Should my Nanny be insured?

Is Nanny Insurance a must?

Public Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement for nannies, however it is becoming more and more commonplace as professional nannies, by way of good judgement want to be responsible and provide peace of mind for themselves and their employers.

If anything were to happen to the children whilst they are in the nanny’s care, Public Liability Insurance provides crucial cover for legal costs and any possible compensation if the nanny were found to be at fault. Many nannies would not be in a position to pay these costs without insurance, so it is well worth discussing this with your nanny as accidents can and do happen. With a policy in place you and your nanny can feel confident in knowing that if the unthinkable happened and you did need to make a claim against her, cover is there.

Ofsted Registration for Nannies

While Public Liability insurance is not, at present, a legal requirement it is part of the mandatory criteria for Ofsted Registration. Nannies must have a valid policy in place in order to register. By employing an Ofsted Registered nanny, employers can use Childcare Vouchers to pay part of her salary.

Who pays for the nanny insurance?

As the policy will belong to the nanny as the person who is covered by the insurance, often the nanny pays for her own insurance. Employers who wish their nanny to become Ofsted Registered so they can take advantage of Childcare Vouchers may offer to pay for the policy but this is at their discretion. Often employers and nannies will split the cost if they decide both parties benefit.

Please bear in mind that regardless of who pays, it will always be the nanny’s policy and if she were to leave the employment the policy would go with her. Also, as such, the nanny herself needs to make the application. Employers who pay for the policy should also be aware that insurance would be classed as a taxable benefit and would need to be declared as a Benefit in Kind.

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