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Be Warned


I wouldn’t recommend Sandra and her setting. I have personally had a very poor experience after using her for 3 years I had to remove my child.

Although Over the years she has been flexible with pick ups, and is cheap don’t be tempted because of the cost. I have found a new childminder who is more expensive but the difference is huge! I don’t believe the level of care my child received from her was as it should have been. You can look on the Ofsted website for her previous inspections and any complaints.

Although throughout the contract Sandra and her assistant had been nice to my face this changed over time and it became in my opinion very unprofessional. In the end Sandra and her daughter turned very nasty towards me and certainly didn’t show the care and compassion for my child I would have expected after a number of years. Without going into too much detail about what my concerns were I would not recommend anyone to use this provider.

My child never bought home any progress or communication logs and I have yet to see any work that she has done (apart from Mother’s Day and Christmas).

Putting your child with someone is a huge milestone and there is a huge amount of trust needed. Be cautious and do a lot of research and be wary about using this setting. Your child is the most precious thing you need them to be in the best setting. Please be very very careful. My child is now recovering from her experience at this setting and I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through the same thing as we have.