How to apply for Ofsted registration as a Nanny

Step 1 - First obtain an enhanced DBS check

Follow our guide for obtaining an enhanced DBS check.

Step 2 – Complete the Ofsted CR1 application form

Ofsted has an online application system

You will need to create a Government Gateway ID if you do not already have one.

Nannies register on the voluntary part of the Childcare Register. When on the page for starting a new application, click the link titled CR1 Application – Application form for the Childcare Register.

Section A – Type of Provision

As a nanny you are a Home Childcarer.

Section B – Applicant Details

Enter your name, date of birth and contact details.

You need to provide five years of address history. This must match with the same address history you provided when completing your DBS check. Do not have any overlapping dates or any gaps in the address history.

Section D – Setting Details

Note, there is no section C to complete. The application form dynamically adjusts to the type of provider completing it, so irrelevant sections are removed.

This section is about where you will working. If you will be working at multiple locations, complete this form based on where you will be most of the time, your primary work address.

You must complete details about children in your care despite the form not indicating this is a required field. If you have not yet got a job, pretend you will care for one baby.

Section E – Suitability

This is where you confirm that you have a DBS check.

If the DBS check was carried out using the Ofsted/Capita system, then select YES for question E2. If your DBS check was carried out by another organisation, select NO for question E2. Your check MUST be on the DBS Update Service.

Section G – Home Childcarer

This is where you confirm that you meet the criteria for Ofsted registration.

Appropriate First Aid training – when caring for children under age 8, you must have a certificate that states Paediatric First Aid.

Knowledge of child protection and safeguarding – you need to be aware of the signs of abuse, FGM and Prevent Duty. Gold members can access safeguarding training as part of their membership. You must also know your local referral procedure, who you would contact in the event of a concern about a child, or an allegation made about you. This is usually coordinated by your local county council or local authority. Contact your local Family Information Service / Early Years Service for further details. Many councils publish information for childcare practitioners on their website.

Childcare training – you must have either level-2 or above training in childcare, or have attended a Common Core Skills & Knowledge training course.

Once you have submitted your application form, Ofsted will check the form and send you a message saying that the submission has been successful. They will issue you with a tracking URN (Unique Reference Number).

Step 3 – Wait to be registered

You will now need to wait, sometimes a few weeks, sometimes much longer, whilst Ofsted carry out various checks. Ofsted will use the messaging system, or call you, if they need to discuss anything. Ofsted has a target of completing registrations within twelve weeks. Many will complete quicker than this, others will take longer.

After a period of time Ofsted will send an invoice in the post, this contains details of how to pay online or via bank transfer. Ofsted may also request a copy of your First Aid certificate. Only send Ofsted copies of certificate they specifically request, do not send the original. Remember to include your tracking URN on any document you send. Ofsted may request to see the original of your DBS check – if that is required, send it using recorded delivery.

You are not registered until you receive your printed Ofsted certificate.

Once you have your Ofsted certificate, parents can provide your registration number to their company/childcare voucher provider. If parents are using the Tax-Free Childcare scheme, within a couple of weeks of being registered, you will receive a letter from Tax-Free Childcare containing a code to create your account. Create your Tax-Free Chidcare account and then provide parents with your Ofsted registration reference and your Postcode. Both of these are shown in your Tax-Free Childcare account when successfully created. When searching for you as a childcare provider, parents need to enter in your registration followed by one space then your postcode. For example: EY123456 AB123AB

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