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leeza - Belfast

Would recommend we got her once and she is our regular babysitter now. Very punctual and reliable and works with you. Good with kids also are oldest has autism very good with her.

Colin - Luton

Colin had been baby sitting for our now 2 year old for a while and is amazing. Always very helpful putting the little one to bed while we eat and thoughtful keeping us informed throughout the night. Colin is obviously very caring and passionate about working with children and this can be seen with how he interacts

We’ll definitely be continuing to use Colin

Josie94 - Trowbridge

Josie came over to our house and looked after my 3 month old for an evening - this was the first time I'd left him with someone else other than family so I was quite nervous. She was very caring and adaptive to our requirements, and I'm truly grateful for her help. She kept me updated through the evening for my peace of mind - next time I need a babysitter, she will be the person I call!

by Avatar for VJCW VJCW
kim - Milton Keynes

Kim looked after our daughter 3/4 days a week from when she was 3 months until about 7 months, and subsequently she has done some adhoc care for us.

Our daughter loves Kim and even if she hasn’t seen Kim for a month or two she instantly goes to her. Kim is warm, kind, gentle and patient. She has been so good to us supporting us when we’ve needed help. We’re so pleased to have Kim in our daughters life as a trusted person.

by Avatar for Simon Simon
Lizzie - Rugby

Lizzie kindly dropped in a few days before and introduced herself in person. That made it a lot easier for my child to accept Lizzie on the evening. I like that Lizzie prepared questions around the routines when meeting us the first time. Great experience and I look forward to book Lizzie again.

by Avatar for Nicol Nicol
Erika - South Norwood

Erika is absolutely amazing. We were so anxious about leaving our daughter and she made the whole process so much easier than we ever could have hoped for. Erika plans such fun and educational activities for the children throughout the day. Her house and garden are designed specifically for the children and I feel like our baby’s development has accelerated whilst in her care. Our little girl is excited to go to Erika’s and is happy and full of energy when we pick her up. Erika is kind and caring and so sensitive and understanding of our needs. We get regular updates, reports and observations on Tapestry and I feel like Erika is considering the care, the development and also the education of our daughter. We feel so lucky to have found her. Thank you Erika! x

by Avatar for Emily Emily
Sultana - Peckham

Our daughter has been with Sultana for almost a year, and we have watched her blossom and grow under their watchful eye. She started at 9 months for a day a week and is now 1.5 and attending full time. The love and care that she receives is second to none. She has such an attachment to their whole family, and comes home singing songs and excited to show her artwork. Tea parties, Friday discos, free play, art classes… she is stimulated and engaged and ultimately just so happy there, receiving lots of cuddles and attention. The small setting enables her to receive a high level of care and one on one moments and she is so happy and secure. The environment is safe, warm and spotless! We are so proud to have found this special place and we can’t imagine how she will ever leave when she’s older! The summer party in the park with all the parents and children - present and past, really speaks to how valued Sultana and Shah are ⭐️

by Avatar for AlexW AlexW
Valeria - London Borough of Southwark

Being a first-time mom, the thought of leaving my precious firstborn in the care of someone else was undoubtedly nerve-wracking. However, the moment Valeria entered our lives as a nanny, those hesitations dissolved. Valeria's exceptional dedication and proficiency in caring for our child have been nothing short of a blessing. Valeria actively invested time in understanding and implementing the 'Montessori' parenting style that resonated with our family. The impact of her dedication became evident as our little one began learning Spanish, confidently naming animals and expanding their vocabulary.

Ruma - London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Unprofessional and insistent, keeps repeating messages even though I haven’t replied. Wouldn’t trust someone like this with my child

by Avatar for Mina Mina
Anna - Stroud

Anna was punctual and warm and friendly, she bonded quickly with my child. Upon my returning home my child was happy in her care.

by Avatar for Lou Lou
Tots - Glasgow

Tots is a very good place for childcare needs. Tidy and professional. I get picture updates regularly on my daughters activities. My daughter is always looking forward to her day there.

by Avatar for Dee Dee
Katie - Gillingham

Katie is a brilliant childminder who always makes sure the children in her care have a great experience.

