"Business ruled by greed, children seen as numbers"

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Business ruled by greed, children seen as numbers

I thought Shabeena and her family were just wonderful... until an unexpected visit from the care inspectorate due to a complaint submitted by a parent prompted them to admit they have hugely over-filled their places and were operating well over allowed capacity of 6 kids.

My beautiful, smiling and loving 11 month old son who had been with Little Seedlings for 6 months and had grown to love the family as if it were his own was unceremoniously shown the door that very evening. The family made up a lie about ‘not being able to have babies’, which they said the care inspectorate had told them as they were being investigated. However, it came to light that they were continuing care of a 7 month old baby who only took the place months after our son.

We are in shock at the negligence and malpractice of Little Seedlings and, as two full-time working parents with no immediate family close, we had a crisis in trying to find good child care on no notice for our little boy, who is the real victim of this fiasco.

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by Vivi79

Response from Littlese

Your opinion is respected, I did nothing but take care of your child, you and your husband would stay in my home hours on end, eating our food and enjoying my surroundings. After one incident that was resolved with your help and approval you seem to have forgot all of the other advantages you took from me and my business. The lifts we gave you home and the food we cooked you, the times you stayed in my home after hours waiting for your husband when I could have been spending time with my own family. Do not forget these things when writing something so Maliciously.

Yes this is a business, it is my living I earn, there was never any fault in the way your child was taken care of, yet you call me a liar.