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5 stars Reviewed

Great childminder

We are so happy with Rahima looking after our 1 year old daughter.
Rahima’s is very professional, her house is spotless, she has lots of toys, and does lots of activities with our daughter that really help with her development. Rahima also sends pics through the day which we really enjoy receiving.
I would highly recommend to anyone.

by Avatar for Blair H Blair H


5 stars Reviewed

A Great Childminder

Our daughter has been with Michelle for nearly two years.

She settled in right away, with Michelle and her family welcoming her in to their home hole heartedly.

Michelle has offered our daughter a safe, loving and nurturing environment. Where she has come on so much since being with her.

Our daughter has so many lovely memories with Michelle and her family. From fun and educational activities at home make lots of crafts and baking too day trips out.

Michelle will send me updates with information on what they have being doing in the day along with pictures and videos.

I would highly recommend Michelle, she is an amazing childminder. Xx

by Avatar for Lucy Lucy


5 stars Reviewed

Absolutely brilliant!

My son has been going to Claire since he started infant school. We looked for a childminder because the before and after school club was full, and I'm so glad it was! My son loves going to Claire, and really misses her when he doesn't go. Claire goes above and beyond, and the kids really love her. Couldn't ask for a better childminder.

by Avatar for Doms333 Doms333


5 stars Reviewed

Very supportive tutor

Husnaa is very patient and supportive tutor, my child didn't like math at all. Few lessons later we started to love math, thank you very much Husnaa.

Setting and food ratings are not applicable as we had covid safe lessons.

by Avatar for Ingrid Ingrid


5 stars Reviewed


I couldn't be happier with Tam. I'm amazed how much she packs in - my son is only there for a few hours, but always comes back with lovely crafts. She is creative and thoughtful and provides healthy food as well as stimulating play activities.

by Avatar for DelGCG DelGCG

Ealing broadway

5 stars Reviewed

wonderful nanny. fun, reliable and caring

Galia has taken care of our 7 year old daughter. She has spent full time with her during lockdown, helping her with school work, keeping her active, preparing meals and improvising many creative activities. She then worked part time, pick ups, taking her to activities and helping with homework. I strongly recommend her for any childcare responsibility. She is reliable, creative, and fun!

by Avatar for L White L White


5 stars Reviewed

Amazing Childminder

Claire has been the best thing to happen to us during this uncertain and baffling year. My son met Claire back in June and started childcare with him during the summer. My son absolutely loves spending the week with Claire whilst I am at work. He has so much fun and has the best care possible. They always go on outings and fun trips. I love getting all the updates on how much fun my son is having and what he has been up to. My son had just turned 1 when he started with Claire but he settled into her family friendly environment straight away. Claire has been the best possible childminder we could have asked for. She is kind, caring and super positive. I highly recommend Claire as a childminder.

by Avatar for tiffany tiffany

Zebras Tots

5 stars Reviewed

Professional & Caring

Even though we only been going to Zebrah tots for a short few months, there is no one I would trust more with my child.

Zehra is absolutely wonderful, always keeping everyone updated, very communicative, very professional, but also a warm, lovely and creative person. My baby (16months old) was very happy every time I picked him up, she would send me pictures through the days, keep me updated and asked questions when needed. They engaged in a lot of activities. I loved that my baby could make friend and experience new things.

Thank you so much to Zebra Tots, we will back in the future! xx

by Avatar for Aine Aine

Nicky Harper

5 stars Reviewed

Brilliant childminder!

My son loved going to Nicky's house. The children go out at least once a day which is fantastic whether that be to the local woods or beach. If they didn't have chance to go out one day they were always playing in the garden whatever the weather! Nicky is very good at what she does, she has a lot of knowledge around early years and clearly loves what she does. There is a variety of toys for the children to play with and there are designated 'play' areas for the children to explore. Nicky takes lots of photos throughout the day and shows them to you via a private facebook group along with a detailed description of what the children have done that day, including what they have eaten / slept etc. I think this is fantastic as it's lovely as a parent to see what your child has been up to throughout the day. I would definitely recommend Nicky as a brilliant childminder!

by Avatar for Sabine Sabine


5 stars Reviewed

Pure excellence!

Rachel has been looking after my three children (2, 5 and 7yrs) for the past few months and they are absolutely besotted with her. To be honest, so am I - she has been continuously fabulous and has been a consistently positive experience, both in terms of how well she cares for the children, the amount of thought and effort she's invested in setting up her home to look after them, and how understanding and flexible she's been with my often haphazard working patterns.

I'm not going to pretend that when I was last looking for childcare that I had many options or choice (thanks, Covid!) but I can honestly say that if I'd had the time and a range of options to choose from, I don't think I could have done better finding someone to trust the well-being of my children to. Rachel is reliable, and completely respects my parenting preferences in how the kids are managed with regards to being disciplined if needed. Her home is tidy and well laid out, and I have no concerns that my children are anything but safe and cared for when they are with her.

