enjoyed her dog when visiting her place. Dati is very conscious, always on time or early, and an excellent cook. Buena suerte!

by Avatar for Susan Susan


5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic Nanny

Nunzia looked after my three children (8,6 and 1) and she is absolutely amazing. She is kind, attentive and nurturing, the children adore her. Nunzia looked after my one year old during the day and picked the older two up after school. She would take them to the park, play dates, after school activities and helped with shopping and many other tasks to make our lives easier! She also a great cook and serves tasty nutritious dishes. She is very proactive and is extremely organised. I cannot rate her enough.

by Avatar for louise louise


5 stars Reviewed

5 stars!!

Our son went to Kathy's for nearly two years before he started school. We had moved him from a nursery setup, and he really enjoyed his time with Kathy and Mick. One of the highlights about this settings is the amount of outdoor activities that get added to their weekly schedule. The kids love it, they are closer to nature, and the motto of learning from the world around you is remarkable.
Now that our son is in reception, we have had some really good feedback from his teachers on how confident and self reliant he has been. This is a testament to the care and learning he has received from this setting. Will highly recommend to any new parents looking for a safe and reliable childcare option.

by Avatar for Raj Raj


5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic night nanny to newborn twins

Nicky looked after our newborn twins for 8 weeks at night. They had spent 12 weeks in NICU before coming home so it was really important to us that we had someone qualified and experienced to give us confidence. Nicky did everything that we could have expected and looked after our boys amazingly. I can highly recommend Nicky's services to everyone.

by Avatar for Mike Mike


5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic, positive and caring childminder

Michelle has been our son's childminder for 1 and a half years since he was 10months old. As our first child this was a big step for us and Michelle made this transition much easier and stress free. Michelle welcomed us in to meet her whole family which was so important as they all interact with our son on a daily basis. Her husband and kids help create a wonderful fun, family environment.

We have excellent communication with Michelle, throughout the day she sends us great photos and keeps us informed on all their activities. Michelle is open and honest with regards to our son's development and he has thrived in her care!

What we love about Michelle is she is so proactive and has the kids out and about doing a broad range of activities. Without a doubt this has been the most challenging 6 months for a childminder and she is always looking for new outdoor activities and thinking one step ahead. She has overcome any challenges we have faced and has talked us through all in advance and always keeps us informed.

Only that our circumstances have changed we would still be using Michelle, I highly recommend her! Our son will miss her and the family so much!

by Avatar for Srelt Srelt


5 stars Reviewed

Jaxon's Second Home

Annemarie has been amazing with looking after my little boy. Jaxon started when he was 10 months old and is now 2, I knew from the second i visited her home that its where i wanted him to go, I have always felt completely at ease leaving him in her care and love the fact that its a real home away from home environment.

Jaxon loves his time at Annemarie's, he enjoys playing with the other children and even Annemarie's own children.. not forgetting the cats & chickens!! During the time Jaxon has spent with Annemarie he has learnt so much, she really puts the time in to teach them important life skills and thanks to her help he has been able to use cutlery properly from a young age, learn colours, learn how to share, learn to use his manners when asking for or taking something, learn how to behave nicely around animals... his speach is also coming on so well! Annemarie has always been on hand to offer us advice in more difficult situations, such as how to deal with the 'terrible twos' stage as at one point Jaxon did go through a stage of hitting but through us all working off the same page he has calmed down so much and snapped out of it quickly. Everytime i go to pick him up hes sad to leave, which is how I know we 1000% picked the right person for the job. We think of Annemarie more like extended family than as a childminder and she has always gone above and beyond to accomodate any changes or last minute alterations we have needed due to work.

What you see is what you get with Annemarie, a genuine honest person who treats all the kids as if they were her own, I honestly couldnt recommend her high enough. Xxx

by Avatar for ElishaA ElishaA

Growing Stars
London Borough of Harrow

5 stars Reviewed

Cannot recommend enough!

