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Nat Danks

5 stars Reviewed

Amazing Childminder ! Highly recommended

Had many childminder’s over the years, but Nat and her team are fantastic! My son settled there instantly and absolutely loves going. The children and parents are made to feel so welcome and it is a lovely caring friendly setting with plenty activities. Food and snacks are great according to my son (a priority for him!) and I never have to worry about anything. I am totally relaxed going to work knowing my son is well cared for.
Can not recommend Nat enough :-)

by Fffairy

Natalies Popins

5 stars Reviewed

Brilliant Chilminder

Natalie has helped me through the process of settling my 2 year old with her. I think we did about 8 settling in sessions in the end. I honestly didn't think he would settle as he is diagnosed as Autistic and is very anxious. I can honestly say she is Magic - he seems to genuinely enjoy going to her and doesn't even cry now when I leave. I cannot recommend her enough for her professionalism and kindness. I love the reports she does for him and she has even got him to try new foods which is a miracle. She also started an assessment for him which genuinely helped the pediatrician when we went for diagnosis.

by Jessica

London Borough of Lambeth

5 stars Reviewed

Cannot recommend highly enough!

Sandra is an absolute gem! My son has been with her for 15 months - since he was 6 months old - and we all adore Sandra. She is extremely professional, dedicated and takes great care to learn all about her charges and to develop their interests in discussion with parents. She goes above and beyond to provide a welcoming, stimulating and safe environment with all sorts of excursions, trips and visits. She also provides delicious and varied meals and communication is thorough and detailed. Luc has absolutely flourished under her careful, conscientious and loving care. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

by TracyD


5 stars Reviewed

Goes above and beyond

Premila has been a superb childminder for both of my girls. My eldest has just left to attend pre school but my youngest still attends. Premila is extremely supportive of the girls and me. She was so helpful when I had my youngest and looked after my eldest for longer hours at the last minute and even came to collect her from my house when I was trying to feed my baby.

Both girls adore going to Prem’s house and really enjoy the varied activities that they do. I’m always kept up to date with how they are on how they are progressing. I totally trust Premila when she has my children and that is what I was looking for with a childminder. She is both extremely professional but also caring and I know she honestly cares about the girls and enjoys their company.

Both my girls settled in extremely well there and slept, eaten and played well. I am extremely happy with the service provided.

by Michelle

Laura Al
New Malden

5 stars Reviewed

His smile at the end of the day is amazing!

Laura has looked after my 18month old for a few months over the summer holidays and my little boy has been so happy with her. He runs into her house when I drop him off, usually forgetting to even say goodbye to me, and all I hear all evening is “Laura play, Laura tickle, Laura sing”, he evidently loves spending time with her.

Laura has been so accommodating with the childcare options, helping out with last minute hours when needed. Her communication has been great, the meals he has sound delicious and are really varied and she’s helped manage the transition from two naps to one seamlessly.

I cannot recommend Laura highly enough, any family would be lucky to have their child in her care.

by Harriet

London Borough of Newham

5 stars Reviewed

Thank you very much!!

All 3 of my children attend (oldest one started school now) this lovely childminder. Twins are so happy to go there which clearly indicates me as a mum that they are very happy there. A perfect place for your kids. Fresh food prepared on site every day. VERY friendly staff❤️❤️ Highly recommend it to others as well.

by Megan

Little DreamZz

5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic Childminder and setting

My little girl has been going here for around 2 years now. I have never had any problems, all the staff are very friendly, helpful and brilliant with the way they interact with the kids. They are flexible, approachable and always happy to help, I couldn't ask for any more from them. My little girl loves coming here and has developed and learned so much since she has been attending Little DreamZz, she has lots of friends here and she is always making pictures and cards and gifts to bring home for mummy and daddy.

by Alex


1 stars Reviewed

Horrible experience! AVOID!!!

This person's name is Alba and she was a terrible disappointment! She completely wasted our time and money. She had confirmed the nanny job with us and we paid her for lots of trial sessions to come in and bond with our baby. Only ONE week before starting with us (and me going back to work) she said that she didn't want to be a nanny anymore and that she had got a place for a teacher's training (she had never mentioned to us that she had applied!)
We were so horrified by this experience and the lies that we decided to put our little baby into the nursery as we felt that we could never trust a nanny again!

by Soraya


5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic nanny!

Yesi is absolutely lovely! She is a very happy and caring person. My children, specially my baby immediately was attached to her and was always smiling around her. She is very flexible and she was also teaching Spanish to my children. Truly, a wonderful nanny and babysitter!

by Soraya

Blu girl

5 stars Reviewed

Babysitting our little girl

We would like to say a very big thank for looking after our little girl. She has been in the best hands, been tucked in bed, slept all night and woke up in excellent mood chatting and smiling 🥰 We had an amazing experience and would highly recommend!!

by Demi

Ana Vi
London Borough of Haringey

5 stars Reviewed

An amazing tutor

Ana, been tutoring my daughter for a few years now and she is truly amazing very patient flexible very friendly. If my daughter timetable changes I will be hiring her again.

by Zoe

Little Legs

5 stars Reviewed

Excellent childcare

Laura is very kind and caring and a fantastic childminder. Although our little boy has only been with her a short time he has settled in straight away and absolutely loves it and is extremely happy. Its a lovely nurturing environment and we are so are so impressed with the variety of activities Laura offers. There is also a beautiful playhouse in the garden, which our little boy loves.
Laura provides us with photo updates, which is great so we can see what our little one has been up to.

