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I found it really hard when I started looking at who I’d feel comfortable leaving my child with when I returned to work. I saw quite a few childminders, visited nurseries, spoke with friends. I just didn’t feel all that sure and wondered if I was just being too picky and protective. But when I met Diane I just knew that I’d held out for the right reasons. She was everything we were looking for. Our now 6 year old son went to Diane from the age of 10 months until he was 3 years old. Our second boy, now coming up for 3 years old has been with Diane since he too was 10 months old. We didn’t even question for a moment our second son going to Diane’s . In fact I think we signed him up ridiculously early so we didn’t miss out! Not only does Diane have a genuine affection for the children in her care she’s proactive in how she cares for them. She has a great setting, fantastic outdoor play space, she takes them to groups and play dates. They have a brilliant time. Her home cooking surpasses mine as they both ate everything there, which they definitely don’t do at home... Also she’s always reading and researching and learning about childcare, she has a passion for it and has definitely helped us learn how to parent. She’s the best. We all love Diane and I’m sure you will too.

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