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5 stars

Happy, stimulated baby


My daughter has been with Helen since she was 11 months old. She settled in incredibly well and loves spending time with the other children in Helen’s care as well as with her two boys. She has only been with them a short time but has already learnt to hug other kids which is gorgeous to see. She adores all the activities that Helen provides - both at her home and out and about.

Helen provides an incredibly calm, loving and stimulating environment for Virginia. She is able to take part in developmental activities that I would struggle to expose her to now I am back at work. Plus lots that I have not done with her as well! She adored the Magic Garden at Hampton Court as she loves sand and water. She enjoys Rhyme Time and trips to all our lovely local parks.

She has settled into a very content and happy routine with Helen and naps better with her than she does at home! She increasingly looks forward to her days with Helen and the children which is wonderful to see. I look forward to watching her develop further under Helen’s care.

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