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Herne Bay

5 stars Reviewed

Wonderful nanny, warm and creative!

Debbie looked after our daughter for a month while I was working in Kent and I can’t recommend her enough! My daughter took to her straight away, and despite two weeks of icy rain in the dead of winter, Debbie was never short of activities for them to do. She is extremely creative and there were lots of arts and crafts done when it was too wet and cold to spend much time outdoors. Debbie was very reliable, always on time, left our home tidy and was very flexible with great communication.

by Avatar for Vanessa Vanessa


1 stars Reviewed

Nanny for our family

After 2 1/2 weeks she started with us she messaged me at 11pm she had a food poisoning and wouldn't be able to come the next day. I had to look for emergency childcare for the next day and told her she could stay at home for another couple to days to recover. She then disappeared and never replied to my messages again. Very unprofessional.

by Avatar for Moutraki Moutraki

Staines- upon-thames

5 stars Reviewed

Highly recommend

Where do I start, Lyssa and her family have been incredibly sensitive, flexible and caring during these times. Lyssa has provided excellent childcare throughout lockdowns and has been a rock. Within a few sessions my unsocialised (because of Covid) 1 year old has gone from crying hysterically to going to Lyssa with open arms and waving goodbye with no tears. I can’t express enough the confidence and trust that I have with Lyssa and my children. If it hadn’t been for a 30 mile move I would still be using her services. She’s a great childminder and would also call her a friend. *****

by Avatar for Brysines Brysines


5 stars Reviewed

Simply the best!

Jenny has been looking after our daughter for over 3 years now and we can't recommend her enough. We were quite anxious as our daughter Charlie was only 6 months old when I went back to work but Jenny helped us to go through that difficult period by being extremely supportive and by providing so much love to Charlie.
What we love about Jenny is that she always keeps the children entertained, she takes them to the local parks/playgrounds, they do arts and crafts, have "parties" or play in the garden. Jenny makes sure that she's got toys suitable for all ages and even tries to accommodate individual needs. At one point our daughter was very much into dinosaurs so Jenny made sure Charlie had lots of dino toys to play with.
Jenny provides us with regular updates on Charlie's development. She is also flexible and understanding which is very important to us as key workers.
Jenny's daughter Charlotte is equally amazing and all the children love her.
We feel lucky to have found Jenny, she's like a member of the family to us.

by Avatar for nat505 nat505


5 stars Reviewed

Harriet is a great tutor

Harriet has been tutoring our 8yr old daughter and she's been amazing! She is very conscientious, patient and easy to work with. She's reliable and our daughter finds her very approachable and can cover a wide range of subjects and activities.
She has made home schooling so much easier and rewarding for all of us!! Highly recommend!!

by Avatar for Shires71 Shires71


5 stars Reviewed

The best team!

My little boy, Ronnie has been with Cheryl and her girls since August 2019. During that time they have treated him as their own! Each milestone he's reached, they've played a massive part in helping him acheive. Everything a parent looks for in a childcare setting is right here!

He absolutely loves his days there and i can't wait for my little girl to start with them later this year.

Truly thankful for everything they do and for making my working life so much easier knowing he's in such good hands.

by Avatar for Tanya La Tanya La

Leamington Spa

5 stars Reviewed

Home from Home

My son started with Anoushka in November 2019 when he was 11 months old and from the get go we have had nothing but an amazing experience with her. We had our settling in sessions and never looked back. She has been a real support, not just to my son but to me as a first time mum getting back into work.
She has been flexible when I have needed and always communicated everything with me clearly and in good time.
In regards to my sons development she has always encouraged him, supported his learning and also allowed him the freedom to do the things he enjoys doing. A couple of examples of this are, he is a big lover of music and so they will have disco time and on another occasion she knew of his love of Toy Story and so they used craft time to make Forky.
He really has come on in leaps and bounds since being with Anoushka and I feel she really goes above and beyond in her work to make her setting a safe, welcoming and loving place where little ones can thrive.
I will always recommend her to anyone and I just hope she has space for baby number 2 when the time comes!!

by Avatar for MrsD89 MrsD89


5 stars Reviewed

Flexible friendly and fantastic !!!