A sign of how much the kids love her is that they frequently request to go see her on my days off!

by Avatar for krm810 krm810

London Borough of Sutton

5 stars Reviewed

Highly recommend!!

I cannot recommend Nicky enough! She’s provided a safe and warm environment for both of my children, ages 2 and 5. Both of my boys adore her and love to chat away about all of the fun things they do at Nicky’s house. She plans a wide variety of fun and educational activities for the children every day, which has definitely helped with their development. She also takes the children outdoors often, even in cold weather, which they really enjoy.
Nicky has been particularly great during the coronavirus pandemic. She has gone out of her way to keep the children safe and healthy, including not taking on any more children. I’ve been quite cautious during this time, and Nicky has been really receptive about listening to my feelings on how best to keep my children safe during the pandemic. She’s also been so flexible and accommodating, which has been a blessing during this uncertain time. I am really grateful to have Nicky as our childminder and I would recommend her to any parent.

by Avatar for cara123 cara123


5 stars Reviewed


Aunty Remi is such a kind childminder, she put the children care at heart and always there to help when called.
The environment is clean, calm and decent. My children loves it there and they really like their minder..... till date, they still ask if I will be taking them to Aunty Remi :) cheeky.
Honestly, can't fault the service.

by Avatar for Tinuola Tinuola


5 stars Reviewed

Amazing childminder

She took great care of my baby girl when she was just 4months old. Her pick up and drop off service was very helpful. She’s a lovely genuine person. I would definitely recommend her to all moms out there.

by Avatar for Mari Mari

West Acton

5 stars Reviewed

Amazing childminder

Shamima looked after our little boy from when he was six months old to when he was over two. She just had one other little boy in her care at the time and the two of them developed an amazing bond. It was a wonderful experience for us because Shamima provided a loving home away from home. However, she also pays a lot of attention to educational activities and our son's development came on quickly in her care. She really loves the children she looks after and treats them like her own. She was also a great support to our family and gave us lots of advice on how to care for our son (our first child). She was very flexible and would take him early or keep him late if we had extra work on. All in all, it was a very happy experience for us all.

by Avatar for Cathy Ma Cathy Ma


5 stars Reviewed

Wonderful Childminder

My daughter has been going for around 1 year and a half. Fatema is very kind and caring and I appreciate her taking my daughter out on little day trips to the park or play groups. Her home is very welcoming and clean with lots of toys and activities. She is very flexible with the hours needed for childcare as she helped me return back to work. I am glad that I found Fatema on here and recommend her highly.

by Avatar for D_defoe D_defoe


5 stars Reviewed

Emss is lovely!

Emss has an immaculate and warm setting which is so child friendly for little ones. She has loads of energy and the activities she plans for the kids are amazing. Emss clearly has a love and passion for caring for children. Would recommend!

by Avatar for Kirsten Kirsten

5 stars Reviewed


My kids have joined her from September and they’re always happy to go there and come home happy as well and with a full belly. Definitely recommend! 😄

by Avatar for Kristel Kristel

London Borough of Brent

5 stars Reviewed

Friendly babysitter

Liz is a very good babysitter, reliable, always on time, caring, enthusiastic and immediately connected with my 9 months old baby. I highly recommend her!

by Avatar for Daniela Daniela

Chorleywood, Rickmansworth

5 stars Reviewed

The perfect childminder

I can not recommend Georgina enough! She takes great pride in providing a warm and loving place for kids to grow and learn and quickly puts the worries of a 1st time parent (like me) to rest!

My son is just about to turn 2 and very clingy and it amazes me when he just goes to her as if it is his 2nd home. He absolutely loves her and for me that is a huge bonus! When he is unwell he is happy to be comforted by her and she keeps me updated with a text so i dont have to worry at all.

Geogina sends me photos of Kyree while he is there and they have days out to soft play, parks and farms, another thing we love about her.

She is knowledgeable and willing to provide advice when needed but not intrusive in any way.

I would have no hesitation in recommending georgina to any parents considering her. I just knew she was the 'right one' as soon as i met her.

In my view you will not find better.

by Avatar for Kyree201 Kyree201

Martha H

5 stars Reviewed

Highly recommend Martha

Martha helped us with our one year old son for a bit more than a month. We would've loved to continue working with her but we are moving to a different area.

We would recommend Martha wholeheartedly. She is very professional, constantly asking questions and keeping us informed of what's going on with our boy.

She brings lots of energy to the job, which is great for an active kid such as ours.

But most importantly Martha is caring… our boy is happy to see her every morning!

by Avatar for Katerina Katerina

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