Bedtime Nannies

What is a bedtime nanny?

One of the most stressful times of the day for many parents is their children's bedtime. Parents hope the process will be smooth and easy but often the mere act of informing your child that it is bedtime can cause events to descend into chaos!

Over the last few years we've seen a significant increase in the number of families seeking part-time nannies and more recently it is becoming increasingly popular for parents to hire a bedtime nanny.

Bedtime nannies generally arrive at your home around one hour before bedtime and their aim is to make bedtime a pleasure rather than a pain!

What is the role of a bedtime nanny?

Every family has different requirements but bedtime nannies generally offer the following services:

• Assisting children finish their dinner

• Assisting children shower or bath before bedtime

• Assisting children change into their pyjamas

• Ensuring children brush their teeth correctly

• Reading children a bedtime story

• Ensuring children go to sleep at a suitable time

Depending upon the ages of the children, a bedtime nanny may also ensure that any school homework is completed before bedtime and that their school bags are packed and ready for the following morning.

How much should I pay for a bedtime nanny?

Bedtime nannies may work for as little as just one hour per day for your family, usually fitting the role around other daytime jobs. For this reason bedtime nannies usually earn a premium hourly rate compared to more general nanny jobs.

You should expect to pay between £20 and £50 per hour for a bedtime nanny depending upon your location, the duties required and the experience of the bedtime nanny.

Who are the bedtime nannies?

Bedtime nannies usually have other paid employment during the day. Often they have nanny jobs that may finish earlier in the day or they may work as teachers, teaching assistants or be employed in nurseries.

Is a bedtime nanny right for our family?

A bedtime nanny isn't suited to every family and many parents may frown upon the duties that they perform. However, a bedtime nanny can often make the lives of some families easier and even make for happier children.

You may find that having a bedtime nanny for just a couple of evenings a week can bring more peace and tranqulity to your family and home.

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