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Marta K

Maternity Nurse in Richmond Borough

5 stars

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My Summary

Night Nanny
MNT Course
First Aid Training
Special Needs Experience
Multiple Birth Experience
DBS Check
Baby Sleep Expert

About Me

Available for new bookings from the 19th April onwards. I am taking on night shifts only.

- ~ - ~ -

I believe my extensive experience with children from various backgrounds and needs along with my studies on Counselling and Infant Mental Health has developed me into a gentle, caring person with an insight for what the person in need is going through. I've always been eager to help ever since I was a child. But my life and professional experience has taught me how to be the right kind of help.

I am from Hungary and have lived in London for over 15 years now. I’ve worked for over 10 years as a foster carer for my local borough in London. I’ve looked after 17 children, most of them were babies. Some of them had special needs (autism, gastrostomy, global developmental delay, foetal alcohol syndrome) and some suffered from colic. I currently have a 6-year-old little girl in my care.

In January 2015 I had my first maternity nurse placement and I've worked for over 30 families since. I’ve had 8 twin jobs so far, worked for a VIP family, a single mother and families from various culture and religious background. I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I've met some truly inspiring families.

I have a 17-year-old son who is a delight. (I breastfed him for 11 months)
I studied Integrative-relational Counselling (Ba Hons) at Kingston College
and Infant Mental Health at Tavistock and Portman NHS Centre (MA).

I've always been fond of children, coming from a family of 9. But as soon as I became a mum I felt a special draw towards newborns. I find them fascinating and I thoroughly enjoy watching them as they develop day-by-day. I love the empty canvas they come with to this world and I enjoy filling it up with lots of nurturing. I took a course on Brain Development and how nurturing at this early stage has an effect on adulthood. Attachment is another subject I am greatly interested in.

I handle with confidence the practical things it takes to look after newborns and I work towards building up this confidence in the new mums through lots of encouragement and reassurance.
I believe it's crucial to find balance in offering enough sleep to the mum but also making sure she spends quality time with her baby to build strong bonds between them.

My Experience

January 2015 – present: Maternity Nurse

7th November – 27th November 2020
Shepherds Bush, second baby (boy), 4-week-old, mixed fed
Couple of nights/week to offer a good night sleep for parents. Placement ended once the baby slept through the night.

13th April – 16th June 2020
St John’s Wood, first baby (boy), newborn, mixed fed
5-6 nights/week to offer a good night sleep for parents and assist them gaining the necessary skills to take care of their newborn.

7th February – 13th February 2020
Holborn, first and second babies (boy&girl), bottle fed
Night cover for same-sex couple whilst their maternity nurse was on holiday

23rd December – 4th February 2020
Hamptstead, twin (boy&girl), newborn, mixed fed
Night cover for premature twins to assist new, gentle mum.

5th December – 14th March 2020
Kensington, first baby (boy), 4 months, bottle fed
3-4 nights/week to offer a good night sleep for busy, working parents.

24th November – 20th December 2019
Battersea, first baby (boy), newborn, mixed fed
Waking nights to ensure baby’s safety who threw up a lot.

6th – 30th December 2019
Borehamwood, twins (boys), 5 months, bottle fed
Exhausted parents needed occasional night cover to catch up on sleep.

29th November 2019
Cobham, twins (girls), newborn, bottle fed
One night cover for twins who were released from hospital one day early.

14th – 17th November 2019
Herne Hill, third baby (boy), bottle fed
Temporary booking for baby struggling to sleep due to having a cold

4th May – 21st June 2018
Kensington, first baby (boy), newborn, bottle fed
Helping new mother on occasional nights, needed some guidance and reassurance. Very pleasant experience.

11th April – 1st May 2018
Islington, second baby (boy), newborn, breast fed
Night help to a confident mum with her second baby. 5 nights/week

2nd April – 6th April 2018
Kensington, second baby (boy), newborn, breast fed
Few nights of help to confident Arabic mum with her second baby.

30th June – 2nd July 2017 and 28 - 29th August 2017
Kensington, second baby (girl), newborn, bottle fed VIP placement
Emergency placement as baby came early. Royal family, had to adjust to different culture and etiquet. Had a lovely experience, built a good relationship with the mother.