Being key workers my partner and i are regular having to change shifts at short notice. Jenny is always on hand to help out and is always understanding when she gets the call of sorry we can't get home ! Some one will pick her up later I promise !
Our daughter loves going to Jenny and complains when ever we try to keep her at home for the day. I honestly think that is the best recommendation you could ask for.

by Avatar for PaulB PaulB


5 stars Reviewed

Experienced and professional

Salimatu has taking care of my daughter from when she was about 2 year old to date even now that she attends regular school she is still her childminder on holidays and when needed.

She has been very professional in taking care of my daughter ensuring that her wellbeing, safety and needs are taking into consideration. We do set targets for my daughter's which she willing work with me to achieve.
She is very caring, loving and my daughter always looks forward to going to her setting.

In her younger years with Salimatu, my daughter was able to learn and progress greatly beyond her age peers as she was thought various academics for her age and also encouraged to explore and develop other skills.

I will recommend her to anyone looking for a childminder. As a mother who has raised up grown children she is very passionate about her job and taking care of children and love to see them flourish.

by Avatar for Josie Josie


5 stars Reviewed

Outstanding service

I currently have two children at TTs tots who have been attending there since she started. I was initially concerned about My youngest as he was very emotionally attached to me and would suffer separation anxiety at previous nurseries and so I was understandably anxious about leaving him. Since he has been attending TTs tots he has really come out of his shell and he loves going as does my oldest child. The setting is very clean and child friendly and I consider my children to be safe whilst they are there. Letesha has been nothing but accommodating especially throughout the current pandemic.

by Avatar for P B P B

5 stars Reviewed

Can’t ask for better

My two children have attended the setting since they were 9 months old. Now nearly 6 and 2.5.
They absolutely adore Vanina and Jane and so do we!
The setting is welcoming, with no end of resources, indoor and outdoor, which Vanina and Jane work extremely hard to maintain and keep up to date. They cover so many topics at the setting and without doubt both of my children’s development has been massively enhanced by going to the setting.
Outside of COVID the children love going on day trips to groups, national trust, and the beach to name a few. They do cooking & crafts aside from playing. My children feel safe and secure at the setting and always come home having had a great day. During COVID the setting has been very accommodating especially with the constant changes in guidance and rules. I can’t praise Vanina and Jane highly enough.

by Avatar for optiplex optiplex

Tracy Co

5 stars Reviewed


Tracy looked after my daughter for a short period of time, I was gutted having to move her due to relocating. Tracy is a Wonderful Childminder caring, friendly and made sure my daughter was happy and settled every time we dropped her off. Tracy provides a large variety of activities and walks/ outings, she has a lovely outside space too for children to use.

by Avatar for Kia Kia


5 stars Reviewed

Outstanding and caring Childminder

TT's Tots is an outstanding Childminder. They are thoughtful, caring and considerate to us as parents. We joined TT's Tot amidst COVID, and found that every precaution was taken to ensure that a safe environment was provided for our child, us and for the other children who are already attending.
Even from the introductory meeting, which consisted of having an open discussion about us and our little one. As I am a new mum I was put at ease and reassured that our child was in safe hands. Letesha ensures daily that her home is clean (immaculate) and safe, for the children to roam and play. Fortnightly updates are made on an our Tapestry app to see how our Child is progressing. We are also encouraged to do the same on the app. We even get a little handover at the end of the day to let us know how little one has been up to. Our little one is very happy to go to the Childminders because of the fun environment, as well as the much needed social interaction required during this difficult time. Letesha has helped and encouraged him to play, interact, speak, walk and talk even after a short time and he has clearly made a bond with Letesha and Alex and has even made a few friends.

by Avatar for Vidhya Vidhya


5 stars Reviewed


My little boy has be going now for 2 months and he has come on loads with this learn and speech. The staff are really friendly they make him feel like he part of their family and he loves going I really can’t thank them enough .

by Avatar for Zach mum Zach mum


5 stars Reviewed

Wish I could give more stars!

