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My son was in the care of Amanda for 3.5 years and to start with everything was great.
There were two occasions where my son was left at school and I was receiving calls from school to ask who was picking my child up!
Amanda both times had an excuse for this (running late)

When the new premises opened everything went down hill. Another 2 occasions in 6 months my son was not collected from school and blame was put (by Amanda) on to her staff!
The school my son attends was also blamed as they 'have always disliked her' (her own words) On these occasions I had to arrange for someone else to collect my son but no refund was recieved for the service that was not provided!

My son disliked going in the last few months complaining there was nothing to do and no space to play.
You pay extra for meals. A hot meal is what I was told they would provide but more often than not sandwiches were what the children were given.

On the Thursday 21st Feb of half term I was sent a text to say there would be no school pick ups or drop offs for an unknown period of time. As payment is made on the first of the month for the month ahead I had already paid for the next week. I have still not received a refund for this paid week!

My son is now happy elsewhere.

Just take a look at the Ofsted rating!
ALOT of safeguarding issues.

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by Naomi

Response from children4uschildcare

Thank you for your review, 3 mths this is now being put on our profile ,
Your child loved coming everyday day even after school sometimes asked why he had to leave when having fun,
You have never made a formal complaint so to decide to put this review unfounded but we know what is going on,
Again thank you