28th March – 22nd June 2017
Teddington, twins (boys), 8 weeks, bottle fed (expressed breast milk)
Mum was confident in taking care of her twins, didn’t request guidance or any support other than allowing her to catch up on sleep, her previous maternity nurse was no longer available. One of the twins had ongoing health issues relating to being born prematurely, he was on special formula and had two surgeries during the period I was booked for. 3 nights/week.

16th January - 26th March 2017
Chiswick, second baby (boy), 4 weeks, bottle fed
Mum wanted to catch up on sleep to be more available for the toddler as well during the day. She needed reassurance on feeding issues, baby had tongue-tie. 2-3 nights/week.

23rd December 2016 – 8th August 2017
Kensal Green, twins (girl&boy), 6 months, bottle fed
Family needed cover for the Christmas period while their maternity nurse was away on Christmas holiday, 6-7 nights/week. They then booked me for 2 nights/week.

11th July 2016 – 10th January 2017
Hampstead, newborn first baby (boy), bottle fed
First time, very thorough and gentle parents requested guidance on how to best take care of their firstborn. They booked me for 2-3nights per week, also for some day time support. Baby had reflux and was on anti-reflux formula.

18th July 2016 – 15th March 2017
Richmond, twin newborns first babies (girl&boy), mixed fed
First time parents needed 24/4 support with their twins. Baby boy was released 1 week later from hospital due to feeding issues, he was under strict feeding routine till he put on enough weight. Baby girl was colicy and had tounge-tie, both of them had reflux. By week 5 they settled into a nice routine and had long night time stretches. Mum was determined to breastfeed however because of initial struggles formula top up was needed for both babies. The booking initially was for 6 weeks, I stayed with the family till the babies turned 8 months. From October I covered one 24hr shift plus 3nights/week, from January it dropped down to 2-3nights/week.

14th June – 9th July 2016
Kensington, newborn first baby (boy), mixed fed
Concerned mum needed reassurance as she had several maternity nurses already in a very short space of time. She also needed to be reassured on the baby’s health and development. 7 nights per week, family wanted to keep me but I was already booked for my next placement. The routine was set by the daytime nurse, I was following along those lines. Baby struggled with burps.

15 – 31st May 2016
Kensington, newborn first baby (girl), breastfed
Baby was overdue, mum had unexpected caesarean and needed daytime assistance with breastfeeding and general infant care. Mum was confident in how to handle her baby from the very beginning but she found my presence reassuring.

12 – 24th April 2016
Clapham, newborn first baby (boy), breastfed
Baby was overdue, first time mum needed day time guidance, support and reassurance. By second week baby differentiated between day and night and had longer stretches at night (4-5 hours). Mum wanted to try out different methods to see what suits her. Having enough rest enabled her to do baby led feed and start introducing gentle routine towards the end of the second week.

12th March – 15th April 2016
Islington, 1 week old first baby (boy), mixed fed
Labour was induced two weeks early, baby was petit and had jaundice. Mum initially needed 2 nights as booked maternity wasn’t available early. Later on I was booked for further two weeks. Mum was breastfeeding and at night baby had formula and expressed breast milk so mum could rest. Because of the jaundice and the baby being small, initially the baby was fed regularly throughout the nights. By the time he was 6 weeks old he slept 6-7hr stretches.

21 – 27th February 2016
Hampstead, 7 months old twins (boys), bottlefed
Mum needed nighttime support while dad was away on business trip.

21st August 2015 – 18th February 2016
Putney, 7 months old twins (boy+girl), bottlefed
Both babies were on Zantac for reflux but got off their medication a month into job as they grew out of it. The family has a daytime nanny. I was initially booked for the weekends for a month, they then extended the contract for 4-6 nights/week till February 2016. They have a cocker spaniel.

3 – 10th September 2015
Marlybone, 5 weeks old first baby (boy), mixed fed, 24/7 support
Anxious mum needed support and reassurance. She had two previous maternity nurses, one walked out on the job, the other fell ill. The baby had silent reflux and was prescribed medication. The family had a cat. They wished to extend the contract but I was already booked for the next job.