My daughter always looks forward with spending time with Katie, and enjoys the fun activities planned.

Whether it's taking them out to various places, or organising craft activities at home.

She's been really great with my daughter by supporting elimination communication, potty training and anything else that we need.

Would recommend Katie to anyone looking for a childminder

by Avatar for Tina Tina
Melissa - Maidenhead

Melissa was a room leader at the nursery my daughter attended from the age of 1, she is now 6!
Melissa is an amazing person who cares so much about all the children that have ever been in her care. My daughter loved spending time with Melissa and she made sure my daughter felt safe at all times.
Melissa supported my daughter within meeting the required Early Years milestones over a 3 year period.
Melissa's communication with parents / carers was always professional and daily feedback on what the children had been up was always given.
If you needed any advice to support your child at home Melissa would always help with recommending ideas to try.
We still see Melissa out and about and she always wants to know how my daughter is doing. Always has a smile on her face!

by Avatar for Amy Amy
The Night Nurse - London

Assya helped me the first weeks on my journey with a newborn and I was so much more at ease having her around. She brought a lot of professional advice on the breastfeeding journey as well as nights with a newborn. I was confident leaving my newborn with her and her guidance was really appreciated and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone who needs that extra confidence in this challenging new journey.

aisha - Manchester

Great child minder and very flexible, friendly and understanding. She always finds a solution to make your life easier, especially being able to do dropping and picking off my son from school. She's the best, her patience and love of what she does is amazing. I always know my son is in good hands as her home is always a welcoming environment, clean and well organised. I would totally recommend Aisha for anyone looking for childcare.

by Avatar for Rita Rita
Jayne Burraway - kempston beds
5 stars 5*

Olivia has been with Jayne since September and I can honestly she has come on leaps and bounds after being in Jayne’s care. She absolutely loves going and spending time with her and the other children. Jayne does so much with them all like toddler groups, messy play, learning etc…
I always love to read about what Olivia gets up to in the day in her diary and Jayne provides us with pictures at the end of the day too which is lovely.
Thank you so much for caring for our daughter, would recommend Jayne to anyone!

Katie - Gillingham

Our little girl has been going to Katie for almost a year now and I can honestly say our little girl loves and adores Katie.
Being first time parents we we’re very anxious to leave our 10 month old with someone other than our friends and family but soon as we went and met Katie and her setting all that worry was put at ease!
Katie treats our girl as if she was her own, everyday they are doing something fun from attending local play groups or visiting the farm or nearby parks!
Katie is so accommodating and understanding and not only supports Olivia she supports us!
Olivia loves her time there and it makes the mum guilt so much easier knowing this!
We’re forever be thankful for Katie’s love and support she provides us with!

Kellie - Leebotwood

Kelly has been a fantastic childminder for our girl for over a year now. She is responsible, caring, honest, communicative and quickly won our trust when we first met. She’s been quick to respond and offer her help even in last minute situations, always punctual, calm, collected and prepared. She is genuine and true natural with children. She is also open minded in receiving feedback and guidance on how we would like our baby to be cared for, yet still offering her advice based on her experience when watching the development of our girl. For anyone who is looking for a nanny, I would strongly recommend Kelly, she is an amazing nanny who will care for your children like they are family.

LJA72 - Royal Borough of Greenwich

Lisa has been helping us to look after our daughter since she is 3,5 month old. She has been brilliant, extremely trustworthy and always punctual. We wanted to work with Lisa for longer hours as a nanny but due to her availability she has been doing some ad-hoc hours and babysitting which have been very helpful.
Lisa can be flexible and always tries to find a solution to make your life easier. She is also a very good communicator and knows how to keep your little one content and occupied. At the end of the working hours, she gives you a really nice summary on how the day went and reports all her observations which reflect her years of experience with children. Being looked after by an experienced nanny definitely makes a difference for your little one. Most importantly, as a parent you can have a peace of mind when you leave your child with Lisa as she will 100% keep your little one safe. Therefore, I would highly recommend her both as a nanny and babysitter.

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Jessica - Warrington

As per review title. No message or explanation.

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