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1 stars Reviewed


Rosie tried demanding a 50 hour contract from myself after agreeing to a flexible contract that worked for me as a single parent. She then followed me harassing me to my car, while I was leaving my little boy, leaving me vulnerable and refused to shut my car door and let me leave to go home. All while her own son was left inside alone with two dogs.

Rosie then text me to say she was withdrawing my sons care with immediate effect and now I am left as a single working mum with no childcare.

Avoid at all costs!

by Kerry

5 stars Reviewed

Agnieszka perfect childminder

We are so very thankful to have found Aga and for her to be my child's carer. My son spent 2 years in Agnieszka home and always came home looking happy and calm. His development was greatly enhanced by being in a solid, fun, regular environment.
Aga is a very efficient, capable, loving person. Lovely to see each day.
I am extremely happy to give Aga a perfect review.

by daria

BGN Stan

5 stars Reviewed

Great nursery

This is a great nursery. My son started here in February 2019 and he absolutely loves it. I feel confident that he is safe and happy whilst he is there and this helps me concentrate on my work in that time. The staff are absolutely fantastic. Our key worker is like a second mum to my son. All staff in the pre-toddler room are so caring and honest. The whole atmosphere here is very nice.

by ReM


5 stars Reviewed

Lovely, gentle childminder

Ro looks after both of our children - our 1-year-old daughter most of the week, and our 3-year-old boy one day a week. Both of them love going and settled almost instantly. I love that Ro takes them regularly to toddler groups, or for days out, but she understands the need for them to have plenty of quiet play time at home, too, in a relaxed, home-from-home environment. She has a great set-up in her house, with a fabulous playroom and lovely garden, where I'm sure the children will spend lots of time in the summer.
I'm very grateful to Ro for also accepting our slightly chaotic schedule, due to one of us being a shiftworker. She has been so accommodating.
Above all, I believe Ro's ethos in raising children is totally in line with our own - gentle, relaxed and as child-led as possible - so I am 100% comfortable dropping them off each day. I would highly recommend Ro's services to anyone.

by Lizzie


5 stars Reviewed

Interactive and outgoing

Danielle has been looking after my daughter for over a year now, and I have to admit, that she is probably the most outgoing/interactive childminder from the few that I had before. Diaries always up to date, she takes kids to parks/play centres/farms, she does activities with them. My daughter is not even two yet, and she can already count, she is getting better with alphabet, she is learning colours, shapes, sizes... I can see the progress and I am always updated with her learning and things that she is struggling with.
All in all, would deffinitely recommend her, as she is not only a childminder, but she manages to provide a home away from home environment for kids as my daughter is always happy and cheerful when I drop her off at her house.

by Egle

High Wycombe

5 stars Reviewed

Part of the family

Rachael has cared for our daughter for a year, and we are sad that our circumstances have changed meaning we've had to move her. From the first time we went to meet Rachael, she has always been welcoming and the action that sealed the deal was when our (tired and teething) one year old crawled over and sat in Ray-Ray's lap within 5 minutes of meeting her!
She had provided nothing but love and care for our daughter, who is sometimes 'lively' (apparently that's the PC word!). She provides stimulation and a variety of activities to encourage her children to develop, and they take part in every day life which has been like a home from home for our daughter.
I would highly recommend Rachael and we wouldn't be moving away from her if we hadn't had a change in circumstances.

by Robyn

High Lane

5 stars Reviewed

My little girl loves going to Harriet!

Can not recommend Harriet more highly. She has a very calm, loving, but assertive way with children which I love. My little girl attends Harriet’s 1 day a week and is very happy there. My little one has always been picky with who she settles with so I was nervous when we first started with Harriet. My little one is now 18months old and was settled very quickly and loved going to Tilly’s House.

Harriet always has fun and educational days out and activities for them. I love how much time they spend outdoors and also being creative.

by Geo

High Lane

5 stars Reviewed

Amazing Childminder

We could not recommend Harriet enough for her childminding service and babysitting service. Our daughter is with Harriet 4 full days a week and LOVES it, she's 2 and a half and been with harriet since 10 months old.
Harriet supports her development encouraging active and structured play. They attend classes and experience interaction with other children,and learn about things through stories, structured play, crafts and more. Harriets attention to detail is brilliant and her focus on development has helped our little girl develop into an amazingly bright little girl.
Her own daughter has really helped our little girl come out of her shell and develop a lovely personality.
Despite our daughters multiple allergies Harriet is more than accomodating, making homemade food for lunch and serving allergy friendly, low sugar snacks.
Harriet really is a one of a kind childminder!

by Abby

Samantha Anne Fisher
Spondon Derby

5 stars Reviewed

Sam is the best!

