The Progress Check at 2 is no longer disapplied and must be completed

The DfE have updated the EYFS disapplication requirements – 7th September 2020.

The guidance now states:

'The progress check at age 2 will not need to be undertaken during any period of intervention related to coronavirus (COVID-19) ... however, ‘providers should still remain alert to any emerging concerns about any child in their care and endeavour to provide or seek additional support if needed.’

The guidance goes on to state:

‘It is expected that the checks will take place as soon as is practical once the child returns to, or joins, the early years setting, including where a child has turned 3 if it is considered appropriate and useful in the provider’s professional judgement and in discussion with the child’s parents or carers.’ will continue to support members who are writing the Progress Check at 2 with sample documentation linked to the EYFS 2017 requirements and the non-statutory Development Matters 2012 guidance.

Review your Progress Check at 2 forms

Download a free sample Progress Check at 2 Report form

Review your Targeted Plan documentation

Download a free sample Targeted Plan document

Read more detailed guidance gold members can access more detailed guidance on the Progress Check at 2 in Chapter 11 of the Learning and Development guidance.

Watch our Progress Check at 2 webinar

If you need further information about the Progress Check at 2, gold members can watch the 2 Year Progress Check webinar - first broadcast on Tuesday 27th November 2018 on our Webinar Player.

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