29th July – 12th August 2015
Kensington, 2 weeks old second baby (boy), breastfed
The family had a previous maternity nurse who no longer was available. It was a 2 weeks 24/6 support. The baby was breast fed with one bottle feed a night to give mum some time to rest.

29th May – 18th July 2015
Chelsea. Newborn (girl), first baby, breast fed.
New mum needed support and reassurance. The baby developed colic and was given Gripe Water. The family has a Labrador. Initially a 4-week placement which got extended by further 3 weeks, two of which were abroad. 24/7 on first week, 24/5 on second week, 6 night shifts for 4 weeks

4 – 27th May 2015
Islington, 3 weeks old second baby (girl), bottle fed, severe reflux.
Mum needed support and reassurance as she found it hard deal with the reflux and constipation. The baby’s formula was changed to Nutramigen and was also given prescribed medication to deal with the reflux. I was asked to stay but the contract for the next job was already signed. 2 x 24-hour shift + 3 x 10-hour day shift per week

20 – 22nd April 2015
Kensington. 6 weeks old second baby (boy), breast fed, short placement.
Mum needed a 3-day support while dad was away on business.

19th March – 10th April 2015
Wimbledon. 9 weeks old premature baby (girl), breast/bottle fed
Single, working mum needed 24/5 help to look after her second baby who was born at 34 weeks and suffered from colic and reflux. The baby’s formula was changed to Aptamil Anti-Reflux and was given Colief. I had sole charge of the baby as mum worked long hours and I also did some cooking for the family. Mum had a 6 year old son too and as it was school holiday I helped looking after him occasionally as well as dropping off/picking up from camps.

9th January – 21st February 2015
Kensington. First baby (girl), 3 weeks old, breastfed, routine established
Exhausted mum needed support to get some sleep, put feeding/sleeping routine in place. Initially I was booked for 1 week but mum appreciated my style of work and booked me for 4 more weeks. At the end of my time with the family mum felt reassured and confident enough to cope with the nursing on her own. 3 x 24-hour shift + 3 x night shifts per week

July 2008 – present: Foster carer

Employed by local council in Richmond, London.
During the 6 years I’ve had 15 children in my care, all under the age of 5, mainly babies. 3 of them were placed with me straight after birth. Some of the children and babies had special needs (autism, gastrostomy, global developmental delay, foetal alcohol syndrome) and some suffered from colic. (reference available)

January 2008 – April 2008: Nanny, London,­ UK

Full time for one baby boy aged 10 months. Mum worked as a doctor and dad as an army officer. (reference available)

September 2005 – July 2006: Nanny, London ­ UK

Full Time for one baby boy (6 ­weeks ­old when started). Mum and Dad worked from home but it was a sole charge position. Reason to finish this job: family moved out of the country.

Maternity Nurse references

Marta is a lovely, gentle, intelligent person with a wonderful way with babies. My son was tiny as a newborn and sometimes fussy during the day but whenever Marta arrived he instantly calmed down. She looked after him throughout the night so I could get some sleep and was generally a godsend. I recommend her very highly and would be happy to speak to anyone who wants to know more.

M. W.

Marta came to work for my husband and I the day we returned from hospital with our first newborn baby girl. She continued to work for us for the following 8 weeks until we decided that we needed a housekeeper nanny rather than a maternity nurse as our baby had grown out of the very young newborn phase. She worked initially as a night nurse and full time for the last couple of weeks when we all went on holiday abroad.

I found Marta to be very professional, non judgemental and extremely calm in nature. She did not once loose her calm with our baby. She also worked long hours without complaining once. I trust her 100% with my very precious newborn baby girl. She was also very helpful to me in the early days after having had a c section. She knew how to soothe our baby very well and taught us some techniques. She also helped instigate a sleeping routine which has meant our baby now generally sleeps through the night. Marta was very good at helping me establish my breast feeding in the early days also, sterilising bottles and breast pump, and warming up/feeding our baby with some expressed milk a few times when I was too tired to feed her myself. Overall I would recommend Marta as a very experienced maternity nurse and would like to have her again if needed in the future for the first month or two of our next newborns life.

