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5 stars

Fantastic setting and experiences for early years


We found Sarah locally on this website and couldn't have been more impressed from the offset after meeting her. My daughter has now been with Sarah for over a year, all week (after I returned to work) since she was 11months old and we are super pleased with her development, vocabulary and social and independence skills now that she is nearly age 2.

My daughter already communicates in 5-6 word sentences and I know so much of this is reinforcement from the activities/day trips that Sarah takes them on and encourages. She often uses words I'm surprised at her knowing! My daughter when she stated at 11months settled in within a week as the environment was so welcoming and even now she daily recounts all her friends from Sarah's house - they really do share a lovely bond in a homely setting!

The days out with Sarah are also the best - my daughter loves going to the farm, play groups and library - Sarah puts in so much dedication to ensuring the kids are getting a well rounded experience. She encourages independence at every opportunity (practising removing shoes coats themselves, eating etc). We started potty training our daughter at 20 months and Sarah was incredibly supportive in making this successful for us (and at 22months Naveya is perfectly day trained!) and we have honestly seen our daughter flourish in every way, growing up alongside Sarah, all the kids and Home!

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by Uma