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5 stars

The best babyminder ever


Olivia is Amazing!!!, although I was apprehensive of the thought of leaving children at her home initially, she reassured me all.would be fine and invited me over for a chat etc. Meeting her prior to the baby sitting day, chatting and getting to know her and her tole as a bbyminder put my heart at ease. Her warmth, kindness and compassion is infectious and so apparent. The kids loved her, they were so comfortable they eagerly, excitedly said goodbye to their dad upon their drop off, waving happily at him. Even when I picked them up they didn't want to leave..the very next morning they begged me to visit aunty Olivia.
This is a lady I highly recommend, she's brilliant with kids, and they love her. I am definitely keeping her on my speed dial..
Thank you Olivia for the support and love. It is highly appreciated