Sam is absolutely wonderful. She was the first ( and last!) child minder we went to visit when we were looking for someone to look after our little girl. As soon as we met her we knew she was the right person. She’s very gentle, kind and absolutely amazing with children. I get regular updates and photos throughout the day showing what they are doing which is great! Sam provides lots of fun activities and my daughter is always very happy when I pick her up. I can’t recommend Sam enough and we are blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you x

by Beth


5 stars Reviewed

Excellent childcare provider

Pauline looked after my daughter for a couple of weeks for holiday cover, so i could start work earlier than expected, it was short notice and unsocialable hours but Pauline didnt mind.
My daughter was very well looked after, and always came home clean, quite often she didnt want any tea as she had been fed well at paulines.
I have since had friends ask me who my daughter was with as they had seen them out and about the town, they commented on how impressed they were with how much attention and interacting Pauline did with the children in her care, all the children looked happy and was having fun and enjoying their time, they also commented on how well behaved my daughter was for a change, if i need to change my permanent childcare arrangements in the future, Pauline would be the 1st person in line to ask

by Sara

Nocton, Lincoln

5 stars Reviewed

Lovely nanny

Sandra looked after my 18 month old daughter for me while I was on a course. Sandra is very well spoken and made me feel reassured about leaving my little girl with her. She did a brilliant job with her and I could see that my daughter was very well looked after and had lots of fun playing with her. She also took her to a play group too. I will be keeping in touch with Sandra for any child care needs I may have in the future.

by Emily

Epsom and Ewell

1 stars Reviewed

Extremely Unreliable

Following a first interview, we arranged for a second interview to allow her to spend a little more time with our children and to also meet her own, to see how they got on. The date and time was confirmed, but frustratingly she was a no show, and with no follow up explanation by text or phone, nothing.

Whilst researching nannies I came across 2 of her older profiles where other parents left 1 star review for exact same reason, a no show with no explanation given.

I would expect a bit more professionalism from someone who is applying to look after your children.

Here is the link to her other 2 profiles should you wish to check it out.

Don't waste your time on someone so unbelievably unreliable.

by Dorota_B


5 stars Reviewed

Really reliable, would definitely recommend!

My little boy loves it here! It's lovely to know that he's happy and safe while I'm at work.

by Jody


1 stars Reviewed

Please check carefully this person

She took care my kids a few days. I found she don't have any experience with kids, i was contacted for another person with bad coments then i put a camera in my house then inmediately fired her. Totally Disrespectful.

by Juliana

Peek A Boo

5 stars Reviewed

Fairly happy

Very happy Keiara was very content wen she came home I found her very approachable I hope she enjoys the rest of her time with you .xx

by Yenny

5 stars Reviewed


Hajer has been an amazing childminder for our son. I was very worried about leaving my child with anyone who wasn't family but Hajer made me feel at ease and our son enjoys her outdoor activities especially the trampoline. Overall an excellent, helpful, attentive and accomdating childminder.

by Aydenmum


5 stars Reviewed


Naomi helped me with my 9 weeks son during my brothers wedding. She is very professional and experienced, she took care of my son and everyone in the wedding told me that she was taking care of him very good and that she really cared about him while I was busy. She was lovely and very helpful. When we was taking pictures she gave me my son so he can be in the pictures and she was lovely to my parents and my family. My 3years daughter have meet Naomi too and she really liked her. I would like to say thank you very much for all your help Naomi you really are amazing. I would definitely want her to take care of my kids if I need her one day and I would definitely recommend her.

by Samid


5 stars Reviewed

Good Babysitter

Kerri took care of my child and was able to calm him down when he was upset. She followed instructions carefully. She is also friendly and helps the child she looks after to develop. Kerri is always on time and very professional

by Boa


5 stars Reviewed

Simply the best!!!!

As a qualified nursery teacher I employed Hannah to work as part of my team in a large nursery school.She is highly professional and built positive relationships with both children and parents.She is creative,hardworking and has a real enthusiasm for caring and looking after children.This is why I also entrusted her to look after my 3 girls on numerous occasions, my three girls love her and her sense of fun!

by MissT


5 stars Reviewed

Peace of mind

I came to work in Newcastle for six months with my (then) 9 month old, leaving my family, friends and support network back in Nottingham.
When I came for a visit the children in Susie's care were well looked after, happy and calm, they kept offering toys to my son who appeared very 'at home' in the new surroundings.
Susie is very warm and caring, as is Claire who works with her. I could see from the online journal that Oliver was involved in many varied, age-appropriate and stimulating activities and, with Susie's catering background, he had lots of home cooked meals and we are certainly not troubled with a fussy eater!
Having Susie look after Oliver meant that I could relax knowing that he was safe and happy and very well looked after while I was working and really added to my lovely experience up in Newcastle.
Thank you Susie, you do an amazing job xx

by Frances

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