"Live out Nanny - 'S' for Sandra"

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Live out Nanny - 'S' for Sandra

In short, we couldn't recommend Sandra enough. She is the right fit for our family. Certainly every family and every child are different so if you are looking for a childcare of some sort, at least have a chat with Sandra and see if she can be of any help.

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Sandra was caring for children under a childminder capacity up until the lockdown. Our 2.5 year old daughter was attending her nursery until it closed down for key workers families. We did not receive further support from our nursery - ie the nursery wouldn't allow their staff to nanny our daughter leading us having to look for a desperate alternative at a short notice. As a very private family, we have never had any help with childcare, not even a babysitter, up until we have Sandra. Medical mothers tend to either be totally relaxed and carefree or absolute anxious wreck and unfortunately I am the latter. We are so pleased that we have found one another during this unusual time.

Sandra shares my parenting philosophy in which I encourage my daughter to at least have a go at everything. I end up joining in with her activities or drench her in copious amount of encouragement and if all fail, I make her repeat things that she already accomplished - ie do it yourself and take pride in it. Sandra does it even better and our daughter loves her new accomplishments, new skills and problem solves herself. For us, learning must be fun, constructive, appropriate and stress / expectation free - Sandra naturally ticks all our boxes. Sandra does everything that we request of her, the hardest is probably our request on not to comparison of our daughter to other children in front of her given good or great.

We have Sandra in our lives for 5 weeks now and she has been such a gift. Our daughter spends her day finding 's' for Sandra on prints and of course she looks for other letters as well. With decades of experiences of raising children including 2 of her own, Sandra puts her effort in supplementing us in areas we find more challenging as new parents. Our daughter now asks for cold salad. Our pickle loves cooked veg and fresh fruits but no salad previously. Due to our daughter skin condition, we wanted to potty train our daughter as soon as possible. We think she was ready but her nursery wasn't convinced. By the time Sandra came to us, we were in underwear and managed a week with too many accidents - we were utterly confused. Sandra was reassuring and lead us to success in hardly anytime. Other achievement is that somehow, our daughter decides to nap with Sandra but certainly not with us. One would argue that at 2.5 year old, some toddlers already drop their naps. Ours would nap for 1.5 hr at her nursery and does the same with Sandra. On the days that she naps, the afternoons are quiet and peaceful in contrary to nap-less afternoons. The nights are all the same, 11-12 hours solid sleep. We conclude that she does still need her afternoon naps but declines so with us.

Sandra worked in offices before she has her own children and became a childminder. She is still armed with management skills and has been a great help in term of getting us on track with paperwork and forward planning. Any helps is welcomed in our family for sure especially keeping us organised and on track. She is a good communicator who verbalises her opinions and her concerns. We always value Sandra's honest opinions always welcome her constructive inputs as she shares our strives to be the best parents we can be. We always have a laugh on the days I work from home too which is a bonus.

I am learning a lot from Sandra absorbing years of her experiences in the hope to support our daughter to the best of our parenting abilities. At present, we are looking at the logistic of having our daughter be looked after by Sandra post Covid otherwise, Sandra has already agreed to visit nurseries with us. In distance future, we will be happy to call on Sandra to play with our daughter anytime should we need time off or on our daughter's special occasions.

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