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5 stars

such a kind warm welcoming woman highly recommend!


Ive never had a babysitter before i was always apprehensive, as a mother always is, to leave my children with someone new for the first time but i do not know where to start i have endless amount of praises for nasim she is such a nice person to leave your children with! Im a young mum 20 of two girls and would never have thought leaving my girls with a new person would be so easy nasim kept me updated & sent me pictures to put my heart at ease she is so professional bless her she even picked me up my children from home to make it easier for me! I would highly recommend her she cares for the well being of children & makes sure the parents are happy with her service. Her daughters also got involved with entertaining my girls which was so lovely in my opinion as my lil one loves socialising, thanks nasim will definitely be in contact again inshaAllah xx