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4 stars Reviewed

Very professional and nursery like setting

Meegan is extremely well organised and professional. Her setting is immaculate and well organised, much like a nursery environment. She has a lovely big house so the two rooms feel spacious. She was informative and friendly and it sounds like she has runs a great operation - well planned and structured! I am confident that children so well in her care.

by Avatar for Lindsey Lindsey


5 stars Reviewed

Home away from home

After our experience with nursary, we decided to go for a childminder and we couldn't be happier with our decision to send our daughter to Gina's practice.

Our daughter is going to Gina's for 4 months now and our little girl loves it. The homely setup of the practice where our little one has so much fun and also has the space to explore and learn at the same time is perfect. She has learnt colours, does some gardening, learning to eat with spoon and has done so well with walking. Gina keeps us updated of her activities during the day and has helped with every milestone and works with us to create the best experience for our girl.

by Avatar for Som Som

Southend On Sea

5 stars Reviewed

Amazing childminder!

Angela has looked after both of my children over the last 6 years and I could not recommend her highly enough. I was very apprehensive about leaving my daughter when I had to return to work but Angela helped every step of the way. The amount of care and support she provides to all the children in her care is outstanding. She provides a wide variety of activities for the children each day and I love hearing about what they have been up to on the Babys days app. She prepares the children so well to move on to school, both of my children have made such amazing progress, I will never understand how she does it! They have both enjoyed their time at Angela's so much and we will miss seeing you every day next year.

by Avatar for ciaramae ciaramae


5 stars Reviewed

Highly recommend

Emz3star was the very first childminder I got for my little son, who was 3 years old at the time.
I found getting a stranger to look after my baby quite stressful, as you can imagine. However, when I met Emz3star, I got such a positive and reassuring vibe, that I didn't even bother meeting any other potential childminders.

Emz3star was very punctual in picking him up from nursery, caring and fun. As Emz3star has her own children - she has experience and common sense to deal with any possible issues. I could absolutely relax, knowing that my son would be well looked after. Her house was always clean, she was always smiling and my son still asks after her - a year later. I would absolutely use Emz3star again, if I needed childcare.

by Avatar for Kristine Kristine


5 stars Reviewed

fantastic and reliable

we needed to get a carer sorted for our son ASAP (within a matter of only 2 days). Melissa was happy to come and meet my son and I prior to the day required. She is kind, reliable and flexible. At the end of the day I asked my 2.5yr old son, did you have a good day, did you have fun, did you like Melissa all to which he replied yea! I then asked would you like to have her look after you again? he replied yes please mummy :)

Being perants with no family to help in childcare in the UK, we are not used to leaving him with people (apart from nursery), so I was rather nervous about leaving my son with someone we didn't know, but she eased my anxieties very quickly.

Thank you Melissa! and Ollies super excited to see you again in a few weeks time xoxo

by Avatar for BexBag BexBag


5 stars Reviewed

top girl

Shauna is a lovely bubbly girl and my two children adore her. She does so many fun things with them. Highly recommend .

by Avatar for sarah sarah

London Borough of Bromley

5 stars Reviewed

A positive experience for us all!

Casey has been fantastic with my daughter. I was a bit apprehensive about leaving her as she was always contact napping and breastfeeding on demand, and I had no idea how she’d react to this change. Casey has been so understanding and patient, helping my daughter settle in easily with her friendliness and welcoming attitude. Even during the lockdown when I kept my daughter at home, Casey kept in touch and helped my daughter keep the connection. She always has fun activities planned and is helping my daughter grow in confidence and nurture her skills. I’m kept up to date during the day which is also really helpful.

by Avatar for GHafren GHafren


5 stars Reviewed


Was really nice to go out. Absolutely loved my dog ❤️❤️ sent us updates on how baby and dog was. Very polite and friendly. Would defo recommend !!

by Avatar for Aimee Aimee

South Bucks

5 stars Reviewed

Saturday Babysitter

Munisah was our youngest daughters carer at her nursery. After circumstances changing we required Munisah to Babysit for us on a Saturday. Alissia recognised her straight away after waking from her sleep and we knew she would be in great hands. Munisah ensured A was safe as they played in the garden and had lots of fun together. She fed her and ensures she drank plenty. We are so pleased that we have already booked Munisah again. Munisah has such a friendly and welcoming personality that children take to her immediately. She is mindful of situations to ensure the best care is taken. Fully recommend to anyone.

by Avatar for Neil Neil


5 stars Reviewed

On time, polite and very sweet.

