Nanny with their own children - What are the benefits?

Should you hire a Nanny who wants to bring her own child with her to work?

The initial idea of hiring a Nanny who wishes to have her own child with her at work can evoke mixed emotions. As with any decision, there are good points and also points that may require further consideration.

If you have a small family, perhaps one or two children then the idea of hiring a Nanny with her own child can be a potential benefit to all. Your children will gain additional social skills and a Nanny with her own child has the added benefit that she’s an experienced Mother. She will appreciate what your children mean to you and she may also be very grateful for a job where she can continue to work while still being able to care for her child during the day.

If you have a larger family where practical issues such as the time available to care for each child effectively, the fact that you may require a larger family car in order to accommodate the extra child and also concerns over whether or not your children’s needs will be put before those of the Nanny’s own child, can mean that it may not be the ideal choice for your family.

What are some of the other advantages in hiring a Nanny with own child?

In some cases, it can be a more affordable option. Some Nannies are willing to work for a lower wage if they can care for their own child at the same time as caring for yours. When considering an applicant, it can be useful to put aside the fact that the Nanny has her own child, and focus initially on her skills and experience. If you feel that she would be the strongest contender if she wasn’t already a Mother, it may be worth deciding whether or not you are prepared to lose her on that basis and risk having to pick from a potentially less ideal selection of candidates who are child-free.

Opening up your search criteria to consider Nanny’s with their own children can mean that you also have a larger selection of candidates to choose from overall. If you are only offering a part-time position then it may be more difficult to find a Nanny without her own children who is willing to work part-time hours only. There is also the risk that a Nanny without children may see your job as a ‘stop-gap’ until something comes along that offers more hours and ultimately, more money. 

As you can see, there are many pros and cons. A Nanny with her own child may be a great option if you’re looking for someone who knows the value of being a parent, is grateful for the job and as such is likely to stay on for a longer period and be potentially open to fewer hours if you don’t require full time childcare.

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