Loss of Revenue and Suspension Cover

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Exclusions

Following the Coronavirus outbreak, cover for Loss of Revenue claims caused by communicable diseases has been withdrawn. Please check the full policy wording for full terms and conditions.

Loss of Revenue Cover

Key Benefits of Cover

Covers your loss of revenue and/or an increase in cost of working for an agreed period in your business in respect of the following insured events:

• Accidental loss, damage or destruction, at the premises

• Accidental loss, damage or destruction to any property within 1 kilometre of the premises which prevents or makes it difficult for you to enter the premises for the purpose of your business

Closure or restriction in the use of the premises due to the order or advice of the competent local authority as a result of:

• Food poisoning at the premises

• Defective drains or other sanitary arrangements

• Vermin or pests at the premises

• Murder, manslaughter, suicide or rape at the premises

• Accidental failure of your supply of electricity, gas, water or telecommunications services

Key Exclusions

We will not cover for the deliberate acts of supply undertakings - failure of electricity, gas, water or telecommunications where the cessation of supply is less than 4 hours.

What you need to know

You must have insurance in force covering your interest in the premises against damage and that payment have been made or liability admitted under that insurance.

The most we will pay in respect of loss of revenue and/or increase in cost of working is £20,000.

The most we will pay in respect of denial of access, compulsory closure or failure of utility supply is £1000.

Suspension Cover

Key Benefits of Cover

In the event you are suspended by Ofsted, the Scottish Care Inspectorate or Care Inspectorate Wales due to an allegation that a child or children in your care maybe at the risk of harm, cover is provided for 80% of the amount of ordinary pay you are unable to charge for your business purposes;

• for a period of suspension up to a maximum of six weeks

• up to a maximum amount of £2,500 in any one claim and all claims during the period of insurance

Provided that you have made a claim under the Section of cover: Licence appeals and your claim under this section has been accepted.

Key Exclusions

We will not cover claims where you are unable to demonstrate and provide evidence of the amount of ordinary pay you would have charged during the initial six weeks of your suspension.

What you need to know

Ordinary pay you will be paid fortnightly in arrears at a pro-rata daily rate for each continuous day that the claim is accepted subject to the maximum amounts shown above.

Defined terms

Cover period - The cover period begins with the start of the insurance event and ends no longer than 12 months later

Revenue - Means the money paid or payable to you for work or services provided in the course of your business

Ordinary pay - The average pay you have received for your business for the eight weeks immediately preceding your suspension excluding any bonus pay

How do I get Loss of Revenue Cover & Suspension Cover?

To benefit from this free cover you simply need to be a qualifying Childcare.co.uk gold member AND be opted-in to our public liability insurance scheme.

If you aren't yet a gold member you can upgrade to gold membership.

Once you are a gold member you can opt-in to the free insurance scheme.

Full policy details and wording

Read the full policy wording for all the benefits, exclusions and other terms and conditions.

Who is the insurance provided by?

The Loss of Revenue & Suspension Cover is underwritten by Markel International Insurance Company Limited.

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