5 stars

Hollie is an incredible nanny!


Hollie joined our family in April 2019 when our son was coming up to two years old, and she's been with us ever since, taking our new baby under her care from the age of five months. I'm devastated to be writing this, really, because I don't ever want her to leave us - but we are leaving Bristol! If we could take her with us we would!

Hollie is great for all of us, not just the kids. She's always calm and gentle, no matter what, and is so incredibly kind to our kids. She uses positive reinforcement and discipline and goes out of her way to make our children feel listened to, loved and understood. We have learned so much from her.

Our four year old son is VERY busy and pushes boundaries all the time but Hollie has never struggled to manage him. She is always thinking up fun games and role plays and making him laugh, and she takes him out on legendary days in green spaces and around the city.

Hollie's daughter has also been a wonderful gift. Our son adores her and it's testament to Hollie's approach to parenting that her daughter is so kind, patient and tolerant of small kids.

I trust Hollie one million percent with my children and to that end have left her with them overnight on a couple of occasions with total confidence. In 2020 my partner went away for nearly five weeks with his work and Hollie moved in because our daughter was only tiny and I would have had a very difficult time on my own. Hollie was wonderful - she saved my bacon. The house was always tidy and she was so good at just taking a baby off me when things were getting too much, or whisking our son off for an outdoor adventure.

I can't recommend her highly enough and hope she will stay in my children's lives always.