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5 stars

Absolutely incredible nanny


Katy is an absolutely incredible nanny. She started looking after our identical twin
boys when I returned to work in August 2018, and stayed with us for just over a year. The
boys were 14 months when she started and sometimes she was also responsible for their
older brother (almost 4 when she started). She is professional, caring, knowledgeable and
totally unflappable. We recommend her without hesitation. Here are some examples of
Katy’s attributes:
● Caring: Katy loves playing with the children and always puts their needs first. She
has enormous reserves of patience and a calm manner that reassures them and
de-escalates those tense moments. She somehow manages to get two toddlers and
a preschooler to behave well without ever raising her voice. She became part of our
family and the children love her.
● Observant: within weeks it felt like Katy had a really good grasp of the different skills
and preferences of our identical twins, and over the year she often pointed out things
they did differently that we hadn’t spotted which was very helpful.
● Knowledgeable: Katy’s quiet manner belies a wealth of knowledge and experience,
fostered by a real interest in child behaviour and development. She has an excellent
grasp of children’s sleep requirements. For example, she helped us to make a new
nap routine when I returned to work and to transition from two naps to one. She
helped us enormously through tricky times - e.g. resisting naps, teething, bedtime
struggles - with advice that worked. She also is very knowledgeable about children’s
health and is first aid trained which has been useful on occasion e.g. spotting a low
● Efficient: I don’t know how she does it, but when the children are asleep she gets a
lot done (washing, cooking, tidying toys, preparing activities!). It’s amazing.
● Inventive: Katy hs a huge range of ideas for children’s play that we would never have
thought of, or wouldn’t have wanted to tidy up. She is also a master of designing
elaborate train tracks.
● Respectful: Each family has its own rules, habits, quirks and just a way of living that
works for everyone. Katy respected our systems and very quickly fitted in which just
made everyday life very easy.
● Flexible: Katy was happy to switch days and do extra evenings if we asked her to.
This really helped fit around work trips, holidays etc.
● Reliable: in over a year with us, Katy has never been a single minute late to work!