I can’t praise Laura enough, we were very lucky to find her and I would highly recommend her without any hesitation.

by Sarlou83

5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic with my daughter

Angela has been amazing with my daughter, she has been going since she was 9 month old . Straight away we all felt so relaxed when meeting Angela, she is a lovely person who always goes above and beyond to help us when she can. I couldn’t imagine leaving my daughter with anyone else whilst I am at work I know she is safe and happy there and I don’t have to worry about her throughout the day.

by Emma

Bradley Stoke

5 stars Reviewed

Excellent childminder

Hazel is a Brilliant childminder.
My daughter looks forward to going every day.
Professional, informative and organized.
Hazel is very flexible which is a god send with a hectic life with 2 year old.
Highly recommend this childminder

by Jen


5 stars Reviewed

Practically perfect in every way!!!

Sabrina has been caring for all 4 of my children for some time now and I could honestly not be happier!! She is caring and thoughtful as well as diligent, efficient and organised. My children love her so much and enjoy all of the games, activities and learning that they experience when they visit her each day (They often don't want to leave).
Sabrina provides my children with a wonderfully structured day and I have full trust in her. She provides me daily updates through the progress up on what they have been doing including pictures and videos and a detailed report on naps and foods eaten. To add further, Sabrina provides nutritious and delicious snacks that my children are always coming home and asking me to get for them.
If you want a superb childminder who you can trust and who will create a home from home environment for your children, then I'd most definitely recommend Sabrina.

by Sherri

Shafaq Khan

5 stars Reviewed

Caring and very polite

After my maternity leave, we were so worried to leave my little baby who was just 10 months old at child care, but one of our friend’s suggested Shafaq & Kamal Khan.
After reading reviews about them we decided to meet them, after meeting with them for twice we were completely satisfied that my little Baby is going to stay with them when we are at our work.

And undoubtedly they have looked really well and my little one was happy to go there.

We were always updated about my little one is feeling through our WhatsApp group where regular photos and videos are uploaded.

Sometimes we use to get delays in the evening to pick up my little one but they were completely OK with it and never showed any frustration to us.

Really loving, caring and polite people.

by Summa


5 stars Reviewed


I didn’t know where to start when looking for a childminder when my daughter was 6 months old.
I visited quite a few childminders but with Jody my gut told me she was right for my child.
She is very warm and loving and my daughter took to her very quickly.
She’s 2 now and Is always asking to go to her house. She plays games, keeps them entertained, takes them to play groups and to the park. She encourages them to interact and play with other children. Jody respects my food choices for my child and also protects her if other children start to be horrible. I’m kept up to date, can look at photographs and she gives child advice as well. A star. Jody treats my child as if she’s her own and my child is often cuddling her children.
I feel very at peace knowing my child is loved and cared for as if she’s their own.
Definitely recommend her.

by Vanessa


5 stars Reviewed

Reliable and responsible

Maryam is a good a reliable babysitter. She saved me on two crisis occasions when I needed an emergency babysitter. I found her through this website. Within a very short notice Maryam showed up and took care of my sick daughter while I had a job interview I could not reschedule. The second time i got sick and had to go to A&E, so grateful Maryam came within 30 minutes to take care of my daughter without any clarity of how long it will take. She is very responsible, followed all my instructions - especially important in our case as my kid has allergies. She also easily bonded with my daughter. Overall, highly recommend her, Maryam is a safe pair of hands.

by Ina

Rainbow Cloud
London Borough of Croydon

5 stars Reviewed

Brilliant & Outstanding Childcare Provider

My daughter really enjoyed this setting with Nabila. The setting was versatile, diverse and suitable from baby to all primary school ages. I was impressed by the genuine duty of care and the time and effort invested in my daughter's welfare and growth. Nabila was more than just a 'babysitter. My daughter had a mentor and someone who encouraged a positive metal attitude, recognition of self worth and growth. The setting is very well organised so that different age groups are engaged in appropriate activities. Nabila's approach to discipline is firm but fair, encouraging respect and manners.A very inspirational role model for children to be around. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity for my daughter to be part of this setting.

by Miss RB


5 stars Reviewed

A wonderful childminder

Alex has been looking after my daughter,18months old, since September 2018.She is really positive, flexible, loving and caring, making sure little ones have fun and keep busy while having healthy home cooked meals.
I am so happy to have found her to take care of my baby, I strongly recommend her!!

by Elena

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