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We needed somebody for one night in December 2015. Susan has accepted to come and meet us at our home since it would have been here that she was going to look after our daughter. We were very happy with her and she seemed to know a lot about children, initially she accepted to look after our child much to our delight. Two days later Susan messaged my wife (via the website) saying that she can't look after the little one after all because "something has come up".
For somebody who claims to have studied psychology she comes across as not having much common sense, undecided about her fees or maybe she was expecting that I was some sort of foreign footballer on temporary assignment with the local club (magpies), these are the questions that we would never find the answer to.

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Response from Suzie

Thank you very much for your comment, However I would like to express my version of the situation.
I came to your flat as requested to talk over your requirements, However when I was there, I was very on edge with the situation that I found myself in i.e: you telling your child to physically assult your partner, which made me question what your child is capable of when left alone (this is me using my psychological knowledge of child development and common sense).
I believe that the questions you and your partner asked me were very inappropriate. They were of no relavance to working for you and as for me not knowing how much to charge yourselves, I and everybody else who works in this field, price according to the environment, conditions and times we would be working in.
Also, you were given plenty of time for a cancellation, and this allowed for you to find somebody else more appropriate to your needs.
It seems that you have nothing better to do than complain about child carers in general (judging by your other reviews of people on their pages, and its taken you over 4 months for you to leave this comment).
I suggest you take a step back and evaluate your own environment. And to suggest thay I have no common sense, I had the common sense not to work for you, because something was wrong in your family unit.