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London Borough of Sutton

5 stars Reviewed

Nicky looked after our two year old son for a week

Due to COVID-19, our son never been out for a year and his behaviour became quite aggressive. We have found the right childminder Nicky, she had a warm welcome and a good way about her work with my boy. We are so pleased with Nicky but didn’t have much time.

by Avatar for Kevin Kevin


5 stars Reviewed

We have been blessed with Pippa

I would highly recommend Pippa. We as a family have been blessed with her, not just for the excellent care for the children but because she became a good friend. She is always willing to help and is as flexible as someone can be. Our two children love her and love going to her setting. She always keeps them busy and well entertained. She is very imaginative and creative. She managed to come up with new activities all the time.
She has been looking after our daughter since she started school and for our daughter Pippa’s house is her second home. Then, she started to look after our one year old son and now he is beyond prepared to go to nursery. Pippa has been very patient and helpful and caring for him. He loves her and enjoy being with her and the other children she looks after.
Pippa is far and beyond loving and understanding and teach the children good values, and the more important thing is that she really enjoys her job so she is happy and that reflects on the children responses and behaviour. They just love her!

by Avatar for Susa Susa


5 stars Reviewed

Reliable and professional

Avril has been picking up my daughter from school since September 2020. From the moment I spoke to Avril she was very helpful and accommodating. I met her the next day and immediately felt comfortable to have her pick up my daughter. Due to the type of job I do and the fact that I'm a single mum I sometimes have to change pick up days last minute or sometimes I go late to pick up my daughter. Each time Avril has been accommodating. She also seems to care very much for my child and knows how to balance giving suggests and not overstepping the mark. I would recommend Avril and have nothing short of positive to say about the service I've received from her.

by Avatar for Jelony Jelony


5 stars Reviewed

The BEST childminder in Greenwich

Our daughter has been with Hana for two years and it was the best decision we made.

Our daughter has flourished and loved being in the family setting. We love that the children get taken out everyday and learn about nature.

She loves the messy play, singing songs, reading books and lots of other play time activities. The food Hana provides is excellent and there is never any complaints about it.

Hana’s assistant Liri has been fantastic and our daughter loves spending time with them all.

We are sad to be leaving but it’s time to move on. We would absolutely recommend Hana to anyone.

by Avatar for Victoria Victoria


5 stars Reviewed

Could not be happier with Tracy

Tracy is the childminder we never knew we needed. She is a home from home. Our little girl has grown and thrived since going to Tracy's.
We couldn't be happier with our little going there every week.
And the Journal she sends after each day is amazing to hear about .

by Avatar for KatieB KatieB


5 stars Reviewed

Excellent Childminder

Pippa has been providing childcare for my daughter for the last 6 years and for my son for the last 2 since he was 1 year old.
There are no words to describe how much love and care she provides for the children. She truly treats them as part of a family and makes sure she provides a safe nurturing space at home for them. She always have very stimulating and fun activities for the children both at home and outdoors. We could not recommend enough her services.

by Avatar for Jose Jose


5 stars Reviewed

Amazing caring childminder

Pippa is an amazing childminder; very caring and treats our daughter as if she is part of the family. She keeps the children busy and is always organising activities and adventures indoors and out which our daughter loves. Pippa is totally reliable and flexible; both of which we need as working parents. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pippa to anyone looking for childcare.

by Avatar for Mango Mango


5 stars Reviewed

Pippa provides outstanding childcare

Our daughter has been under the care of Pippa for the last 2 years. Pippa has provided much needed help for a busy working family and so much more during lockdown, providing home schooling but also a variety of fun activities. Pippa is very patient and engage with the children on a individual basis which assists in their developing. Our daughter loves going to Pippa and feels at ease with her, she has also made some great friends there . The children have a large range of indoor and outdoor activities.
Pippa is professional, organized and keep us informed and updated on everything important related to her setting.
The evening meals are healthy and different every day which make it very interesting for the children.
We would recommend Pippa without any hesitation.

by Avatar for Anne Anne


5 stars Reviewed

Great nanny for a young baby

Nicky was the sole live-out nanny for our 6 month-old daughter for about 7 months.

Nicky took great care of our daughter, including maintaining a routine and updating it as necessary, taking her out to daily walks, preparing her meals and snacks, and ensuring she was looked after and occupied. Throughout the entire period we were always confident that our daughter was safe and happy in Nicky's care.

This was a particularly challenging period due to COVID-19, which meant that both parents were at home working throughout the days. Nicky was very accommodating, flexible, and easy to have around the house and navigated the challenges of supporting a baby during a difficult time very well.

