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5 stars

Very happy daughter


Our daughter has been with Bernadette for 2 years and is very content and happy (3 full days a week, from 10 months old).
We picked a childminder over nursery because we wanted a home-from-home experience, full of happiness, fun and love. They do lots of mini trips out, arts and crafts, baking. And we love how her family embrace our daughter.
We noticed her language hugely improve from just being with B for a month, along with mannerisms, such as setting the table, politeness etc etc
We have busy demanding jobs and don’t ever worry about leaving her, even when she was small - drop off was never a worry or anxious, as I knew she loved it. So much so that she doesn’t look back!
Our second ‘unborn’ child is already signed up to be with B also.

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