Can't recommend tts tots enough! When first enquiring, I asked all the questions I wanted to ask, and was given detailed responses. Not long after a video call was set up so I could virtually have a tour around the house! I was very impressed about how warm and homely it felt, loads of bright colours used and saw lots of toys available for the children to play with. Tts tots have took every care to protect the children during this time so that the children can all remain happy and safe whilst being in there care. Within the next couple of days, my daughter was booked in for a induction to see how she got onm. Baring in mind she has never been in nursery or child minding settings, I was anxious at first as didn't know how my daughter would react/behave, that feeling was quickly set aside when I received pictures of her playing and having fun. From then on I know that I have made the right decision, can't recommend Latesha enough, she is mum that can relate and understand the financial stresses of child care, so her prices definitely mirror this. MANY THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU AND YOUR TEAM DO! x

by Avatar for Katie Katie


5 stars Reviewed


When looking for childcare for my son I was really worried and scared with having to leave him at only 6 months old. After meeting Letesha for the first time I felt at ease straight away. She was so reassuring and has been from day one. She will always get back to me ASAP if I have messaged and asked how my son is getting on. She has a lovely home and my son absolutely loves going there. He now gets excited and smiles as soon as we pull up outside her house. I can go to work knowing my son is in safe hands. Thank you for everything you do, not only for Cohen but for me.

by Avatar for Kirsty Kirsty


5 stars Reviewed

Wonderful, loving childminder

Our daughter has been with Ruth from the age of 9 months, up until now (she is now just under 2). Ruth has been incredibly caring, kind and supportive with her. She clearly enjoys her job as a childminder and spending time with children, is always full of ideas of outings and crafts & activities, and has always communicated with us very well. During lockdown, Ruth has been a lifeline for our family - managing to take care of our daughter while homeschooling her two daughters, without it impacting the quality of her care. She has a large garden full of nooks & crannies for little ones to explore, and under her care our daughter has developed great language and numerical skills - pushed no doubt by Ruth's conversation, and her two older daughters who have inspired our little one a lot.
Her house is clean and Margot has enjoyed the home-cooked food and numerous toys and play.
I would highly recommend Ruth as a childminder, she has been a rare find and has provided a lot of love, learning and caring for our daughter over the months.

by Avatar for Marine Marine


5 stars Reviewed

Amazing childminder

Both my sons attended lisa, the both gained so much experience and lived been around her, her family and the other children in her surroundings.. One of my children is partially sighted and was very delayed and lisa brought him on amd now he is nearly 7 and ahead with everything .. i would highly recommend xx

by Avatar for Kerry Kerry


1 stars Reviewed

Warning other parents for the bad experience

I wish i could give 0 stars
I want to start by saying that luckily my child didn’t had to experience anything with this person.
I have contacted many childminders to enquire for childcare. Being a new mum and new with childcare options i had to carefully make the right questions. I’ve been through different forums to make sure what is the right path and questions when having to deal with a childminder. Most of the childminders I’ve been in contact they were more than happy to guide me through with all of my queries, even more than that sending me welcome packs and more.
She was abrupt in most of her answers.
What are your policies on vacation/sick days/snow day/summer hours/etc.?Do you have a welcome plan?ARE AKWARD -she said
3. All the times to get an answer i had to wait DAYS
4. Under normal circumstances I would have asked to View her home, which will be the childcare setting to decide if I’m happy with the set up. Instead I’ve asked for photos/video.
And at least meet outdoor in a preferred location by her with mask and distance to be able to discuss it through.All of wich She DENIED me.She made all of this journey so difficult and on last occasion she was rude to me.
I can't review her way of childminding but if she’s like that from the start ....Me as a parent I Wouldn't want my child around her one second
I wish I could ss all conversation and post it so everyone could see.

by Avatar for Cristina Cristina

5 stars Reviewed

We love Lynsey ✨

Lynsey is our little boys childminder. She is excellent with him and he has really flourished since being with her. She is calm, understanding and always listens to me when I have any worries or concerns. She is great with Charlie and he always waits by the door every morning so he can leave to spend the day with her! Lynsey is very pro active and take him out for walks too. 5 stars!

by Avatar for Laura Laura

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