"A guardian angel"

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A guardian angel

Michelle is simply a guardian angel. She looked after our son for a year, from the age of three months to fifteen months, and during that time she was a true shining star in his life (in our lives, really!).

She is extremely competent and professional in the service of her call. She's very well qualified, as her profile attests, and she's got extensive experience as a childminder - my son was her 59th charge. She's got a heart of gold, a terrific sunny disposition and an infectious joie de vivre. Children are her passion and she’s incredibly in tune with their emotions and temperaments.

In her beautiful, clean, large and clutter free home, she provided the family life and environment that we desperately wanted for our boy, who has no extensive family in his hometown. She took him out for walks, baby and toddler groups, playgrounds, family outings and softplay areas. At home, she provided an excellent range of toys and mental and physical stimulation.

She showered our boy with love and attention and worked with us, his parents, as a team. She took note of our requests and made herself available with flexible hours when work commitments took us out of town.

She went beyond her call of duty when she became our friend - our dear friend - kindly reassuring us and sharing her personal experience as a mother of four beautiful grown up “children” with us.

Today, our son is a confident, happy and expressive fifteenth month old boy because she filled him with love in those hours of the day when we couldn’t do it ourselves.

We couldn’t recommend Michelle enough. Please, believe us when we say, she is simply a guardian angel.

by collieba