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5 stars

Great couple of years with a fabulous nanny


We were lucky enough to employ Katy for 2 years between 2019 and 2021. She was a consistently excellent nanny for our then 3 year old twin daughters. She was always punctual, calm, friendly and flexible around variations in our schedule. Our girls loved spending time with her and woke up in the mornings asking whether it was "a Katy day", and were always full of chatter and enthusiasm at the end of the day. Katy is great at taking children out for long adventures outdoors, and engaging them with nature. She was excellent at managing two small children at once, and giving them both lots of attention- and I have no doubt she would care for more than two children at once equally well. We all really miss Katy and are very grateful for all the help she gave us, and wished we could continue employing her for longer! We are happy to be contacted with any further questions.