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5 stars

Excellent Childminder


Bernadette and Kim have now been looking after my son for 6 months since just after his 2nd birthday. I was at first rather anxious leaving him with somebody that wasn't family and this was the first time i've needed childcare but my worries were unfounded as George settled in with hardly any fuss.

My son is eating a lot better since being with Bernadette he is trying new foods that he'd previously refuse and also asking for more. The food on offer is healthy home made food and there is always fruit on offer.

Georges speech has also come on with leaps and bounds he is speaking in sentences. Can count to 20. Knows his shapes and colours and even remembers his please and thank you's. Before he went into Childcare he was borderline heading for a speech and language assessment he is now no longer a worry and i believe this is down to the hard work of Bernadette and Kim.

My son really enjoys being with Bernadette and Kim, He now just strolls in without even saying bye to me, and does not want to leave at pick up time.

I am very glad i chose Bernadette and Kim to look after my son.