Progress Check at 2 - FAQ

At the moment, early years providers in England do not have to write the statutory Progress Check at 2 – they are ‘disapplied’ from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS, 2017). Read more information about the disapplications to the EYFS.

The written Progress Check at 2 will be statutory again from 25th September.

This means that, from September 25th 2020, when the disapplications to the EYFS end, you will need to re-start writing / typing your Progress Checks at 2 for any 2 – 3 year olds in your setting.

Who needs a check?

Every child between the ages of 2 and 3 years must have a written Progress Check at 2. This means that if a child is still aged 2 when the disapplications to the EYFS end on 25th September 2020, you will need to do a check for them. The Progress Check at 2 can be written or typed.

What about during lockdown?

The disapplications to the EYFS stated that you did not need to write a Progress Check at 2. This means that, between April 2020 and 25th September 2020, if a child left your setting, or turned 3 during this period, they do not need a Progress Check at 2.

Why do I have to do the check?

The Progress Check at 2 is a statutory document – it is the only statutory learning and development record keeping required by EYFS.

What if the child is new to the setting or turns 3 very soon?

If a child is aged 2 – 3 at any time after 25th September you must write a Progress Check at 2 for them.

What if I don’t know the child very well?

If a child is new to the setting – and is still aged 2 – 3 after 25th September – the EYFS states that you must agree the best time to write the check with parents. parents will be able to give you information about the child’s learning and development at home and your initial observations of the child, in the setting, will tell you enough information about their progress to allow you to write the check.

Note: If you are unsure, you might find it useful to refer to the current Development Matters (2012) non-statutory guidance for more information.

Do I have to tell parents?

Yes, the EYFS states that you must consult parents about writing the Progress Check at 2 and provide parents with a copy of their child’s check. A second copy of the Progress Check at 2 should be printed, signed by you and parents and placed in the child’s file, for Ofsted to review during inspection.

What do I need to write?

You must write a short summary of the child’s progress in the prime areas of learning:

• Communication and language

• Physical development

• - Personal, social and emotional development

This must include information about what the child can and cannot yet do, focusing on any areas where the child has significant developmental delays, including what you are doing to support them.

What if the child is struggling?

What if the child is struggling? The EYFS states that you must, along with parents and other involved professionals, develop a targeted plan to support a child if there are ‘significant emerging concerns’. This should not be a surprise to parents because you are continually updating them about their child’s learning, development and progress in the setting and asking them about their child’s home learning experiences.

Do I need to give the check to the health visitor?

In an ideal world, the check is given to parents and they hand it over to the health visitor. However, this does not always happen – it will vary from area to area. If you want to share the check directly with the health visitor, the EYFS states that you must have advance written permission from parents

Note: If your Local Authority carries out the Integrated Review at 2 you might have slightly different reporting arrangements. You will need to check locally.

Do I need to do it if the child doesn’t have a health visitor check?

Yes, you must complete a Progress Check at 2 for every child who is aged between 2 and 3 years, after 25th September, because it is a statutory requirement of the EYFS.

Does the health visitor need to sign the Progress Check at 2?


Planning for 25th September

Now is the time to put some plans in place to ensure you are ready to complete the statutory progress checks.

• Check children’s dates of birth and make a list of all the children who will need a Progress Check at 2 from 25th September 2020

• Make a note in your diary so you can show an Ofsted inspector, if asked, that you are making plans to re-start the statutory writing of Progress Checks.

• Share information with children’s parents about the statutory Progress Check at 2 and speak to each family about the best time to do the check.

Many providers have taken time to update and review their systems to ensure they are working efficiently. For example, you might wish to do the following:

1. Update the information you share with parents about the Progress Check at 2

Download a free sample Letter to Parents

2. Review your Progress Check at 2 forms

Download a free sample Progress Check at 2 Report form

3. Review your Targeted Plan documentation

Download a free sample Targeted Plan document

Read more detailed guidance gold members can access more detailed guidance on the Progress Check at 2 in Chapter 11 of the Learning and Development guidance.

Watch our Progress Check at 2 webinar

If you need further information about the Progress Check at 2, gold members can watch the 2 Year Progress Check webinar - first broadcast on Tuesday 27th November 2018 on our Webinar Player.

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