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Jo is fabulous with our son. He is always punctual and reliable. He has an excellent rapport with our son and our son has fun while learning.
Since our son has started with no he has progressed hugely.
Would definitely recommend him.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Heart about JosephCC on 14/02/2020

Joseph has been teaching my daughters (4 and 5 years old) for about a year now. He is a great teacher, very passionate about what he does, super reliable and he is very good with kids.
My daughters have made incredible progress since he started teaching them.
I can fully recommend him.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Lena1980 about JosephCC on 29/07/2018

Response by JosephCC on 07/01/2020:

Loved working with your children at your home. Thank you for your feedback.

What can i say other than if your looking for a good swimming teacher this would be it, Joseph has a fantastic approach towards teaching children.
He has taught my daughter for over a year now and she always looks forward to her lessons and talks about Joe at home.
Joe has a very laid back, caring and fun personality.

We will continue to be going to Joe's lessons every week, the only bad thing I have to say is the numbers in the lessons due to the leisure centre itself.

  • 5 stars Overall

by lola1 about JosephCC on 28/06/2016

My daughter has had swimming lessons with Joe for the past 1.5-2 years. She thoroughly looks forward to her lessons with Joe. He is very easy going and has a fantastic approach to teaching he children. My daughter has made fantastic progress under Joe's guidance. He is by far the best swimming teacher my daughter has had.
Keep up the good work Joe!

  • 5 stars Overall

by kleighb about JosephCC on 27/10/2015

Joe teaches 2 of my children (aged 3 & 5) swimming. Prior to starting lessons with Joe, my children lacked confidence in the water and were not making significant progress with their swimming. Joe built up an instant rapport with them and they trusted him from the outset. They now look forward to their swimming lessons and respond well to Joe's teaching, making real improvement.
I would thoroughly recommend Joe as a swimming teacher.

  • 5 stars Overall

by HelsBW about JosephCC on 23/11/2014

My two daughters were making little progress in their weekly group swimming lessons so we decided to book Joe for 1 to 1 lessons for them both. What a difference! After half a dozen lessons the progress they made was fantastic! They achieved more in that time than they did in the previous 18 months in the group lessons. Joe is a lovely guy, a lot of fun and my daughters listened to every word he said. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to a friend.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Mully67 about JosephCC on 16/09/2014

I am delighted to have the opportunity to post a review for Joe. Joe has been teaching my daughter to swim for about 18 months now in stages 6 and 7. No disrespect to her other swimming teachers but Joe’s tuition is head and shoulders over anyone she has had before – and she has had some pretty good teachers! From the start Joe has impressed me with his easy-going attitude and ability to get down to the child’s level to convey his teaching skills. He has a natural affinity with children of all ages and knows how to get the best out of each child he teaches. I have only seen him teach in a group situation but would say that each child is treated as an individual within the group and he gives feedback to each of them depending on their particular need. My own child has always loved swimming but as she entered level 6 she hit a problem with diving. She had never done this before and was uncharacteristically frightened of diving in head-first. Joe was brilliant with her and knelt down beside her giving her guidance and reassurance as she made her first attempts. She trusts him completely and with his help is making significant progress in this area. He is also extremely thorough in his teaching of each stroke, for example, getting my daughter’s breast-stroke timing to a very high standard. This is something, although quite basic, that no other teacher has touched upon and this can be seen, not only in my daughter, but others who join Joe’s class. He will only move a child up to the next level when he is satisfied that they are ready so that they move up with the confidence to know that they have achieved that level and will not struggle at the next. All the children clearly love their time with Joe and leave with smiles on their faces as he is so encouraging and always leaves them on a happy note. That said, I have seen him have to deal with some appalling behaviour in his lessons. Although easy-going Joe handles unacceptable behaviour in a calm, non-confrontational manner ensuring minimal disruption to the dynamics of the class. Having got to know Joe through swimming lessons, I would have no hesitation in using his babysitting services and would trust him implicitly with the care of my daughter. Whilst he does not have children of his own, it is testament to his genuine love of children and their company, that he chooses to look after the children of others and is not simply doing this because he has children of his own and needs a job that fits in with them.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Tinkerbe about JosephCC on 24/05/2014

Joe is very polite always on time and works really hard.
My son really enjoys is 1-1 swimming lessons and look forward to them.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Bel75 about JosephCC on 11/05/2014

Joe has been teaching my daughter for a couple of years now. She has group lessons and private lessons with him and has flourished under his tuition. For someone that doesn't have children, Joe has a fantastic attitude and understanding of them. He knows how to get the very best out of them and has a kind and caring nature. Joe has a great personality and the children genuinely enjoy learning from him. He is extremely encouraging and supportive and really wants them to succeed. An attitude that some of the other swimming teachers could definitely aspire to.

I would highly recommend Joe as a swimming teacher or babysitter.

  • 5 stars Overall

by Knicks15 about JosephCC on 10/05/2014

My 5 year old daughter has been learning to swim with Joe for the past 9 months. She loves her lessons with him and has grown in confidence and ability. She loves to show me what she has just learned when she gets out of her lesson and it's been great to see how excited she is about her swimming.
Joe has been fantastic with her. He is patient and knows just how to encourage her. She is delighted when she gets one of his 'thumbs up' or high fives.
I can't recommend Joe highly enough. He has a great gift of getting alongside young kids and helping them to learn.

  • 5 stars Overall

by AnnieH about JosephCC on 07/05/2014

Response by JosephCC on 10/05/2014:

What a lovely comment to see, Thank you.

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