Tiffany is pure definition of babysitter! Will def be using her again.

by Avatar for Yoyonj Yoyonj

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

5 stars Reviewed

Wonderful, happy and flexible

I don’t know what I would have done without Soodi since my son started school. I have absolute confidence and trust in her. She’s been looking after my son since he began Reception and drops him off and collects him. She sends me regular photos and texts of what he’s been doing and it’s always educational, fun and imaginative. She gives the children wonderful parties for different events like Christmas and Easter but also tells them a little about her own culture, which I love.
We really feel like she’s an extension of our own family and would absolutely recommend her.

by Avatar for Manjiri Manjiri

London Borough of Islington

5 stars Reviewed

Wonderful childminder

Returning to work and leaving your child with someone new for the first time is daunting for any mum. Pam made the process as stress free as possible and by the third day, our son leapt into her arms when we dropped him off and there were zero tears. It was heartwarming to see how quickly he took to her and I am sure it is down to Pam's warm and caring nature. Our son absolutely loved being at Pam's and we will all miss her.

by Avatar for Sophie F Sophie F


5 stars Reviewed


The kids loved Winnie, they forgot about their YouTube because she engaged them in different activities e.g hide and seek, watching movies and chatting. They want her back soon. She was really good with them.

by Avatar for Lizshaba Lizshaba


5 stars Reviewed

Good experience:)

We have used Shelly’s childminding services and were happy with the childcare she offered to our two year old. She’s a warm person who we trusted to look after our little boy and felt safe living him in her care. The house is a lovely setting for a child to explore and grow. You can clearly see there has been a lot of effort put in to ensure children can excel. We found Shelly very professional to deal with and understanding of our needs. I would definitely recommend her as childminder:)

by Avatar for Atina83 Atina83


5 stars Reviewed

Highly recommend.

We moved to London over 3 months ago and were in need of a babysitter. Chris is brilliant. She has helped me last minute before and is lovely. My little boy loves her and can’t wait to see her again. Would recommend her to anyone and I’m glad she is the new babysitter addition to our family as I know George is in safe hands.

by Avatar for GeorgesM GeorgesM


5 stars Reviewed

Brilliant childminder

Sam has looked after my boy for about a year. He has loved every minute of it. Sam is very patient with the children and keep them busy. She has also been very patient with the parents!!! We needed somebody flexible and she has... always ready to help! Her house is very clean and she keeps our children safe! Unfortunately he is going to a school in September which is not in her area otherwise he would stay with Sam. I do recommend Sam she has been brilliant.

by Avatar for Sunshine Sunshine


5 stars Reviewed

Exceptional nanny

Daria came to us when our son was a few months old, and stayed until he was entering reception. We can highly recommend her as a nanny. She is very calm, intelligent and thoughtful, and acts on her own initiative. She has a very special, close relationship with our son, who absolutely adores her. She really cares about child psychology and child development, and would spend hours engaged in creative and interesting activities with our son, painting, drawing, building, gardening and going out into the parks. She is extremely patient, never resorted to screen time and has a Steiner training background which came through in the creative activities that they worked on together. Our son’s level of concentration is now exceptional and we believe this to be very much linked to her care. She is very fair minded and engages with children on their own level.

by Avatar for tufnell tufnell


5 stars Reviewed

5 stars!

She was excellent. I felt happy leaving my son with her as the moment we met I had a good feeling about her. She went the extra mile to meet us before she looked after him on her own. My son always enjoyed the times he had with her. She was creative in activities/playing, great fun and practical. Anything I asked she hadn’t a problem with and was kind enough to send pictures of how he was doing as I have often worried how happy he was without me! She really engaged with my son. Honestly, I couldn’t recommend a better person for looking after my child, It’s a shame we moved away from Brighton.

by Avatar for Sarah Sarah

Rabbit W
South Croydon

5 stars Reviewed

The sweaters person ever

My son (15 months old) is being with Sally for about 3 months, he is super happy and is enjoying so much his time in rabbit warren, they do a lot of activities and he is learning and developing so quick, Sally is so sweet with the kids and the communication with us is been great, I highly highly recommend her.

by Avatar for Anna M Anna M


5 stars Reviewed

Excellent Ad-hoc nanny

Claire cared for our children when we both decided to work from home.
She arrived with a bag full of art supplies and games. She immediately had a great relationship with them.
They went out on days out, to the park and made sure lunch was prepared and healthy.
I really hope Claire will have some availability in the near future to care for our children again.
I must say that working from home was perfect and I couldn’t recommend her enough as an excellent ad-hoc nanny.

by Avatar for Tommy Tommy

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