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Amazing Nanny!


Katy started working for us in January 2015 and has been a valued member of our household for (18) months. At the time of starting, our daughter was 1 years old and our son was 3 years old.

Katy looked after both children, taking our son to and from Pre-School twice a week and ensuring our daughter was lovingly entertained throughout. She has actively sought out local groups and has proactively setup playdates with my children’s friends and family. Both my children have formed strong, loving bonds with her. Katy is calm and even-keeled even when confronted with the particularly challenging behaviour my son can exhibit at times. Her attitude to disciple and her engaging nature has endeared both of my children to her.

Overall, she has been a conscientious, calm and upbeat presence in our home.
Katy’s stable presence has allowed my husband and I to focus on our work, especially as she has been available to flex her days and/or hours according to our changing schedules.

Once again, I highly recommend Katy for a nanny position. In case of any queries regarding her qualifications and abilities, please feel free to contact me on my phone number or email address

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