Free Return to Work Coronavirus Toolkit for Childminders

Helping childminders who are returning to work

In order to help childminders return to work after closure due to Coronavirus we have produced this FREE childminder toolkit containing free childminder contracts, free policies & procedures, free risk assessments, free paperwork, free webinars and lots more. PDF documents are free for all members and Word versions are for gold members only. All paperwork has been updated in relation to Covid-19.

We also have a Free Return to Work Coronavirus training video for childminders and early years settings.


Free Childminder Contracts - Why pay for contracts when they are free?

Updating contracts for Covid-19 type events

Childminder Contracts (Parent-Provider)  [Updated August 2020]

Contract Addendum [New 12th June 2020]

Assistant Contract  [Updated March 2020]


Fees Policy  [Updated April 2020]

Business Sustainability Plan

Parent Survey [New 24th May 2020]

Supporting Home Learning [New 26th May 2020]

Staying in-touch - Staying Safe [New 26th May 2020]

Steps to Reopening Childminding Settings [New 3rd July 2020]

Preparing for Local Lockdown [New 29th August 2020]


Free Policies & Procedures - Over 24 free policies and procedures

Childminder Policies and Procedures (all updated) 

Medical & Emergencies

Supporting Children with Bereavement

Illness and Infection Control Policy  [Updated April 2020]

Illness Record Form  [Updated April 2020]

Ongoing Medication Permission Form  [Updated May 2020]

Emergency Contact Form

More free childminder forms (22 in total)

Coronavirus Risk Assessments

Coronavirus Risk Assessment webinar  [Watch again on Webinar Player - Gold members only]

Coronavirus Risk Assessment Guidance  [Updated 17th May 2020]

Coronavirus Risk Assessment   [New 4th January 2021]

First Aid & Safeguarding Training

Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding Training Advice  [Updated April 2020]

Paediatric First Aid Course  [15% Tigerlily Discount]

Return to Work Staff Bundle

Staff Return to Work Bundle - This staff / childminder assistant return to work bundle contains a staff record form, staff supervision form and staff declaration form – a ‘print and use’ option for all childminders.

Staff Anxiety & Stress  [New 16th May 2020]

Supporting Vulnerable Staff [New 18th May 2020]

Are you OK? The impact of Coronavirus [New 29th August 2020]

Return to Work Learning and Development Bundle

This learning and development return to work bundle contains advice for assessing children’s learning, an ‘all about me now’ questionnaire for parents, ‘starting points’ sheets for different ages of children and a simple progress tracker – a ‘print and use’ option for all childminders.

Learning & Development Bundle

Return to Work Safeguarding and Welfare Bundle

This safeguarding and welfare return to work bundle contains updated child registration form, consent and information sharing form, non-prescribed medication form, emergency contact form and parent-provider contract – a ‘print and use’ option for all childminders.

Safeguarding and Welfare Bundle

Staying Safe - Hand Washing, Cleaning and Social Distancing

Coronavirus Early Years training video

Hand Washing Procedures - NHS information on how to wash your hands 

Cleaning Advice

Cleaning and Disinfecting your Childcare Setting

Social Distancing

Steps to Controlling Coronavirus [New 26th May 2020]

Free Poster: Things to do if a child or staff member has symptoms of Coronavirus

Return to Work Webinars

You can watch previous webinars after broadcast on our Webinar Player

Restarting your Business Webinar  [Watch again on Webinar Player - Gold members only]

Staff Training (including childminders) Webinar  [Watch again on Webinar Player - Gold members only]

Curriculum Planning Post-Coronavirus Webinar  [Watch again on Webinar Player - Gold members only]

Welcoming New Families after Lockdown Webinar  [Watch again on Webinar Player - Gold members only]

Managing your Time after Lockdown  [Watch again on Webinar Player - Gold members only]

Information for Parents

Starting School Tips for Parents and Providers  

Parent Discussions [New 31st May 2020]

FREE Poster: Coronavirus information for parents with children in childcare settings

Childminder Insurance

Am I insured to work during the Coronavirus pandemic?

The childminder insurance policy does not exclude injury claims arising from allegations of injury from infectious diseases if caused by accident, however if the act is deliberate then there is no policy cover. You must ensure that you follow guidelines and regulations set by the government, your regulator and public health departments.


The coronavirus crisis is a fast moving situation and new guidance may be released by Department for Education, Public Health England and other governmental agencies at any time. For this reason, we reserve the right to update or change any documents on this page at any time in the future. 

Read our Childcare Providers and Coronavirus FAQ for more information and the latest updates from the DfE.

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