Best wishes,

E. B.

To whom it may concern,

Marta came to us when baby E. was 3 weeks old and I was really struggling with sleep deprivation and the ups and downs of being a new mom. She spent 5 weeks with us, helping me nights initially and then also on a 24hr basis. I immediately trusted her with E. as she was a very calming and nurturing presence and I felt comfortable that E. was in good and caring hands. Apart from helping me very practically to get rest and catch up on sleep, she helped me feel more confident with my efforts to establish a feeding and sleeping routine, discreetly coaching me on and gently nudging E. into it. We are now very happy mom and baby and at 9 weeks today E. is already sleeping through the night. Marta helped us enormously along this path and I would not hesitate to highly recommend her as a maternity nurse to any family.

C. P.

My Qualifications

Masters 2016 – 2019 Infant Mental Health, Tavistock and Portman NHS Centre

Ba Hons 2015 - 2018 Integrative-relational Counselling, Kingston College, UK

Level 3 Award - 2014 Counselling Skills and Theory, Kingston College, UK

Relevant trainings:

2020 – Paediatric First Aid (valid till 2023)
2015 – OCN Level3 Maternity Nurse Award
2015 – OCN Level3 Sleep Training
2015 – Developmental Baby Massage
2013 – The Team around the Brain: Nurturing Neural Pathways
2012 – Safer Caring
2012 – Understanding Attachment
2011 – Loss and Grief
2011 – Communication, Negotiation and Influencing Skills
2009 – Health, Hygiene and Safety
2008 – Child Protection
2008 – Equality and Diversity

Foundation Degree 2007­-2009 Art&Design, RACC, UK

Level 3 BTEC 2007­-2008 Interior Design, RACC, UK

GCSE, A­ levels 1996­-2000, Gabor Bethlen Technical College of Economic Foreign Trade Entrepreneur, Hungary

My Availability

I am currently not available for new bookings.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Before School no no no no no no no
Morning no no no no no no no
Afternoon no no no no no no no
After School no no no no no no no
Evening yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Overnight yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Last Updated: 04/02/2021

My Fees

  • Maternity Nursing from £18.00 per hour (gross)

I charge £18 - 23 per hour. I pay my own taxes.

My Documents


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We couldn't have asked for a more supportive, and reassuring person in Marta. As our son is our first baby, and with no family to support us here in the U.K., we were slightly nervous - however Marta helped us overcome all nerves from the get go. Issues with feeding, routine, sleep schedule etc., everything we could think of Marta helped guide and support us through, but in the most respectful and thoughtful way.
Her knowledge is second to none, and most importantly, her love of children is just amazing to see. We feel so lucky to have had Marta with us for six months, and given we now consider her a member of our family, we would absolutely would recommend Marta!

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Lesley Lesley about Avatar for Marta K Marta K on 06/04/2017

Marta joined our family as a maternity nurse when our twins were born in July 2016. We had initially booked her for 6 weeks. However, she ended up supporting us in variable capacity until the twins turned 8 months old. We experienced a range of challenges when the twins were born – one of the twins experienced hypoglycaemia when born and had to be on a strict feeding schedule, both twins had tongue-tie that went undetected when they were born, thus breastfeeding was a struggle, both babies experienced reflux and I was recovering from a Cesarian. Marta took all these challenges in her stride and settled the twins into a nice routine in a matter of weeks.

Marta was great in helping us as two new parents to gain confidence with our two; and her experience and organisation ensured that the transition to a family of four happened smoothly. Throughout our time with Marta and her day by day coaching we started to really enjoy feeling more informed, familiar and best placed to understand the various signs, noises, and patterns in our little ones’ existence. We also got some great tips on products to use and tried them with lasting success. It is not always easy taking a ‘stranger’ into one’s home, but Marta is such easy company, and so calm, reassuring and genuine, that it never really felt like that. It was not only very helpful, but also a pleasure to spend time with her.

We can’t think of anyone more helpful and reassuring to have advising and helping new parents along the way.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

by Avatar for Triin Triin about Avatar for Marta K Marta K on 08/03/2017

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