Upcoming changes to Ofsted Online

18th January 2020

You may be familiar with Ofsted Online, the system used by professionals in early years and social care to register with Ofsted, pay fees and inform Ofsted about changes to registration.

Ofsted have been working on replacing Ofsted Online. You’ll notice differences to the forms you fill in if you want to tell Ofsted about a new registration or changes to a current one.

What is changing?

Firstly, what’s NOT changing: There are no changes to the overall registration requirements or to registration guidance.

The new website will be easier for users, but it doesn’t do away with the need for careful, thorough checks on people working with children.

What is new is the website. Ofsted are closing Ofsted Online and moving over to the easy-to-use and customer friendly GOV.UK. The old service will close in spring 2020.

Childminders still need to tell Ofsted about the people living in their homes, but it will be more straightforward. They’ll also be able to see, using their account, when that part of the application is complete, and Ofsted have received all the information necessary.

The EY2, EY3 and other forms have been renamed so it’s much easier to get the right one. The guidance has been added into the forms, so you don’t have to print anything or switch between tabs to see what to do.

The new site works on modern browsers and is mobile and tablet friendly. Ofsted are moving the part where childminders or nannies pay to during the application process, rather than invoicing applicants later.

Government Gateway is being phased out, so people applying to be registered as a childminder or nanny no longer need to set up an account with this service before logging in to apply to Ofsted. Their Government Gateway logins won’t work so they will have to set up a new login.

Daycare setting administrators and social care providers will still use Government Gateway logins for the moment.

The Ofsted DBS portal is still on a separate site and hasn’t changed but is now much easier to find and at a sensible point in the users’ journey.


Dates to look out for

There will be a short freeze period on daycare applications between 15/1/20 to 29/1/20. This will be made clear to users on Ofsted Online. If this causes any significant problems, please contact enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk

There will also be a freeze period for childminders and nannies. Ofsted will not be accepting application forms for 2 weeks from 5/2/20-19/2/20 to allow checks on forms that providers have already submitted.

Nurseries and other daycare providers can use the new site from 29 January 2020.

Childminders and nannies can use the new site from 19 February 2020.

You will still be able to report a serious childcare incident and pay invoices as usual, without interruption.

Between April – June 2020, Ofsted start to close Ofsted Online. Improvements will continue up to May 2020.

All applicants will need to start any forms again on the new site if either of the following apply:

• you have not completed and submitted by the relevant date for your type of childcare

• Ofsted have to return the application after the relevant date due to missing information

Access the new Ofsted site

Access the new Ofsted childminder registration site here:

Register as a Childminder

Ofsted videos

Here are some useful Ofsted videos to help you.

Register as a Childminder

Apply to register if you are connected with a childcare or daycare

Make changes to individuals in your childcare or other daycare

Apply to register a nursery or other daycare

Add a setting to your daycare

Pay your childcare or social care invoice

Report a serious childcare incident

Register as a nanny

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