I would HIGHLY recommend this nursery, it is absolutely amazing! We were apprehensive about sending our son off to nursery as he was super shy and hated being away from me, but his whole world changed when he started at Growing Stars! The nursery was recommended to me, and rightly so!

I remember his first settle in session when he cried when I picked him up, because he wanted to stay longer! The team are so lovely and really helped to build my sons confidence and social skills to prepare him for school.

He started nursery when he was 3 and I wish we’d sent him sooner so he would have had more time there! When our 2nd son is old enough he will absolutely be going here!

by Avatar for NikkiW NikkiW

5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic childminder!

We have been with Leah for 10 months now and we are very glad we have found her! Our daughter (now 16 month) enjoyed Leah from day one and is always super happy to go at her place. Our daughter has some special needs and Leah has been a very open-minded childminder since the beginning. We feel really lucky about it and feel very confident that she will provide the best care to our little one.
Leah is super lovely, flexible and funny and it is always a pleasure to bring or pick up our daughter. Leah offers plenty of activities to the children in her care. Even if our daugther is still litlle, she enjoys the company of the others and is taking part in the forest and beach walks, gardening activities, visits to the aquarium, etc. When our daugther was younger, Leah booked at several occasions a sensorial room for her so that she could get an optimal environment to fully develop. Leah always provides a summary of the activities they did during the day and we really enjoy reading about it. She sends some pictures through Whatsapp as well, which is reassuring. Our daughter is doing amazingly well in Leah's care and so far, she has never been sick which is I guess an advantage compared to larger settings.
Leah really is fantastic, and we feel extremely grateful that our daughter is being cared for by her :)

by Avatar for Marine Marine


5 stars Reviewed

Homely, safe and highly recommended childminder

Jan looked after our son from his first birthday in October 2019 until just before his second birthday as part of her moving away and relocating.

From the moment we first met Jan, we both felt reassured that we would be leaving our little boy in a safe and loving environment. At the beginning, when we were apprehensive about leaving our son with a stranger, Jan was brilliant at providing us with reassurance, sending photos throughout the day and then communicating with us via a diary/notes in the evening detailing what our son had been up to, how long he slept, what he had eaten (always home made nutritious meals) and nappy changes etc.

Jan took him to a variety of different clubs to help him develop his social skills and understanding, they did lots of arts and crafts and provided him with a ‘home from home’ experience.

Our son loved going to see Jan (and Bear the dog) and was never hesitant to run into her home each morning, which made us really happy to see.

As parents, we found Jan easy to deal with, always happy to answer our (many) questions about our son’s development, which we had as first-time parents.

We were so sad when Jan told of us her decision to move away but feel very lucky that our son was in her care for the important year that he was.

by Avatar for ADobson ADobson

Anja Dix

5 stars Reviewed

Amazing-home from home

We love Anja and Ryan and most importantly so does our 19month old daughter. She is loved and cared for like a member of the family. They provide loads of great activities including outdoor activities in their great garden, arts and crafts, walks to the park, song times and story times.
Alice always gets a lovely home cooked meal and even has her own room to nap in.
She greets them at the door with a big smile every day and loves every minute. She has made great progress with them and they always share important next steps with us.
Communication is great with loads of daily photos and a daily account including food/nappies/nap times.
We couldn’t have found better care for our daughter and know she is loved dearly!

by Avatar for BeckyO BeckyO

Gina T

5 stars Reviewed

Gina was great!

Gina helped us with our new born twins (aged 3 months) and 2 older children aged 6 and 8. She worked with us in the afternoons 4-5 days per week. She was a real help and having her around made a big difference. She helped with a variety of tasks. With the newborns she helped change nappies, bathing, playing, feeding and putting them to bed. She helped bath the older girls and get them ready for bed. My older kids loved her and she was very kind and caring towards all of them.
Given our circumstances we have decided to change to live in help, but if it was not for that we would still be working with Gina. We would be very happy to recommend Gina to a prospective family.

by Avatar for Ari Boyd Ari Boyd

81 to 100 of 100