Hiring a good nanny

Top tips on how to hire a good nanny

The selection process can be stressful, you want to be sure that you’re hiring the best possible nanny for the job. You may be flooded with applications and before you can even begin the selection process, it is often a matter of sifting through until you find a few gold nuggets. After all, your children are very precious so it is important that you make a list of minimum requirements and don’t compromise on your top priorities. Remove the common hurdles by following the tops tips to help you to find and hire the best nanny available.

• Identify your priorities, make a list of requirements and consider applications accordingly

• If this is the first time you’ve hired a nanny, ask friends for their experiences and advice

• Do you want an older nanny with experience or someone young and full of energy?

• Do you require a nanny that drives and does she have a clean driving license?

• Ask the nanny if she would mind spending a little time after the interview, playing with and getting to know your children. This can provide a great insight into her childcare skills and how she interacts with children in an age appropriate manner

• A nanny who has invested in her own career through training and childcare based education is clearly demonstrating her commitment to the job

• If age allows, ask your children for their feedback following the play session

• Involving your children in the selection process can be of benefit if a particular Nanny is a favourite, keep in mind though that background checks and references are still essential when making the final decision

• Did you the Nanny arrive on time for the interview

• Were her hygiene standards up to scratch and was she well presented

• Take careful thought before hiring a Nanny who smokes, decide on your policy about smoking during working hours if the Nanny does smoke.

• Makes an effort to stay in touch and responds to your messages or calls in a timely manner

• Discuss various scenarios with your prospective Nanny, does she offer acceptable responses and do you feel confident in her ability to deal with a stressful or serious situation.

• Has the Nanny demonstrated good listening skills by answering the questions asked?

• When asked, can the nanny rattle off a range of age appropriate activities and game ideas that she would incorporate into the care provided?

• When following up on references, ask if the Nanny was trustworthy, punctual, reliable,capable, responsible and able to multi-task?

• Finally, trust your gut – if you have any concerns, explore them until you’re totally satisfied with the outcome

You will need to be resourceful and committed to your search. In many cases, your ideal nanny is also looking for you! Using an online search facility such as childcare.co.uk means that as well as saving your hundreds of pounds in agency fees, you’ll also be able to search day and night, making instant contact with nannies in your area.

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