Free 2022 Childminder Organiser

FREE 2022 Childminder Organiser Now Available

Childminders! Do you feel organised and ready for the year ahead? Do you have all your important dates and reminders in one place… or is everything scattered across your living room table?

This free Childminder Organiser from will provide you with a convenient place to record all your important childminding information, including prompts for things to do, dates to remember, children’s timetables to record who comes on which day and daily routines which can be shared with parents to help you comply with the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Childminder Organiser separates the year into 4 seasons and provides you with easy to use printable paperwork, including attendance registers and calendars and monthly paperwork to help you plan each month, linking closely to the monthly Group Planning Guides and Activity Guides already available for gold members on the website.

If you choose to record learning, development and progress to share with children’s parents, your Childminder Organiser also contains sample paperwork including individual monthly observation, assessment and individual planning sheets and termly summary reports. A monthly personal review document and an annual parent feedback form are also provided to help you reflect on your practice and ways of working.

Download the free Childminder Organiser 2022

Download the free Childminder Organiser 2021 are always listening to their customers and this Childminder Organiser is just one of a range of documents produced to help childminders manage their time effectively and to support them in their work. In addition to this new Childminder Organiser you will find a range of free childminder paperwork which uses the same fonts and designs as the Childminder Organiser, to help you streamline your documentation.

More Free Childminder Paperwork

If there are any other documents you would like to see in the files, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

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