A great choice for a young baby!

by Avatar for Nitzan Nitzan


5 stars Reviewed

Excellent Childminder

Pippa has looked after my son full time since he was 14 months. My son has thrived in both character and development within Pippas setting, as he approaches starting school I have no concerns. Pippa provides a professional yet loving environment, home from home with thoughtful and creative activities, playroom with excellent resources and lots of outdoor play. Her communication is excellent and daily diaries are extensive and informative. She is truly passionate about her work and this reflects how happy the children in her care are. Highly recommend.

by Avatar for Durso Durso


5 stars Reviewed

Would Highly Recommend Pippa's Childcare

Pippa provided childcare for my 10 yrs son since he was 5yrs old during the morning and after school. I am very happy with the level of care Pippa provided and over the years she and her family became a valued friend , someone I can talk to and a family friend. Her family are wonderful and I feel like one of the family when I go and pick my son up, easy to have a good chat with.
She offered varied and creative activities, cooking, reading, playing in the park etc etc. My son's best one is cooking time with all the kids. My son love Pippa and sometimes don't even want to come home. Pippa is an excellent childminder and very professional in how she run her childcare.
I would highly recommend Pippa, very friendly, she will do anything to help anyone and she got heart of gold. The kids have a proper cooked food and sometimes the kids will make their own food during their cooking time.

by Avatar for Kisty Kisty


5 stars Reviewed

Our only trusted childminder

Jenny has been our sole childminder for my 5 year old and 2 year old since 10 month old. Jenny has been fantastic, and she genuinely care about children, which is a quality quite hard to find nowadays, she is seen as a nanny by us and by our children, and we thoroughly recommend her service.

by Avatar for J Wang J Wang


5 stars Reviewed

Highly reccommended!

My two children have been going to Becki's since September, and they absolutely love it! Covid has changed so much about childcare facilities recently but Becki has managed to create a safe and fun atmosphere for the children, to the point they want to go the Becki's after school instead of coming home! :)
I have had various changing needs recently and Becki has been more than accommodating, nothing is ever too much trouble! I can't recommend Becki enough!

by Avatar for naomit naomit

Zebras Tots

5 stars Reviewed

Amazing childcare provider.

My son has been going since he was 2 years old, he likes one to one time or at least time doing planned activities otherwise he easily gets bored and frustrated, he doesn’t have this problem at Zebra tots, he gets to do plenty of activities and even learning letter formation, number and letter recognition now he is four and soon going to be going into full time school. When he first started i really struggled trying to encourage him to potty train, Zebra Tots has been amazing with the help on that journey. My son also didn’t speak much when he first started now he talks in full sentences well enough that anyone would be able to understand him. When my son first started he was a picky eater, and I always had trouble getting him to eat meals as opposed to snacks, since being here that has all changed for the better, he is more willing to try new foods and eat them on his own, the food choices are amazing, always something different and always willing to make what the children like within reason. Not only has it made my son a better person but it’s helped me as well, he doesn’t get so frustrated trying to speak anymore or at meal times. Zebra tots provides great ideas to do at home, and communication is amazing, I often message to see if my new educational buy is a good idea, and often get updates throughout the day he is there with things he is learning or has done as well as a record of everything he has eaten and how he has done with going to the toilet in a book at the end of the day! I couldn’t recommend this settlement enough, I came to live here again from Colchester and wasn’t sure where I should put him, I was very sceptical and wanted the best for him due to him needing the support with talking, eating and toilet training and wanted to make sure he got the best help possible, my family member recommended this settlement and although a bit out of the way for me, I’m so pleased I went here because it’s been the best for my son, he adores it at zebra tots and enjoys going, and as I have said he has progressed so much in the time he has been there. The settlement is very clean, and has been majorly improved since covid, hand sanitising the children before and after going into the settlement as well as spraying their bags.

by Avatar for Yasmine Yasmine


5 stars Reviewed

Pippa provides exceptional childcare

Pippa provided childcare for our 2 daughters then aged 1 (full-time) and 4 (after school). We were delighted with the exceptional level of care she provided and over the years she became a valued member of our family. As two full-time working parents it was essential that our children were cared for in a loving, home from home environment and Pippa was able provide this. She offered varied and creative activities which kept our children engaged and stimulated on a daily basis. Our youngest daughter, especially, thrived under Pippa’s care and we really felt she was ready for school long before she was due to start. Not only is Pippa a brilliant childminder she is also very professional in how she runs her business. We were very blessed to have had her in our lives and I would thoroughly recommend her.

