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Royal Borough of Greenwich

5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic Nanny

Ashlee is a wonderful nanny; caring, reliable, thoughtful and far more. My 7 month old absolutely loves her and so do we. She brings warmth and happiness into our home and has created a really great bond with our baby - who has a massive smile on her face as soon as Ashlee walks in the room. She has my full trust, is easy to work with and is a pleasure to have in the house.

From her years working in a nursery she also has all of the requisite knowledge and experience around health and safety, age appropriate activities, songs, weaning, changing etc.

I am more than happy to provide a reference.

by Susie

Epsom and Ewell

5 stars Reviewed

Like a second mum to my daughter

Melissa is so unbelievably loving and caring to our sixteen month old and we are so happy we found her. Our daughter is so excited to see her very week and isn’t even bothered saying goodbye to us as she’s so happy with her! I was so worried leaving my daughter with anyone who doesn’t nap well but melissa was always incredibly patient understanding and has followed theas lead.
I couldn’t recommend melissa enough as she’s full of fun, love and variety for the children.

by Laura18


5 stars Reviewed

Riffat childminder

Extremely really good childminder. Riffat never let me down. No matter if it was short notice she was always there and took care of my both children. Riffat is one of the best known childminders that I known within my experience I have used quite a few childminders and she is one of the best. Good time keeping felixble excellent with the children. I would recommend to use riffat as childminder never let's you down she is totally amazing.

by Mahnaz

5 stars Reviewed

The Perfect Nursery!

My son has been attending this Nursery full time for a little while now, the staff are amazing! Everyone is so kind and helpful and you can tell they are passionate about their job. There's a really nice sense of community among the parents and the staff. I was made to feel extremely comfortable from the moment I viewed the facilities, and it made going back to work and being separated from my baby that much easier. The place is so clean and homely. I've never seen such a beautiful nursery!
My son absolutely loves being there, whenever I drop him off/pick him up he's smiling and playing with the staff and the other children (whom are all extremely polite and lovely!). Since being here, my son has come on and developed unbelievable amounts! He's learning so much everyday and I love reading about what he has been up to.
I can't imagine sending my son anywhere else. This place is really special.

Thank you so much for easing this experience, you're all amazing - keep at it! x

by GeorgiaR

5 stars Reviewed


We moved our two children to Yaqadoodle one month ago and it has proven to be a fantastic decision. Thanks to all the activities the children do, our three year old boy is thriving and we literally have to drag him out sometimes. Our baby daughter gets all the close attention she needs in a stimulating environment, and every single one of the staff are friendly, approachable and professional. 100% recommend.

by David Mc

C Simpson

5 stars Reviewed

Excellent Chlidminder

My son Charlie ( 2 years old ) has been attending Carolyns childminding service for 2 days a week for 7 months.

During this time I found Carolyn to be very professional knowledgeable and very supportive of my sons changing needs.

It is with regret we are moving him to a closer nursery where his older brother currently attends
I feel Charlie has greatly progressed socially since attending Carolyns and feel he will miss going.

I have no hesitation in recommending Carolyn for child care services.


by Ben

Jades Mini Friends

5 stars Reviewed


Jade has been looking after my three children for over a year and I couldn’t recommend her enough. She treats my children as I would and that is all you can ever ask for. I have no concerns about when my children are there and she treats my children like family. You would not be disappointed in jade she has such a loving heart and truly cares for all children she looks after.

by amyno


5 stars Reviewed

Wonderful childminder

Jac has had my 1 year old for the last 6 months and she has made going back to work so much easier knowing my little one if safe and having fun! My little girl has such a good connection with Jac and she we don’t even have tears in the morning when she leaves me! I would definitely recommend her!

by Katie


5 stars Reviewed

Exceptional highly skilled and qualified!

BLOOMEDUCARE (Jubeda ) has come into our life (blessed to have found her) . She formed relationships with all family members instantly ( superb social and communication skills. She has the ability to adapt to all situations and is always going out of her way to support our demanding family. Her knowledge on working with special needs children is outstanding, my son absolutely adores her. She has become part of the family in such a short space of time . BLOOMEDUCARE provides us with many services tutoring, childcare in the evening/ holidays and most of all we know we can rely on her for emergency she does not take on many children at once as she wants to ensure she can provide children with unlimited attention , time and this is great to know that she puts the children first. We are very LUCKY to have found her. As a family we are all very thankful for her service and are completely satisfied with BLOOMEDUCARE! Truly SPLENDID she is !

by Mandy


5 stars Reviewed

Brilliant Babysitter

I was a bit nervous looking for a babysitter for my now 7 month old son but Anna is friendly and approachable. She clearly has lots of experience with children.