by Avatar for SD8 SD8

Zebras Tots

5 stars Reviewed

Just amazing 🤩

My daughter has been attending Zebras Tots since she was 6 years old she is now 10 years old. I used to work in a nursery myself so my standards of care is extremely high, and Zebras Tots meet all my expectations and more, they are very accommodating and extremely helpful.
My daughter loves going there she feels like she is at home which is amazing that she feels that comfortable there. The setting is extremely clean as well and all steps have been taken since COVID such as not letting parents into the garden to pick up children, sanitising the children’s hands on the way in and out of the setting and even spraying their bags when coming in and out, which is amazing because as a parent I feel like my child is safe and I know she is in a clean environment. Since my daughter has been going to Zebras Tots I have learnt so many new cooking ideas as my daughter loves their food and I like that they even let the children have an input about what foods they like to have within reason obviously, but I have known a lot of settings to have their menu and that’s it no room for movement. I couldn’t recommend this setting enough, their communication between parents is just second to non, I remember when my daughter first started I was so nervous but Zehra messaged me when she went to pick my daughter up and got her back to the setting, which made me feel so at ease I didn’t even ask her to but she did and even sent pictures, now I have no worry’s at all she will pop me messages when my daughter has done something funny or something really good and if I ever need to message her she always responds within a reasonable timing. I have recommend friends and family and they also love this setting as much as me and my daughter does.

by Avatar for Jp1988 Jp1988


5 stars Reviewed

Trustworthy, caring, experienced childminder

These are just the words that came into my mind when I thought of leaving a review for Shazia. She looked after My son from 1 year until he was 3 years. I was student by then, Sharzia was very flexible and accommodating, as a first time single parent it was difficult to leave my child with someone else but Sharzia made me feel very comfortable. My son was very happy and I take great comfort in the fact that she has raised three delightful children whom my son sees as his siblings. His days there were busy and fun as he was taken to playgroup, library and parks and the house has a verity of very clean and well looked after toys most of them educational. My was not happy to see me at the end of the day as he was not desperate to go home. My Son was always clean and feed , the house is very clean and well organised.
Sharzia is reliable, trustworthy, patient and above caring person. My son is now 9 years and he us still being looked after by Sharzia whenever I need help.
Thank you for being such an amazing childminder and a mother and I have learned so much from you.

by Avatar for Gladys Gladys

Elephant and Castle

5 stars Reviewed

Caring, flexible and reliable

Claire has been taking care of our 1year old child 2days/week for several months. Our daughter was extremely happy to spend those day with her. Claire was taking her to the park, to play groups,...
She was patient and caring. She was also very flexible with her schedule, which helped us a lot.
I highly recommend her nanny services.

by Avatar for Celine Celine

London Borough of Havering

5 stars Reviewed

Excellent Tutor

Since my daughter started attending Maths and English sessions with Eva, she has improved a great deal. Eva is very professional, helpful, keen to see a child progressing positively. I highly recommend Eva to any parent who want their children to excel academically. I was introduced to her by a friend and I never regretted.

by Avatar for XOC XOC

5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic childminder!

I’m a mother of 3 young children. My eldest 2 both attended a nursery setting and both did very well. However by the time my 3rd came along, family circumstances meant that Grandparents were no longer able to help out so my youngest was sent to different (and cheaper) nursery than the older two had attended. My gut feeling about the place and his experience there meant I swiftly removed him again just as Mary had spaces available. Having experienced a great nursery (and one I wasn’t keen on) followed by a childminding service I can honest say it’s the best thing we did. Mary’s is like a home from home for my youngest whilst still getting all the benefits of a nursery education, probably more in fact as Mary’s EYFS knowledge is brilliant. He’s counting, recognising numbers, sounding out letters and drawing pictures that actually look like what they are supposed to be!
Any previous reservations or worries I had about him not getting a ‘classroom’ experience have disappeared, seeing him flourish in Mary’s care makes me realise that he doesn’t need a classroom setting to settle into school when he goes. Whilst he’s with Mary he’s learning about food prep, he’s painting, he’s playing with a variety of toys and Mary has helped him develop into a confident little boy.
Mary is really responsive, she keeps in contact with us throughout the day, always handing my son over at the end of the day with details of what he’s been doing, what he’s eaten (and he really loves Mary’s food, especially the pasta!) and where they have been. He never comes home dirty, regardless of what they’ve been up to during the day.
I would highly recommend Mary to anyone considering a childminder, my son feels valued and loved at Mary’s and that is evident in the way he has developed.

by Avatar for Louise Louise

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