She has brilliant baby skills and I have no issues leaving my little one with her.
She is punctual and reliable. She is very engaging with my baby and my little boy enjoys spending time with her.

I have used Anna a few times now and I honestly wouldn’t choose anyone else!
Great babysitter. ☺️☺️

by Michaela


5 stars Reviewed

Reliable, Trustworthy and Knowledgable

Emily Looked after my 4 years old son over 7 months, full time. She is very creative to plan all kinds of activities for my boy and has a very good understanding of what the child wants. On top of usual nanny duties, she provided extra support for my son's wider education requirements and prepared comprehensive reports to reflect the progress of my child. Due to my nature of work, I had to travel frequently. She is very flexible and always willing to help in very short notice.

Unfortunately, she had to relocate. I trust she will be the ideal nanny/educator for any family.

by BenJ

Hana Beever

5 stars Reviewed


My little one went to Hana when he was 10 months. I was so nervous but Hana was great and always happy to help! He is an active baby and she keep him busy with all activities. She provides such a nice home environment with lots of outdoor activities, crafts, baking. Hana gave my son Alex such a great time. Her place is so cosy and welcome for the kids.Thank you.

by Katarina

Raynebow childcare
South Croydon

5 stars Reviewed

Absolutely wonderful

My wife and I have been extremely happy with rayne-bow. Whitney has been looking after our 1 year old for 3 months now, we receive regular updates on our daughter day and diet. Our daughter goes to classes and swimming with Whitney too. My wife and I work long hours and rayne-bow has been a good send. Highly recommend.

by MNeckles


5 stars Reviewed

Mimi is wonderful !

Mimi was fantastic with my 3 month old baby girl and my energetic 3 year old son. She was loving and patient with the kids and cared for and played with them so well. I trusted her completely with the kids. She has a lovely personality and is very reliable and dedicated to her role. I would recommend her as a good fit for any family.She was only with us for a few months but I wish it had been longer! We loved her and felt lucky to have her as part of our family.

by Ruani


5 stars Reviewed

We love Shelley

Shelley has looked after my wee boy for over two years now and I cannot rate her highly enough.
My wee boy loves her to bits and I always feel so at ease when I know he is with her. Shelley provides a warm, caring, nurturing environment and you really feel like your wee one is treated like a extension of her family. She is helpful and flexible and has got me out of a few tricky childcare situations over the years! Thank you Shelley for being amazing!

by Megan


5 stars Reviewed

Cleanliness and kindness

actually , i left my children with them 6 months , they are very kind , there are many activity every day and some time they bring children to park or museum and so on ,the place is warm and clean , we recommend this

by Hossam


5 stars Reviewed

Much loved nanny for our boys

Gail has looked after both my boys for almost 4 years since my youngest was 9 months old. I have never had any doubts about Gail's ability to look after the children as well as I can. She is reliable, trustworthy, fun and an amazing help with our hectic family life.
The boys adore her. She has helped my youngest with everything from potty training through to phonics, preparing him for his next adventure starting school. Everyday they have so much fun with her.
Gail is also very calm in situations and while fun is obviously an important part, I also appreciate that she can be stricter with the children when needed (such as meal times!).
Gail has also helped out on overnight stays, weekends and later evenings through the week to accommodate our work commitments.
We will be sad to see Gail leave but I know her next family will be in the safest hands.

Written reference also available on request.

by Donnajo1

London Borough of Enfield

5 stars Reviewed


Glenda has worked with us for 3 years and has been an absolute god send. I have complete trust in her and how she has helped in the early years development of our daughter. I highly recommend her as a nanny and an easy fit for any family.

by s114oc


5 stars Reviewed

Fantastic Night Nanny

Melody did a fantastic job of night nannying my 6 week old premature twins.

Her long experience of working with babies showed immediately in the confidence with which she took hold of both babies. The love she has for tiny new people also shined through. I think babies pick up on the mood of whoever is holding them, and my little ones seemed to know they were in good hands with Melody. We do on demand breastfeeding and usually bed share. Melody was able to keep the babies calm and happy in another room, bringing them to me for just feeds. This allowed me to get long solid blocks of sleep in between. She did all the settling, burping and nappy changes. Best sleep for ages, really made me feel human again.

Melody is also incredibly hygenic, she wears a mask and gloves when out and about and is very careful, doing handwashing etc.

I thoroughly recommend Melody as a nanny or night nanny. Thanks Melody!

by Tish


5 stars Reviewed

Excellent Maths Tutor

Svetlana has been tutoring our 10 year old son, who has been struggling with maths, for about 3 to 4 months. We are delighted with the progress that he has made. Svetlana is a very patient and kind teacher and has greatly helped with his confidence and understanding of maths.

by Madeleine

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